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September 07, 2011


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How lovely to have your little lady following in your footsteps with a love of colour and creativity. Bernie is very sweet! I am just beginning to learn how to knit, my Grandma is teaching me and i can't wait to show L how to do it. I'd also love to learn how to sew and crochet but one thing at a time! K xx


I'm so happy for your daughter! How exciting! I can only imagine how proud you are. Tell her to keep up the beautiful work; she's doing great!

Nagy Emese

I really love your blog because it teaches me to appreciate all the small things in life! I was wondering if you are aware of the fact how important this is?
Your posts are making me happy even in darker days because every time I realize how beautiful my life is (and not that bad at all)...


Lovely post Lucy - you make me wish I had a daughter!
My boys are so into footy and not 'wooling' (as they describe my crochet moments!)
Renee xx


thank you very much for the photographs and the tour of the bridport knitted garden. it brought tears to my eyes, really, to think of all the love and imagination and skill that went into it. really. there will always be an england.

the tales you tell of your children's adventures into art and color (and cooking) are also very very touching and hopeful.

and. dude. knit the biggest possible standup flower you can. jack's beanstalk. your husband loves you because you are an artist. and so naughty.


A message for Little Lady from my own "Young Lady" (aged 10!):

"Bernie is so cute! Look at mine on Ravelry - my username is icefli. I don't know how to link to it but your mum will know how to look for it. We used the same colour! I wish I had my own stash, yours looks really nice, from Pippa"

And a message from me - Well done! What a super job! And I love your new project - I never have much luck with stripey yarn but you have got it just right!


Well done to Little Lady! She should be very proud of Bernie, he is fab! I am ever so envious of her stash, might have to go looking for some of that Sirdar myself, I love the colour changes.


Wow, you must be so proud! The owl turned out adorably!


Lovely little owl! My own daughter is now 27, and not knitting (the shame....), she did once summon up supreme effort to knit me a scarf.. which, though now tatty and well worn, remains hanging on my bedroom door to remind me that she did once knit... Well done to your Little Lady :)x

Kerry James

Oh, how proud you must be of your little girl Lucy!!! That little Bernie is so super duper cute, she did a wonderful job on him.
I love the colours she chose for her stash ... so pretty.


Such a sweet owl. Congrats on another finish for your dd. x

Lynne Gill

Heh heh! Thin end of the wedge, Lucy, your stash will never be safe any more - but how lovely you have someone at home to share your passion! I'm with Ren here, my boys (when they were boys, not men!) would SO not have been into the 'woolies'!

Bebe Rouge

I am so jealous of little lady I am still trying to learn to knit. lol You must just be so proud of her and I agree she has excellent taste in wool. Can't wait for the finished bag ta-dah. xx

Lynda M O

What a great looking owl, LL, just beautiful !~! I love when the kids want to do what we do; no feeling like it.


What a brilliant little knitter Little Lady is!!!

Anne Williams

What a cute little owl and how wonderful that your daughter has inherited your creativity. My Grandma was very creative and taught me to knit,sew,crochet - my mum didn't take after her although she knits beautifully but doesn't do it often. I had two sons and am hoping that my granddaughter will want me to teach her to knit and sew. Love reading your blog - some of my family live in Yorkshire and some in Somerset and we often visit palces you mention. Anne x


My friends have been proffering me little bits Internet this and that (jokes, blogs, videos kitties) to help keep me distracted and amused as I await surgery next week for breast cancer. This post brought such a smile to my face! Great photos, lovely writing and sweet memories of endless crafty projects with my now adult children (although only my daughter fully embraces her inner-crafty person ; )

Thank you.


How wonderful for you and your daughter! Great memories for sure! Makes me miss my baby girl at that young age...she will be going to university soon. :-/ Your little lady is doing a wonderful job!


My niece was asking me just yesterday how many knitting projects it is acceptable to have on the go at any one time, my neighbour and I have a ladies agreement that whichever one of us " goes first" leaves the other the secret stash of wool we each have behind our sofas.
Sounds like your daughter is rapidly becoming a fully fledged member of the knitting addicted.Go girl!

Mo - North East Scotland

To Little Lady
Very well done Little Lady :-D I'm sure your heart went skippety skip when you saw how handsome & cute Bernie has turned out to be. I bet your daddy will be delighted when Bernie is finally allowed to go to work with him :-D
I'm sure your beautifully coloured stripes will turn into a gloriously colourful bag. Keep us posted on your progress won't you?
Mo ;-)
Thanks for more amazing pictures Lucy
Mo x


Great job Little Lady!


Love your daughters work- she does much tidier work than me, and impeccable colour choice!

Rachel F

lovely. Like a couple of other readers i have 2 men /boys and its so nice to hear about Little Lady and what she is up to ( as well as her brothers and mum and dad of course!)
My boys have both just left home so after the big clean up am determined to teach myself to knit and crochet - will definitely be following your tutorials then! R :)


The Sirdar yarn is spot on - I used oodles of it for a baby blanket (done with your granny stripe pattern). You website makes me feel at home and all fuzzy on the inside. I check very often and love love when updates abound!

xo from the Cold White North .. though its still green and relatively warmish across the pond here :)


Love Bernie! What a clever, crafty thing you are just like your Mum Little Lady! I've been crocheting with Snuggly Baby Bamboo and it's so shiny and gorgeous- comes in great colours too- I think bamboo is the way to go! Xxx

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