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September 25, 2011


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I didn't guess the pink. And I didn't guess the red either. But I DO love all your makes;so, I'll wait patiently for more posts :)
And, I think heart and soul is working out mighty fine!


The pink didn't jump out as looking poorly with the others until you replaced it, and then I could see the wisdom of your ways! Can't wait to see what the finished product will look like.

Shirley Flavell

Wonderful wool and selection. I found a fantastic wool shop like the one you showed us. It is a 3 hour drive away from my home but when I want some good supplies I take the journey. It is full of english wools (Rowan and other foreign names),gorgeous angora and mohairs, silk and alpaca and merino. I have never seen such a wonderful wool shop. The lady who owns it is English. Gosh did I spend up large last visit and very keen to get back!!Shirley


Beautiful yarn photos! I definitely think the rich red is better than the pink you had in before. And I like the new green that got added. You're clearly putting a lot of thought into this!


all the lovely colours looks wonderful . your bag looks very interesting too have you written about it before I don't remember seeing it?

happy crafting.


Oohhh! Is it wrong to admit that I have been waiting eagerly for this post??!!

As for the yarn, I am –r-e-a-l-l-y- surprised.

But there you are – you obviously have better taste in yarn than I do! I know this will look fabulous like all your other blankets! Can’t wait!!!

Darlene Garner

Second to your lovely LYS, your yarn basket is scrumptious!!! Love to read your colorful blog entries and now awaiting the first blanket picture.


Hi Lucy, Your LYS looks a very happy place.
How many balls yarn of each colour did you buy? This always intrigues me when buying for myself. I realize it is different with granny squares or hexagons, as in scraps from the stash do their job there. But a straight line, or ripple pattern, I find the decision of how many balls of each colour yarn a bit of a stumbling block. :)


I did pick the pink...but not out of any special color talents!! lol!!! It just didn't seem like a color you usually go for!! :) The new colors are just lovely!!! I cannot wait to see the WIP!!! :)


the yarn shop is gorgeous!! and i love this range of colours :o)
my son won the bet in our household.. he said the pink was pants. he gets to chose the next cakes/cookies that are baked.


Sooooo envious of such wonderful yarns in a store nearby! We don't have anything like that around here! Trips to the yarn store...there can NEVER be too many! I anxiously await your creation with these colors! I'm in the midst of a bobble blanket that it just too cute for words. I'm in love! Have a good week! Hugs, Annette



I'm working on a scarf out of that very same pale aqua in your last photo. . .my local store doesn't have the color selection that yours does (which maybe isn't a bad thing considering my sash ;)).

Can't wait to see your work as it progresses.


Oh swooooon! This is a delicious post. I would like to live in Baby Cashmerino, pleasethankyou, and I don't even know how you narrowed it down to eighteen colors. Each one is so gorgeous. I can not wait to see what you're plotting!


Oh I adore that leafy green!!! Can't wait to see how you use it!


This is a great post - Thanks!! I'm looking forward to the follow up :)

What a wonderful wool shop!!!


What beautiful yarns! I love a yarn store with a good selection of colours. :)


I don't think I've ever ever seen such a perfect assortment of baby cashmerino!! And how fun to be able to fondle and arrange ALL those colors! (I'm lucky to find a yarn shop carrying 4-5 baby cashmerino colors.) It's going to be another gorgeous blankie!


well, trust your instincts! the more i look, the more i see the pink-problem... it does sort of stick out like a sore thumb. women are pink lovers so i can imagine why a man would say no-go! the color-combo the way you have it now is just so full of harmony (yes, the maroon as well as the darky ones i have to admit) and the new picks... well now since you added my absolute favorite juicy apple green i can only say it was probably the best harvest a jaunt with intent could bring! NOT TO FORGET the RED... that was the first thing i saw in the shelf - my heavens, what an eye-full that shelf is!
TO TIZABELL: yep, egads... how right you are! the german shops ARE boring. they dont realize they are there to inspire! now, a shelf like that and a few ideas added - they would wake some of those sleepy hookers out of their 100-year-snooze (not having anything against a prince) i rely on the online version as well and know the reluctant feeling of not really knowing what will show up! i try to stick to the brands i already know! (i live near frankfurt)
xoxoxs lucy, wonderful hearing from ya! keep us posted on your progress!!!


Looking forward to seeing what the new wool shop in Bridport will be like. They are calling it Yarn and have a web site www.bridportyarn.co.uk so trips home could become even MORE interesting.

Rachel F

wow - i hadnt guessed - i thought maybe the hot pink or a darker blue - i can concentrate on my work again now you have told us! Thanks :)


Love all your beautiful colours, Lucy! How lucky you are to have such a wonderful Local Yarn Shop too! Choosing colours for a project on instinct is definitely the best way, and the one that makes you happy while you are working on it...it's such a personal thing. Your colour choices always work sooo well together. Have a happy week!
Helen x


I love your YArn Talk posts Lucy - I'm hopeless at putting colours together myself so it's interesting to see how you make your choices :)


woo hoo, to be honest the marrroony looks more pinky in this photo and far less school uniformy , and next to the red looks lush. I'm on my own trip out to ilkley in the next half an hour as I'm taking my mum to Betty's for a bit of a late summer treat so will be having a browse around the wool shop myself later hopefully. Can't wait. Must dash as loads to do before the school run later. tata for now. xx Janette x


Pants!!! just realised create is closed on a Monday!!!! gutted!! oh well will have to window shop today only and hopefully squeeze a trip in at half term .Hmmm feel me trying to book a sneaky day off work for a bit of retail therapy before then. Jx


WOW these colors are incredible ;) tani

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