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September 15, 2011


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You should hire Little B out for swishing and swiping duties! Lots to keep him entertained at my house.....

Love the picture of him licking the bowl out too - my how his feet have grown!


Thank you for the reminder!!!! I have been having some trouble remembering that keeping my home a peaceful, tidy(ish) place is a way to love my family... It is all soooooo tiring (the tidying away, after two boisterous boys are done with the place), even though I know that I always feel better with a tidy house! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we had a glorious day of sunshine today, on the other side of the Penines, and that your post has just prolonged my susnshiney day:) Thank you, once more! xxxx

Jennifer sew little

Love housework, ok i will give it a go!!!!!!! I have to say you make it sound fun!


Your posts are full of inspiration! I am finding it a lot easier to tidy up now my kids are back at school, otherwise the task is like pushing water uphill. My worst 'love' is dusting, after 16 years of keeping house I continue to be amazed at how quickly dust reappears.

Liz Noonan

I love your positive attitude, it is so inspiring; long may it continue.

Peg Leg Clegg

You are so right to call it an epiphany and once you have got everything just how you want it, it will just be about maintenance. Keep up the good (house)work. Bx


You've got it!!! When we look at our chores with gratitude for the fact that we have a home to clean and clothes to launder and toys to tidy... well, I believe it changes everything. I believe it was the FlyLady who suggests that we think of our cleaning, scrubbing, tidying, etc. as "blessing" our home. I have loved that idea from the first moment I read it years ago. Good for you on the attitude of gratitude shift. You're happiness can only grow! xxxxxxxx

Linda Gilbert

That is one of the thoughts advocated in Reiki-- Living with an attitude of gratitude! It really is brilliant and helps keep me on track most of the time. I am loving looking at Little B's antics as our first Grandson is due at Christmas -- so exciting times!


I know exactly where you're coming from as I have been trying to appreciate what I have a whole lot more too, instead of the negative feelings creeping in. I have done some reading, and I'm assured this route of more positive thinking really can change our experiences, and therefore, our whole attitude to life.....and you know what, when I remember to keep the positive attitude of gratitude going, I've found things really do change for the better! But sometimes I just get a bit bogged down and forget, so thanks for the gentle reminder....I really needed it -xx-


A few years back I went through pretty much where you are at the moment and found the FlyLady a real inspiration. I still stick to some of her tips like have shoes on so you mean business instead of slippers and go round with a bag and throw out 25 (i think) things lying about etc. What I also found useful is setting 10 minutes at a time to tackle quick jobs that usually get put off slotted in amongst other things i'm doing as a break. For example if i'm sitting writing an article or catching up on filing then after say 30 minutes I need a leg stretch, i'll go put on some laundry or clean the kitchen counter tops or wipe down bedroom doors and handles etc.


As always I love your posts and your house of colour makes me smile!

Hugs San x

Karen B

Thank you for this timely reminder about "loving our home." I have had the tidy/clean/organize urge a bit lately but some things I look at and say, "ugh" to - but if I too will adopt the attitude of gratitude and choose to look at it as loving my home I bet the tasks will go a lot more easily!

Rainy Day Crafter

I love your Gratitude Attitude! It's such a wonderful way of looking at it and your post has really inspired me adjust how I think about things! :) You're very lucky to have a little helper though, hehe - looks like he's having a lot of fun! ;)


My small person (now 19) always used to help me with housework to make it fun. Such a shame she now thinks housework is totally for mugs!!!!! Needless to say when she's home from uni, you can't see any floor at all in her bedroom!

Claire Mackaness

please send the dust of your ephiphany this way. I have a four year old who started school Monday and a new baby at home and I feel like I am juggling five hundred balls right now and nothing seems to be getting done.


Housework yuck!!! I live in organised chaos that requires a good sort out every so often. But it's clean - have you watched 'How clean is your house?' and most importantly it's home. That's the main thing to remember - it's our home and we love it!! So what if the windows need cleaning outside. I want time together not cleaning!!

I do little bits before/after work - depending on shifts and blitz the house once a week on my day off. Of course it's back to square one the next day!!


I too should adopt a more positive attitude toward keeping the house tidy. I'll try to follow your lead and think of it less as work/chores, more as an expression of gratitude and love for our home. :o)

Nellie Dean

What a wonderful post. It almost inspires me to tackle the housework. Almost! ;-)


Hi Lucy.. what a brilliant post! Now when I am stomping round the house trying to motivate myself to get things 'done', I shall think of it in a totally different light.... Love those sticky fingers photos :)x


Oooo, you are totally inspiring me!! I've done ok this week, but have been more creative than tidying around the house. What I really need to do is give most of the rooms a deep clean, something to do a little at a time. Thank goodness for the FlyLady!! :)

Love your attitude shift and must implement that myself!! And I could use a bowl of leftover bun batter just about now...

Hugs! Silke

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy I started this sort of cleaning come tidying up routine a few weeks ago and it does work. Instead of thinking of the hundred and one things that need to be done I tackle one job and or even part of one and so far so good. Always enjoy your posts.xx


Hearing you talk about Little B getting into the bowl and muck going everywhere reminded me of dinner last night with my 2 1/2 year old. I had made spaghetti with a tomato, onion and bacon sauce. Dinner was mostly eaten with the fingers which I expected. What I didn't expect was that after the bowl was mostly empty Little Miss B took great handfuls of tomato and onion sauce (there wasn't any bacon left by then!) and rubbed it all over her face and in her hair. She had a wonderful time, but it did mean an unscheduled bath before bed!
xXx Helen


OHMYGOSH! I love that rainbow teapot! You are doing a great, great job =-) Your home looks so comfy and nurturing, and I can hear the caring in your "voice.". I would love to take a nap under that blanket on the sofa, just like little B =-)


Hi Lucy, We inspired you and now you are inspiring us. Loved your post and your words on love, family, gratitude, lack of words like job, chores and replacing them with joy, and appreciating what we have. It's so easy to forget and think we need more and more. I'm guilty of that and try to remind myself often. Fall is almost here now, so I am starting to nest! Not a bad thing..........A GOOD THING!


Thank you so much for taking the time to be an inspiration for us! I love your removing work/chore words and substituting love and gratitude. Sure is much easier to love our home than clean our house :-) Can't believe how big little B is getting too!

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