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March 29, 2011


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I know exactly what you mean. For me it was the Polly Pocket stuff. I just love the miniature rooms and the teeny tiny little people. *sigh*


i am so with you about Playmobil! I bought my son the Noahs Ark when he was 6 months old and have it safely hidden away for when he's old enough (only 2 more years!). I just couldn't resist! I dying to play with! lol.


Love the fact that the girls with bare feet actually have big toes!
My 2 sons are more into the things with wheels & noise. Maybe I should start a collection of my own ;).



nothing wrong with a childish world - being childish is good, it provides such joy!

Those toys look fab! Lucky little lady, it's no surprise she couldn't resist the playmobil people!

Tracie Boellner

I have ALWAYS loved Playmobil, perhaps because I never had any as a child or that I just love their wonderful detail. I love the gardening sets especially. My husband won't thank you, but I do...I'm off to indulge in the pleasure of Playmobil on eBay. lol

Lynda M O

Your enthusiasm catches me in its web each time you post Miss Lucy. Many thanks, you are Awesome !~!


Hi Lucy , love that caravan !! we have the horse drawn caravan from sylvanian families ...it's so adorable and i'm soon going to put it in the loft as the boys are not into such things nowadays ...but I could not part with it :0)
Jacquie x


I don't think it's abnormal at all, in fact I think Playmobil was probably invented by an adult desperate to play with some decent kids' toys. I mean, if I had to choose between playing Barbies or Playmobil/Sylvanian families with my little ones the latter would win every time.

So lovely to see your little girl taking them off for a well deserved caravan holiday (have you got the Morris Minor that goes with it too? *Love* it).


Childish?! Abnormal?! Certainly not!! I prefer to think of it as childlike and playful and there's nowt wrong with that. And I'm sure your new children (and dog and lady) will be back with you in no time. After all, a little caravan break after all that travelling is probably what they were just needing. They may even send you a postcard!

Love and stuff xx

Linda Gilbert

Have fun and lots of it -- I am obsessed with crochet spiders,snakes and puppets at the moment and that is really something to worry about!


My hair looked like Girl Number One's (yellow top) until I was 14.


Ronda in Wisconsin

I LOVE Playmobil, Legos, yo-yos, spinning tops, colouring books, you name it! We don't have any children (I think it's because I can't share my toys!) but many visiting children have taken one look at my collection and asked where the kids are at. LOL!
I was thinking of you today because of your old post of the bird/twig project. I saw it and had to make some...24 to be exact! This started an avalanche of sewing projects and I've been busy ever since! Thanks so much Lucy for being such an inspiration!
p.s. LOVE the bit of ribbon you used to tie your hyacinth up...absolutely adorable!!!


Many of us live in a childish and abnormal world, I guess. And we're all happy - that's all that matters, right?


Ha ha! Love this post - especially the description of the dreaded ebay habit! I have my own ebay obsessions - currently old paper dolls and Little Grey Rabbit books! Oh the tension of those last few bidding seconds!


My dd has sylvanian families stuff and was thinking of going with the playmobile for the boy. Now I have seen yours I will def keep my eyes open. Yes, very very sweet. Love it. x

Erin @ Wild Whispers

I love it! We had a few of the playmobile when I was a child, but sadly, I don't think any of them survived. Great photos... happy playing!


I love Playmobil but having a boy we have all the boy ones at homeLOL!AriadnefromGreece!


My husband jokes that I only pretend to buy Playmobil 'for the children', when really it's me who loves it most!


Now you have me madly resisting the urge to jump on ebay and search for a heap of Sylvanian Family things. I don't have any left from my childhood, but I saw them in the shops the other day and it really took me back. So gorgeous. But not quite like they used to be, so it'll be off to the web to search for some pre loved lovelies. Hope you have a beautiful childish day :)


I love that you have a Playmobil obsession. When my boys were young I just couldn't stand another car, truck or Dino so I bought myself some barbies with great clothes...and the shoes!!!!! To die for. I played with them while my boys played with their trucks...it was all good fun.
Have a lovely day,


After all there will always be a little child in our hearts, don't you think? And our (real) children are a good excuse for wanting these beautifull playmobil girls. Enjoy!

Melissa P

I'm waiting to see if the Playmobil caravan ends up with a crocheted blanket. :)


I love playmovil too

Andrea at Apples and Pears

Too cute! This is one of the many benefits of having children.....we get to play with their toys :) xx

Wanda Clark

Playmobil toys are the best ever...before we left Germany, I bought an entire set of toys..the ones with food. :) Ebay away or go on holiday to Germany and get some more....you can never have enough Playmobil toys. :)

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