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October 08, 2011


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Kashi Griffith

I know the clutter is a nightmare for you, but it makes me feel slightly better to know that I am not the only one who has shelves and cupboards that get out of control. I was going zone by zone through my house as well and it was looking great. Then I went back to work last week after staying home to recover from knee surgery for the last 4 months. I woke up this morning and was overwhelmed. Only 5 days and the house is in chaos. Doesn't take long. I will be doing some home-loving today too. Take care Lucy. You always make me smile with your posts.


Ooh, de-cluttering, that's what I've been doing today - in fact, I just took a little tea break from my de-cluttering, but I'm now thinking I really should get back to my own Shelves of Doom, lest I end up fixated to my computer screen for the next hour!

Primrose Beresford

Great craft drawers: what a good idea.

And I love the ConnieVan picture drawn by your child, complete with bunting. He obviously has your artistic talent.

Best Wishes


Oh Lucy! Most of us would be quite happy to pop in for a cuppa and browse your bookshelves and breathe in the wonderful, colourful, lovingly creative, warm and beautiful home you have. We all have bits we would like to hide, but coming to accept that everyone has them lowers the stress about them somewhat!!!

I know the virus thing...couldn't keep up with FLYlady the last 2 weeks coz of one! Love to Little Man, hope he is better.

K x


I love the fact that your house is as chaotic as mine, well done for keeping up with the house loving, I just cannot even think about starting. Preferring instead to hide away in my little craft room and make more things to clutter up the house tee heee.


An amazing blog, you have a beautiful and happy, colourfull life! Hugs from Romania!


Great job! I hate this, too, but always feel so much better when I do it.


Please know you are an inspiration and most probably not just to me! I WILL get on top of my mess (and three kidlet's mess) and make my life more orderly!


Those pictures from way-back-when-it-was-tidy are just perfect motivation to get it all tidies again. They look just lovely when they are neat.

I am a clutter-whore as well. But I am pleased to say I am also working in baby-steps to clear my bedroom for the Great Redecorate. Which will be awesome, but a lot of work.

Keep it up. The rewards will be well worth the effort. You'll feel even more satisfied when you've tackled the BIG clutter areas. Especially those shelves. They do rather stand out! ;-)

Lisa G.

Good job with your organized drawers - you'll get through the other, too. Your little one's description was awfully cute!


Well Done! It's all starting to take shape and you can definitely see the difference that you are making in the areas you have sorted already. The craft drawers are a great idea with all those handy little baskets. I should really make a start on my own de-cluttering sometime soon! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend :O)x

Gingerbread Girl

We have the exact same clutter issues in our house too - I mean serously where does all The Clutter come from? I don't spend my days buying bags full of clutter at the shops but all of a sudden the house is just full of the stuff! I did some serious clutter removal in the kitchen today and it feels great!

Keep it up, you are doing great :)


Sometimes cleaning/clearing/reorganizing can be quite daunting. It's amazing how much better you feel with each progressive step that is made! It's nice that you had a little helper this week, though I am sorry that he hasn't been feeling well. Best of luck with the shelves! I'm sure it'll look lovely when you finish them!

kelli woodall

Great job so far. I can relate as I am a hoarder also. I have so much STUFF here there and everywhere that it's overwhelming. Crochet things in particular and magazines and books. I love it all though. You just might inspire me to give organizing a go! Love your house!

Reality Jayne

A24..........Those shelves....hmmmmmm.


You are brave even attempting FlyLady - I tried the online thing and it drove me mad - plus my inbox filled up with spam :(

Good luck with those shelves - I've seen worse ;)


Gosh, even your clutter is pretty and colorful! :)


Oh how I love to have a peek inside people's houses, especially when there are colourful treats to see! Well done with the sorting, those arty supplies will be even nore tempting now. :)
Jess xx


It must be the time of year. I've been doing exactly the same thing with my girls' bedrooms. They were really grotty, but look fab now. It does give you a great feeling when it's done! xx

penelope dubois

Alot of hard work there!!
I am ready now to tackle my own "stuff"!!


Lucy, you should have joined my sisters Reality Shot Thursdays at www.mockingbirdhillcottage.blogspot.com. This post was perfect for that. I am redoing my kitchen so I have stuff everywhere, but is the kitchen of course. I know how you feel.


even your messy muddles look pretty and colourful ;o) well done on the sorting!
little man's drawing is magic ✰ you have some very creative children there :o)

xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx


Hello Lucy! That is a real home! I can recognize the "landscape" it's similar to mine, here in my one bedroom home. But what a wonderfull thing when is all done, clean and clear!

Whit love



Oh boy, know how that feels, its kinda homely though isn,t it!!!!!!!!
I have so much art stuff & craft stuff & yarn stuff & fabric stuff..................the list goes on & on & on :D
Have a good one!!!!
Karen x

Terri @ Terri's Table

OMG, this is how my office/extra bedroom looks! Only your clutter even looks better than mine because the colors are so cheerful. You've inspired me to finally get my act together and do something about it.

And I love your plants on the window sill. I'm gonna need some plants. ☺

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