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January 25, 2011


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My Dear Amiga Lucy, Your pics are always great! This is my wish for you: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds….. Love to complete your life! - A. A. Milne.
Hasta Luego,Gloria x

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy just returned home from a meeting and was commenting on how long January has been and like you wishing for more light.
Now a BIG question; PLEASE CAN WE ALL HAVE A TUTORIAL FOR THE SWEET FLOWER GRANNY BLANKET?? Really looking forward to the reveal..... My spring time wreath is sitting on my mantle piece to cheer me up. Hoping to do another one quite soon. BIG HUG from me. Enjoy your hooky week.xxx


I was right ! ;) it's so sweet !
And your pictures are always awsome, love them !


I feel quite the same. I usually enjoy winter, but the days have just been grey and dull for so, so long now it has become too much and I am longing for spring (and better light for photography too).

It seems we are all feeling the same this winter.

I'm looking forward to the next ta-dah!



Hello- have you ever visited Coldspring mills in cullingworth (near keighley)? Fantastic wool shop, and sells Debbie bliss, not to mention lots of other lovely makes at a fraction of the cost. Well worth a visit. I've found them to be around half price of everywhere else. Tis a proverbial aladin's cave of lovely yarn. Xx


I want winter over with as well but I've bad news! I read in the paper today that we are going to have some more really cold weather March/April - time to hibernate me thinks!


I love your colors. The colors of your candles, the colors of your yarn, etc. And you're right I do want to reach in and stroke your yarn. Here's to Spring!!


Winter has lasted way to long already. We have had quite enough of these dark cold days. Can't wait to see the sunny colours in your sweet flower granny though! Good luck with your hunt for a wrap pattern - I know you'll pick just the right thing for that scrumptious yarn! x


Oh we're due for some sunshine soon aren't we - surely! There's not been a blue sky in our parts for ages and ages. I'm struggling with the picture taking too, nowhere near enough light.

But popping into your blog has cheered me up no end, thanks Lucy. I do like your colourful candles, what a good idea. And nothing beats bulbs in a Cornish ware bulb if you ask me!

Hope the sun peeps out soon!
love Stephx


HI Lucy, I've been following your blog a little while, although not commented before. Your blog is such an inspiration. and your love of colours is contagious!
I've only learnt to crochet 3 months ago, and I have followed your tut on the granny stripe blanket. currently on stripe #52!
Its brought so much joy to these dull winter days.
Your blog always makes me chuckle,I know just what you mean! I'm longing for the warm sunshine and springtime too.

thank you for sharing your lovely things.
Emma x


Such pretty yarn! It is so gloomy here too, I am so ready to throw open the windows and have a good clear out, but it won't be warm enough to do that for months yet. Here's to more sunshine, soon!


Hi Lucy - I just got in trouble today from a friend who saw MY Blog post from yesterday---wishing winter away!!! I'm tired of it too and I live in the US of A in Indiana. It's just dark and dreary everywhere. I reckon' we gotta hook our way through winter huh?

Cindy Bee


Hi Lucy, Whoosh ...sending you some warm Aussie sunshine! We are enjoying it very much too, after the terrible flooding rain we have had.

I don't like to ask ....but I will anyway. At the end of last year (5th December blog), you mentioned that you would do a post about combining colours. I have been hanging out for this post and was hoping that you still plan to do it. You had many pictures of different colour combinations, and I would love to know how you decided to arrange them. Thanks so much ...if you have time.
Here's to sunshine!


I regret not buying myself an amarylis this year. I always buy one for my mum, granny and mother-in-law at Christmas, but I could do with one now to give my home that sense of anticipation, that reassurance that spring really is coming.

Can't wait to see what you are making next.


I really love your 'spring bulbs in stripy cornishware' on the mantel. They make me smile everytime I see them.


Its not really the winter I mind, I love those bright crisp days, but the incessant grey is very wearing and you are not alone in wishing that away. Its so much harder to keep in a happy place when its dark on the way in and the way home from work!! Your daffs are helping though - they are such optimistic flowers and that is a very pretty jug. Looking forward to the blanket reveal and the new project.

The Garden Bell

Thank goodness...
I can finally breathe...
Ahhhh, that feels better....

I knew it, I knew this was some good yummie pricey stuff just by the looks of it from the wee little pic last time. I can't wait to see what you are going to whip up this time. Please, take you time with it, I promise not to hold my breathe again. Especially, when you are working with such splendor. By the way, I'm loving seeing some of the oatmeal-ie delish cream-ie white thrown in there this time. You go, girl....

Amen, to the lighting for pictures taking. This Garden Bell can't wait for spring to come. It will not be soon enough for me as far as I'm concerned.

Off to maul through my yarn and pattern books for my next venture.



aww...sending sunny hugs ♥ and rainbow *sparkles*


Oh that new blanket is looking so delicious even in your dim light. I do love those wispy clouds too!

As much as you are over Winter, I am seriously over Summer here. It has been long and uncomfortably hot and humid. I long for the days to cool down so I can feel a little refreshed instead of drained because of the heat. But I bet you long for those warm days of Summer, I long for Autumn, the cool, the colours, then I might feel like crocheting again. If only we could swap the weather.

Baby Alpaca and mulberry silk sounds like a lovely combination, I wonder what you might create with that!!


Melissa P

Wishing you hints of an early Spring and waiting impatiently for the big reveal of the blankie.


I can't imagine how winter is for you there!! Here people complain if it's in the 50's.... Your home is so pretty and cheerful and the yarn so colorful...it must take some of the winter dullness away!


I too am wishing for spring and color and flowers and warmth. Your lovely pictures will tide me over until it arrives 54 days . . .


Hi Lucy, I've followed your blog for a while and have not yet left a comment. Seeing your lovely scrummy new yarn, I felt I had to leave a comment and suggest this as a possible project: http://arbrealaine.wordpress.com/2010/06/25/etole-japonaise-les-explications/ (this fist link has a picture of a multi-colour one), http://storage.canalblog.com/96/52/420850/49800267.pdf (this second link has a tutorial). I fell in love with it and just had to buy a copy of the book for myself, should be here anyday now.


Looking forward to the ta-dahing too! Your sky looks like my sky! I've a feeling the northwest U.S. is similar in climate! Thanks for the chat/update!


That yarn looks wonderful and I have to say that your pictures look MUCH better than the ones the shops have selling it. I would totally buy it.

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