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October 01, 2011


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Beautiful rose!
I think I'll try your approach to house work but maybe cut the time in half!
Enjoyed the scenes very much, it is lovely, thanks!


Those jars look scrummy! Well done you! Isn't it amazing how the weather changes your view from the attic! I'm in south west Scotland and live in the country beside a wood. It's definitely autumn here- I'm having to wade through leaves every time I go out the front door! Enjoy your weekend! X


Love the view from your attic...and I noted that the spider shares your love of stripey-ness (his legs are striped). I found some stripey house slippers this week and immediately thought of you, and wanted a pair of them, but none were to be found in my size. (Stripes on the feet are fun aren't they?!) Slipper-wise I ended up with deep pink with orange sherbet innards. I just had a moment of inspiration (it has to be from reading your blog)--maybe I can embellish my slippers with a crocheted flower??!! Now that would make them fun slippers, don't you think??

Your weather sounds lovely, you days sound lovely, and your blog is lovely.


You wouldn't enjoy autumn if you lived here then, I'm afraid the Indian summer has passed this little corner of the UK by! I'm soooo jealous of everyone elses sun!!
Love your jewel jams and jelly. :)
Vivienne x


Hello, I just wanted to say a big thank you for mentioning the flylady and how the system has helped you with cleaning and tidying. I started just about a week ago and am pleased to say that I am feeling far less frazzled than when I started. My new mantra is MUST DECLUTTER! I love your blog and wish I had an attic like yours!

debbie @ happy little cottage

YAY Lucy!! You made jam and jelly!! Definitely try making bread...if I can do it, you can do it! Plus it will make your clean and shiny house smell sooooo good :)


Hello Lucy, Hurray for you and trying new things!!! The jams look lovely and yummy! We also have had a nice transition, meaning we have had some bonus days of Indian Summer and now can consider fall. I do love fall, it's winter I'm not ready for. If you are interested I'm having a ONE year blogging giveaway, if you want to pop over the pond and enter!! Have a lovely weekend, xoRobin❤

Miss Holly

Oh that sky!! We in the states..( new england ) are also having warmth...but I am ready for at least crisp nights.....so you can smell the leaves....we are just starting to change in the lower elevations...I adore the Autumn....my absolute favorite.....Your jam looks wonderful!!! I have had my best success with raspberry jam....I've tried and tried to make a good marmalade but not yet...I am just about to try Ina Gardens recipe.... as always I thank you so much because you started this whole world of blog for me and it has really changed my life....Have a Happy Blue sky day!!!!

Puppet Lady

I too have a bag of crab apples patiently waiting to be 'dealt with'! Did you use a proper jelly bag or just plain muslin?

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy a friend gave me a big dish of elderberries and I made elderberry jelly and it has turned out really well! Want to make some apple and mint jelly next.
As for the sunshine(and it is wonderful here) it really has been smashing.
Thick mists over the school playing fields a golden ball of sun and trees
just turning into all those Autumn colours and this has been all before 7.30
in the morning. Well worth getting up early in the dark and watching the day
emerge. xx


Well done, the jelly looks just beautiful, jewel like & pretty, bet it tastes good too. Made some plum jelly a few weeks ago, four jars, all gone now, ohhhh it was tasty :)
That coin tree is so amazing must click on the link & read some more on them
Have a lovely weekend
Karen x

Jennifer sew little

Well done with the jam, I have always had a longing to make jam, my Grandmother use to and had loads of Kilner(sp) jars. Whenever I think about it, all I can imagine is burning and runny jam!!!!!!! still I will carry on keeping the jars just in case. So happy it went well for you. Looking forward to more blankie yarn , lovely russian doll crochet post, pllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeee


hi lucy! i see you know crab apple jelly as well! great! i was wondering about that... you have been quite busy again i see... i wish i had more time at the moment. things are being neglected due to long-hour-working, including the hooky business. my chores are piling up fast. i am so glad for the holiday on monday... its still a whole weekend after working today (saturday) as well. we are celebrating germany´s unity. (gosh, that 'unity' sounds a bit weird, i dont get a chance to speak english often, sorry to say...) lovin' your wonderful views from the attic! and that money tree is just so amazing, thanks so much for sharing the great shots! we had quite an apple harvest here. the cider is quite inexpensive and so full of aroma. i hope to get around to making some jelly and apple butter. in case you have never heard of apple butter, it is a pennsylvanian specialty made by the amish folks back home and so yummy! our indian summer is a blessing since our summer wasnt anything to write home about. well, its back to the grindstone... lots to get done. have a good weekend all!


It is odd how Autumn seemed to start much earlier than usual this year and then suddenly it became Summer.Very strange that it is so hot and yet it is dark in the morning and early evening...I'm confused!Trying to work up the enthusiasm to finish knitting a scarf, but it is way too warm for wool.


Well done on making that jam and jelly :o)

Yes, definately give bread making a go! It is much easier than you think, and you could always sneek a bread maker in when no ones looking....

Love this post Lucy, so gentle and relaxing...
Those coin trees look amazing, I'm just going back to have another look....

have a lovely weekend, and keep enjoying the sunshine :o)



ps.. forgot to mention the spider... yikes, thats a fat one! here we call them cross spiders and they bite and are poisonous. the stripy legs match his gothic-styled jacket... :0)

Susanne Tyree

Good job on pushing your fear of jam/jelly making to the side and tackling it head on. It isn't all that hard at all. Look at your lovely results and I bet your family will love putting it on toast and biscuits. And nothing tastes sweeter than stealing a kiss from little lips smeared with jelly or jam :)


I have a green apple tree in my back yard, but I have made plenty of other kinds of jam to last us for awhile. Then an idea hit me, and I put up apple pie filling! It is sooooooo good!! Why did I never do this before?? I have made apple crisp from it as well, and it is to die for! This summer I made plum jam, which my neighbors refer to as "gold". So yummy!


Be brave!! Try some yeast bread! I know how yeast can be scary....I used to be scared too! But I have overcome and it is so rewarding! My family loves having fresh homemade bread. You can do it!!


Those jellies look delicious! I must try your one hour a day routine :)

Lisa G.

Lucy, you may find this site of interest:
I intend to go through the bread baking lessons myself. Of course, the measurements are non-metric.

Your blog is lovely! I'm presently crocheting your bag design - thanks for sharing it. Congratulations on your jelly successes.

Kashi Griffith

You can do anything Lucy! Don't you doubt yourself. Homemade bread is easier than jam to make. It takes practice and the first loaf or two may be tough, but I know you can master it and there is nothing better than the taste and smell of fresh bread. Fear not. We are finally having a beautiful day here. It has been freezing in September and October is starting out the same way. Had to scrape ice off car window to go shopping this morning. But it is lovely now, cold but pretty. We are going to the apple orchard and then the pumpkin patch today. Yea! have a lovely weekend.


Both indoors and outdoors look lovely there and I definitely enjoy the positive energy from this post!


Lovely, lovely, lovely.....comfort, colours, a last chance for unexpected summer fun and your views! Thanks for sharing Lucy.

I started the FLY routine but 4 days in was struck down with horrible chest pains, have been ECG'd and feel like a pincushion too! Your blog has made my day.

If anyone has any spare prayers...would you send one up for me please? :)x Recovering with a fair amount of hooking and yarn shopping ;)

Heartfelt thanks (no pun intended!)


I love the pictures of where you live, so green. I love the way the sun changes to a warm glow this time of year.

Congrats on your jam making success.

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