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February 08, 2011


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Debbie Halkett

Love your blog. I follow it regularly here in New Zealand, at the bottom of the world. I just checked in on my morning tea break and it updated while I was visiting. So I get to be first comment!! Your lovely crochet is so inspirational and I have recently blown the cobwebs off my crochet hook, indulged in some lovely new wool and set off on my granny blanket journey. Your new project is gorgeous and will, no doubt, attract many favourable comments when you are wearing it out and about.


These flowers are just too cute! I taught myself how to crochet a little last year (I was pregnant), and I loved trying to make flowers. I did manage to make 1 flower scarf/belt and now a year has gone by and I have forgotten everything I learned! Now that the baby is here (she makes 4) I somehow can't find the time to sit down and crochet! Love how your scarf/wrap thingy is looking so far! It's going to be beautiful!

Laura Parsons

Dear Lucy - I feel nearly tearful at how lovely this looks! The flowers look positively lustrous in that gorgeous yarn. I've just discovered your blog and have had so much pleasure looking through your beautiful projects and am really inspired to try to crochet again..it's been a fail for me so far... Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic inspiring read your posts are - happy hooking!


Wow Lucy, It is stunning, I can't wait to see the tah dah...


Sooo gorgeous Lucy. The yarn and colours look stunning. You have already inspired me to re-visit crochet and this newest creation is making my fingers itch some more!! Thank you and can't wait to see your finished wonder!

ellen kelley

Oh, my goodness, but this is beautiful.

Jennifer (Dairymaid)

I agree - absolutely gorgeous so far! The yarn looks lovely and the pattern is very classy. Really nteresting to see the pattern done in different colour schemes.

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy what an absolutely beautiful pattern and your colour choice
stunning as always. Sarah x


Wow, that's going to be gorgeous! Love the colours too :)

Lynda M O

Oh my, another lovely hooky delight. You are an amazing woman, Lucy of the Attic. Thanks.

Nana GoGo

That is ridiculously beautiful....I keep saying that about your work but it`s true. Well done Lady.


I have already made this stole (I'm French :)) I confirm that the original design is a bit short but I run out of yarn to continue. I may made another one with two colors, but I do not like "hiding" the start and ending threads when changing yarn at each flower. I may also change the shape from trapezium to rectangular.
If you are looking for an easy scarf, have a look at http://chocobn.canalblog.com/archives/2008/12/19/11801553.html


This is going to be gorgeous. The colours of the Andes are lovely - quite autumnal in a way and the texture looks great. Enjoy! Fiona x


Beautiful Lucy. That yarn is gorgeous. You described them perfectly, the colours are bold and soft at the same time. I had wanted to make the stole in a dark grey or midnight blue myself but your colourful one has me thinking.......

P.S. I do apologize, I should have offered to translate the French for you, it wouldn't have been very fluid but it would have been understandable.

Melissa P

Amazing! Thank you for all the links so we can join you in this enthusiastic project.


Bore us?! The scarf is (all the adjectives above), and the links are a god-send. Maybe it's just me, but I find it so difficult to find crochet sites that are at all sophisticated, stylish,.... Way too many toilet-roll covers and peek-a-boo halter tops. Of course I also love the yarn, which shows as surprisingly touchable and lustrous in the photo. Thanks for showing the line-up of colors so clearly. I always learn a lot about my own particular preferences in yarn colors when I think "Wow, I would never have chosen that hot pink," and then see what a lovely lift it gives to the other colors in the actual work.

You might like to know that I live within a few miles of a large Japanese market (right here in Portland, OR) that has a bookstore. I just cannot allow myself to go there very often, or I would be totally bankrupt and buried under a pile of wonderful Japanese needlework books. I'll have to go look for your shawl book, though. Thanks for the lovely post, Cloudykate

Mam'zelle flo

I knew the pattern but not in this colorful version! What a wonderful idea (I already did one but in 2 colors only). Might have to try again :)


Dear Lucy

I love your new project is as beautiful as everything u knit:)theres an anual wool and fabric sale at avoca mill in co.wicklow ireland starting the 10th february and I can not wait to attend.Pity you are not in Ireland I know you would love it.Its heaven for knitters.I am sending you some pics of the old mill where the anual wool sale takes place and where they do the weaving of the gorgeous shawls and blankets sold at avoca.ie.You can find them at www.flickr.com/avocaireland The place is stunning and extremely interesting. All the best Lucy!Eugenia and Sandra

Amanda x

absolutely stunning, i'm soo glad everything worked out for you! it's truely stunning well done my dear, won't be long now till it's draped round you! xxx

Heather Thorp

Yum yum yum! As always, wonderful inspiring stuff! Plus my husband (yes my husband!) leaned over at the screen and said he really loved the sweet flower granny, was I going to make one?!! So off I go... yay!

Jodi Anderson

Oh, deary me. A rainbow of yarn arrived on my doorstep today. I intended to do a gargantuan blanket. So, so, so tempted.

Pardon me as I pretend that I never ever saw this post or this scarf.


So beautiful Lucy! I love the colors you chose and I'm sure the finished project will be quite lovely. Thank you for sharing with us.


Lovely! The look so gorgeous and soft - I can't wait to see it finished. I was particularly drawn to the fuchsia yarn - it's a beautiful shade. x

Queen of Whatever

i love the flower scarf....but i couldnt understand that french ladys diagram....Help us out A-24....Give it to us in real talk.
I demand to know how to make that flower!!!!!lol

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