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June 28, 2011


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SOOOOoooo pleased to hear your Mum is doing ok - and you too.
I have also recently given up on the tidying front - and to my amazement, nothing happened. It just lay there. It didn't matter. I'll clear it all up one day!
I've never met anyone with little people that got up as early as mine...until now! how well you've embraced it!
fee x


Glad to hear your mum and your family are doing okay. Beautiful pictures. I really like your back porch area, so cozy.

Take care


A lovely bright and cheery post - and it seems like you are keeping very busy! Gorgeous photos too! I'm glad to here your family are 'doing ok' - I hope things turn from 'ok' to great over the next few weeks.


Lovely post, a lovely glimpse into your world! Little rabbit looks cute, reminded me of Miffy. So glad your Mum is improving :) Take care xx


Lovely post, a lovely glimpse into your world! Little rabbit looks cute, reminded me of Miffy. So glad your Mum is improving :) Take care xx

Kate - The Garden Bell

Absolutely heaven and who what a big treat today. We have much the same going on, except no little one waking me at 6am, just Scoots leaving for work. And no fishcakes here...we are having a midwest Chicago Style Italian Peppers and Sausage in the crocker. You know an easie-peasie one... Since, this is the week we get hot, like near 100. And that means my blue pots need watering twice a day. By the way, I'm thinking Sweet Peas for mine already for next year. Great idea.

Well, gotta run for now. The sheet need to come in and the pillow cases need a quick iron.

As always a treat for the eyes to have a wee-little peek...

Later gator,
Kate - The G.B.

I have never doubted for a second that there wasn't some little project in that bag to stitch a few everynow and then.


I'm so pleased to hear that your mum is doing okay. How sweet that cakes were made before breakfast. The best kind of breakfast I can think of! X

Elizabeth C.

Sooo glad to hear that your mom is doing better! Your little man must be a good cook :) Those cupcakes look great! And the rabbit is adorable!


Great news that your mum is improving! Looking forward to seeing those little bunnies. :)


Lovely to hear your cheery voice Lucy. All my love and thoughts are with you and the family. Take care.


Nice to hear from you, glad all OK for you and yours. You're right tidying is over rated. If I can clear the debris for a path to our 2 yr old pinkie pie's bed, my job is done! C


So glad that your mom is okay and that you are okay! Have been checking in daily and twice daily hoping for good updates...and so glad to hear it!


It is good to see you posting and being so very positive about everything. I am afraid I cannot be positive about early starts so I have my little ones well trained and they get up between 7-8am most days. I have a right shouty shout when they get up any earlier - basically the tiredness and lack of sleep drives me half mad! No need to apologise for lack of crochet posts. Just pics of your everyday stuff really brightens my day. You have a knack of making one want to be more positive so thank you and big hugs. xxx


So lovely to hear from you Lucy. I've been wondering and thinking about you hoping all was well. You have given us a lovely update about the happenings in the "Attic", with lovely, lovely photos of your garden area.
How wonderful to have an eight year old boy who loves to bake. He must be such a help to you.
Early mornings with little people can be so very tiring and I think little B might just be waking early so he can spend some special time with his mummy. :)
I've enjoyed seeing your lovely crochet blankets draped on you sofa, they must give you great pleasure knowing you have put so many hours into them and loving every moment.
Have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine,
Anne xx


How lovely to see colour and brightness again. Not that I'm complaining, you've had alot on your plate and I know things will be far from wonderful still but fingers and toes are still crossed as always. We too have been having early starts though ours are caused by a cat that has learnt to let itself out of one room and get into our bedroom. These 4am meanderings have been due to the bright mornings though hopefully once these begin to slide she'll get bored of cosying and tummy-rubs at such an ungodly hour!

Love and stuff xx

Melissa P

One day at a time is a good way to live--even when you aren't dealing with worries and stresses of an extraordinary nature. I am encouraged to see all the beauty you are surrounding yourself with too. Your little garden is a delight. Take care of yourself!

Reality Jayne

Hey A24...Glad to hear all is well.
Baby B. sure gets up early...Yes ..leave the toys. No use putting them up, because as he gets them all out in the AM.....he wil wake the whole house tossing things from his basket.
Things seem peaceful at your place...Hope your mom gets well


Yes, one day at a time, Lucy. So pleased to read your Mum is doing ok.
Your early mornings with the little ones sound like they are suiting you at the moment, you are embracing the time spent together.
Love the little rabbit.
A very happy and colourful post, good to sense you are doing ok too.
Carol xx

Katie B

Great news about your Mum, Luce. Have been thinking of you lots. LOL, Katie B x
PS: can't believe you have the time to be SO productive, AND then photograph it AND write / blog it all so beautifully .... X
PPS: Did you get the update from Char re Stew? Think she might need an email if you have a mo sometime x x x


Great to hear that your Mum is doing OK. Thanks for your beautiful blog. It really inspires me.


I'm so glad your mum is getting better little by little!! That is great news.

This has been a great post, your photos always make me feel cheerful when I look at them and you have a way of stringing words together that makes even the most "everyday" occurrences feel special.

Its great to have you back a little more like your "normal" self. Give your mum a cuddle next time you see her from the blogging world to let her know that there are people all over the world thinking of her and wishing her well.


Why not send little B to bed at 10 pm after you wear him out ?? keep him up on purpose ??

Jan Quigley

I'm so glad to hear your Mum is doing ok. I check in a few times a day to see if you've blogged to see how she's going. Great news!!!!! :-) Now I can enjoy your new post after quickly skimming through to get an update on her.


so happy to see you..love the view and your garden is fab..
continued prayers for your mom..
take care,

Beth Whiting

I love the bird quilt. very whimiscal.

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