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September 21, 2011


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Great post Lucy ~ I didn't think it was possible to beat your microwave record but you have surpassed yourself with 225 cluttery items on the bedside drawers ~ it made me laugh!

Love all the stripy things on your washing line too ~ if you pop over to my blog you can see what you think of my stripy peg bag ~ it really brightens up my wash day blues :O)xx

Elaine  Brown

Lucy - you are so funny. Imagine making cleaning house sound fun and exciting! You are the best! As always -love the pictures!


Actually I was looking under the bed, and our golden carpet behind the yarn stash has turned grey with all the dust, so rest assured you are not alone.... I have missed the tasks as I'm at work, but am saving them all up for Friday which is my not-out-at-work day and now that Child 3 has started school full time, I should be able to get on with housework. Hmmmmm....
Anyway - I am loving your posts about FLYing - it is quite inspiring. xx


Woah, you're a woman on a mission indeed. You have inspired me to take this approach too (although the urge to bury my head in a big pile of sand is very tempting - tackling my house is a scary prospect!) Some days I think it's a big enough achievement just getting the three kids fed and dressed!
Emily x


Oh I do like a nice bunch of dahlias. I've been craving dahlias lately, how silly is that! Happy cleaning ... you won't know the place soon ;D

Jennifer sew little

I don't feel quite as guilty about the growing mountain of stuff that's erupting on top of our chest of drawers now. ( now determined to beat your record, off to dump a few more items on the top!!! Te he!!!!!)

Nikki Relffe-Arnold

Ah Lucy how satisfying that must be...I never seem to be able to get into a routine! Note to self...must try harder!


Very inspiring, and when my hubby moans why do I spend so much time reading about crochet I can tell him I am actually reading about cleaning and tidying!


Reading this post has put a BIG smile on my face! I love hearing of your de-cluttering adventures and I almost fainted in appreciation of your cute RED SHOES!!!!! They're loooovely :)

I also stayed up WAY past my bedtime last night while lingering over your previous post that I spotted just before I was to close my sleepy eyes....Yarn heaven I tell you!!! A feast for the eyes... can't wait to hear how you go about choosing your colours!!

I'll stop waffling on now and let you get back to de-cluttering, plumping hooky items, etc, etc.... have fun!

Louise xx


I am oddly in love with your red and white stripey socks :)
And I feel that Amelie would most certainly do her housework in stripey socks - have you seen that movie? Delightful!


There is definately something about Autumn that makes me want to clean & tidy too. Not sure if it's the chilly nights and spending more time inside of an evening or just clearing up what I've let slip over the holidays whilst I've enjoyed time with the kiddos?
I've got a lovely little give-away over at Priddy Priddy blog which would look lovely on your nice clear side ;) {especially with a few garden flowers!}


Lucy, keep talking........ I need some of that encouraging inspiration that you are providing - everyday!!!! Your house cleaning sounds like fun and as it's accompanied by THE most delicious pics, I'm even getting a little motivated to try some of that style of cleaning myself!!!!!!! Evi x x

Kay Guest

Those dahlias are beautiful! And the view out your back window...you should do a painting!
Hmmm...maybe I should clear all my clutter in my house. Nah, too hard to think about..I'll just read your blog!


Oh wow, I surely need to follow suit as I was just surveying my nightstand this morning and it is indeed a MESS!!! Your home is lovely and yes, the Dahlias are amazingly beautiful :o)


I have FlyLady saved to my favourites and one day.............. lol 225! That's amazing - my downfall is the chair which sits next to my dressing table. I don't even want to go there - would colouring pencils in a pot count individually or as one item though?
Those red and white striped socks on your line? I have a pair exactly the same and love them. They are my comfort socks, my warm socks and best of all... my caravan socks! Oh! And they are on the chair. :-D
Keep telling us about your clean up please, I'm hoping you are going to inspire me. Jude.x


Thank you for posting about this. I love your blog posts anyway but I am also trying to jump on the FlyLady bandwagon (have been on & off for over a year), so I can really relate to you. I'm not quite there yet!!!


glad its all working for you lucy,it makes you feel better when your on top of housy things,doesnt it ?
keep writing ,Ilook forward to this every day,and I`m most disapointed when you havnt had time to write ,ha ha ,
love michelle x


LOVE your cleaning outfit...I need those socks, shoes and that apron...fun clothes make for fun work. Kudos to you for your success in overcoming your obstacle!! And your concern that we are bored reading about it? NEVER! It is part and parcel of who/what you are and we delight in peeking into your REAL life. Thanks for keeping it real.

Susanne Tyree

You seem to be doing remarkably well with your efforts to de-clutter and clean. Some people live in a house and some people live in a home. I have taken on the idea that I have some better things to do than to chase dust around with a dust cloth, but I do like a clean house so once in awhile I have the desire to get busy. You never bore me with your posts. Americans have the infamous "junk drawer" lol, it is the place all clutter lands and disappears until, you happen to be looking for something. My clutter is usually on the kitchen table, and since we do like to eat once in awhile I have to periodically clean it off to find the table. Have fun!


i have really enjoyed this sweet, happy post and the dahlias are lovely! thank you for sharing the joy and beauty xxx


I would love to hear a bit more about your cleaning system.


me again lucy,i forgot to ask if you ever got to make your patchwork quilt ,with the lovely fabric you bought in harrogate ? michelle x


It's actually Fly Lady's cleaning system!

Rainy Day Crafter

Lol, your post made me laugh with your 225 items ;) I'm glad that your 'home loving' is working out so well! I love the photo of your yard from above btw and the dahlias are gorgeous :)

Jennifer W

way to go Attic24. I'm so proud of your Zone work! feel free to head to Kansas & work a few of my zones as well. do you dare to post before/after of your clutter spots?! ha!

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