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September 25, 2011


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It was a Good Re-Jaunt :)

Merry Glennie

I want your LYS to open right next to me! Lovely colourful pictures, really looking forward to seeing how the new blanket starts out. :)


Ciao mi piace un sacco il tuo blog sei molto brava!! Anto


They all look lovely! Can't wait to see what you are going to make.....


Beautiful colours. I wish I have a yarn shop like that near. I can`t wait to see the result. Sure it will be as awesome as usual.


Ahhhhh love the colours! You're an expert!


Luscious, scrummy yarns! I love 'em :o)


Lovely mix of colours - and taking out that pink has completely changed the look. Not that I guessed that, you understand :) Can't wait to see it once you get started.


I would NEVER have guessed at the pink...but once you took it out...oh yes I see it! I especially love the new leafy green - my favourite colour of ALL time...)x


Ooh! What a gorgeous shop! I have to buy online unfortunately, so don't get to see and feel yarns before I choose. I'm very jealous! I was right too- I picked the pale pink!!!! I love the new red - gosh you have such an eye for colour! Can't wait to see what you have in mind for this beautiful yarn!!! Xx


You're so lucky to have a wool shop close to you, Amiga Lucy! I love the crocheted garland. I really like your three new colours, and the ones you chose before they're so vivid. I'm wondering what blanket do you have in mind? I'm looking forward to know some more about it.
Cuidate! Hasta luego,
Gloria x


Lovely yarn! Can't wait to see what the blanket will look like! Just wanted to say that your blog is a huge inspiration for me. It's always exiting to see what you write and to look at your faboulos photos.:) Thank you for sharing! Frida from Gothenburg

Melissa Davin-Smith

I too didn't guess the pink. But my husband did!! Must be a man thing with your little man picking it out too!! But it completely changes the look and it gets a big thumbs up from me! Can't wait to see what blanket you are going to make. I'm in the middle of a bright hexagon using cream, turquoise, fuchsia and purple. And a granny square using grey as MC and 7 other beautiful colours. Some of which are in your selection!! I'd also like to take this opportunity to say how much I love your blog. I started to crochet after I saw your blankets and cushions. And I went back to the beginning and read your blog from the start. And enjoyed every minute of it's colourful wonder. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all to get hooky!! :)


Lovely pure heaven- looking forward to your next intalment, can't wait to see what type of blanket you decide; ripple stripe granny squares circle in a square - the choice is endless


Love the replacement rich red. ;-) And the three new colours are gorgeous, especially the slate blue. I love blues. Can't wait to see the new blanket. love Jude.x


I didn't guess the pink. It does look better with it gone. I tend towards the blue shades.


Because of a comment I read, I had narrowed it down to the pale pink or green. I didn't want either of them to go. I think that the other colours had paler versions and now the pink doesn't. However, I love the red added in. I feel about purples and pinks as you do about blue, which I am less fond of as I find it cold - I like it in a mix though very much. I also love orange. I don't personally feel there are wrong colours, just those we are in tune with. I have seen people go loopy over colours that do nothing much for me. I have also seen very beautiful things made with grey and browns, while I tend to choose colour if given a choice. There is beauty in most crafts when artfully done.

Your yarn shop looks amazing, the knitted things are just beautiful, I would want to buy them all!

Am very interested to see your new blanket start to take shape. I bet it will be a beauty like your others.


What a lovely assortment of colours - I just love playing around with colours - you just know when you've got it 'right' don't you!!!
Thanks for sharing xxxx


I so much love reading your posts. Wishing you a happy Autumn and happy knitting-crocheting!


Thanks for the yarn/color fix! I wasn't able to guess which color needed to go as they all looked great to me. However, now that I see it this way, I see it! And what a wonderful LYS! Looking forward to more "color lessons" xxx




I'm just wondering if you are going to share the pattern with us, because if you are, I think I need to pack up some friends and take a jaunt to a yarn store! We'll crochet with you! (even though I have some unfinished projects - sshhhh)

Cindy Bee


I'm so jealous. We have 2 yarn shops here in Folkestone. And both and teeny and stuffed to the rafters with acrylic. The teeniest shop is also stuffed to the rafters with knitted jumpers for babies... you know those rather inspid horrors..yep those, so i find it hard to make myself go in there.. the only saving grace so far has been the crochet cotton thread she stocks.... and other yarn shop is so jam packed with yarn you can't see half of it.... and again no really nice yarns; just cheap,c heap acrylic.. you know the stuff that makes you wince when you attempt to use it... some limited stylecraft; and lots of fashion and fun yarns whcih I don't like particularly. Sigh. I'd so love a "proper" yarn shop that you can move around in, survey the colours, touch, have a wee daydream ............. ahhh yes that would be yarn heaven. :-)


You're making me jealous with that yarn shop! German yarn shops tend to be very ~ahem~ practical, with lots of scratchy earth-tones... ho-hum. I have to do most of my yarn shopping online, and one does miss the touchy-feeliness of it all.

And the pink! Who'da thought? But I trust your instincts by now. I know it'll turn out beautifully.

Melissa P

Heart and soul is the best way to do it. And you do that part so well. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

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