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October 10, 2011


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The Barefoot Crofter

Hello - I am rippling at the moment too. Inspired by your good self, I must say. Loving the whole rhythm of it all.


Love the idea of working with a friend! And I really love how both of your blankets are already shaping up so differently!


Oh, what a gorgeous post, beautiful colours, beautiful wool,great pattern and imagine, double the fun. Coincidentally I have just started a blanket in your ripple pattern in blues for my littlest boy as he is very jealous of his sister's blanket and wanted one that looked like the sea. Thank you so much. Mel x

Archie the wonder dog

It's going to be fabulous!! I may have to ask for a voucher for a yarn shop for Christmas!!!


you've probably answered this before, but I was wondering about your yarn basket. Did you make that? and if so, what pattern did you follow? I need to make some baskets for my baby's toys and such and that sort would be perfect!

Allison from 2momstobe.blogspot.com

It looks lovely! I can't wait to see the completed project!

I started a ripple blanket for our little bean back in April and am still working on it. I love the idea of blankets, but am not so good at executing them. :(


hello there! i love all your crochet, and these ripple blankets are going to be beautiful! my sister and i started our own ripple along (she lives in scotland, I live in US) and we are about 60 rows in. its so fun, and motivating, to see each other's progress.


I just love your colours there Lucy and having a hook-a-long is a great idea. Wish I could join in but I'm intent on Christmas decorations & gifts just now although the temptation to get distracted is strong..... I-mUst-resist. I-mUst-resist,,, aaargh. Hahaha - maybe next time. Looking forward to the updates Lucy.
Love to you & yours
Mo x


What fun! I can't wait to see it. I completed one the last time you got ripply. Here it is at the beginning:


This puts me in the mood to do another, mixing up the color scheme a bit.


Oooh it's all ready looking fantastic! :)

Anne Marie

Reading through the comments reminded me that I really MUST crochet a cover for the tube of my lovely blue Brompton, which because of the step over frame, gets kicked by the feet very often. The bike is in cornflower blue so I wonder what colours I should do it?

I bought some yarn last week and am going to start a ripple blanket, after drooling over yours.


Great color choice!
I`m excited whith how it will be turning out in the end ;)


the really exciting thing about creating is that,even if you start with the same plan e.g. a ripple blanket using a certain number of colours, every single person will come up with a different result.Hurrah for individuality!

Melissa P

It's off to a gorgeous start. You are just so inspiring. Thank you!


I've been storing your neat ripple pattern for awhile just waiting to attempt it. I started on one about 3 weeks ago. Put it aside to make a smaller one for my sister-in-laws new baby boy and have since picked up the other one. I love the pattern! I'm crocheting in a heavy all cotton yarn and the weight of the blanket is wonderful!

Sah Fenn

Started my first ripple blanket using your 2008 pattern only a few days ago! Using Rowan Creative Focus in purple, pink, teal, and green. It makes me happy to hook it, so bright and cuddly. Thanks for a fab pattern, I'm only a beginner so the photos have been super helpful. Will be rippling along with my blanket. I'm sahfenn on Ravelry and will be posting pics there.

Sarah Durham

I have been so inspired to start hooking again after so long away from it. Your blog and wonderful creativity have eased my homesickness for old Blighty and made me hunt for yarn shops in Melbourne. Have just moved here and my ripple blanket is coming along now and made of all the extra yarn from other projects. I have lots of Sublime Baby yarn which is like the Debbie Bliss. Thanks so much for sharing all your ideas.

Kashi Griffith

How exciting! I have two blankets in the works. One is a Granny square for the One-a-Day group at Ravelry, and the other a gift. It has many different stitches in it. I may have to start another Ripple though. My daughter loves your color selection. I love buying yarn. Very addictive. I need to pop over to Heather's blog now. Thank you for inspiring.


he he, i'm very excited at seeing the result! i love those colours!


sadly i will not be rippling along with you
but i will be admiring and cheering your and heather's ripples as they grow. both blankies-to-be are loooking lushiously lovely! ❤

p.s a very interesting read on how your colour choices and design progresses.
i am stuck with a stash or random yarn that i have either recycled or has been donated to me. so when i do find the time/ability to knit/crochet again, the formula will be so very different from someone that has the starting point of shopping and choosing. having a pot luck stash to work from is a real challenge, i can tell you. i'm not complaining though, it is actually quite fun and satisfying in it's own green, thrifty, gives the creative cells in the brainbox a good workout sort of way and the results can be rather fashionably vintage looking (at least that's what kind friends say to console me ;o). i think that many are in this boat, as new yarn is so bloomin' expensive. it is lovely though! and it is a delicious treat to come along here and feast my eyes on your gorgeous palette :o)


Oh! I started a ripple too recently, but just a baby one (am loving it though am and wishing I'd started a bigger one - gives me an excuse to buy some more yarn and start another!) Looking forward to following both your and Heathers progress!


I am busy doing your granny stripe but would love to do a ripple as well.


It's been interesting seeing your different styles along side each other. Thanks for sharing! x


I was reading along, pondering color selection and swatches and then when I saw the first picture of your beginning blanket, I think my eyes popped out of my head a little bit. That red and turquoise together is amaaaazing. (I had a tshirt dress those colors when I was little.) Can't wait to see it grow.

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