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January 30, 2011


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wow loving the shoes, look very yummy


The read in the flowers is amazing!!!! I wouldn't get tired of looking at them!!!
And your shoes are OMG!!! fantabulous!!! I agree that they are totally you!!! keep enjoying them as you know and telling us about it!!! have fun today and the rest of the week with your new magic shoes!!


Serendipity! what a lucky find, I think those shoes are great, very 'you', and you were obviously meant to be the owner of them! There's nothing like a new shoe buzz, enjoy them and your weekend too x


Such a sweet lady you are, happy with the simplest loveliest things. Three cheers for red...I am thriving on your crochet instructions here in India. Now, I just need to find your equivalent of the embroidery world. Any offers? And I may have to swivel your head around to look at this crochet conundrum
I think you might appreciate it's wooly wonders


Red is indeed the best. What a great find. And yeah the sun is here today! enjoy the rest of the weekend.


I have the EXACT SAME PAIR, SAME COLOUR!!!!!! I have bought the same make and colour consistently for 4 years (ultra boring, I know, but I'm a gal who likes her comfort) I even bought a purple pair, but they were nowhere as lovely as the red ones. Oh, enjoy!!!!! I LOVE mine to bits, I hope you have many years of red shoe delight!


I love your shoes. I've had some red shoes an dI loved them so much. they were woven leather with pointed toes and tiny heels. I love the style of your red shoes, in France we call them "babies". My favorite pair are black babies without even the tiny heels. when there isn't the strap that goes over the foot they are "ballerines" and if they are high heels they are "escarpins". My daughter always recognizes the sort of shoes I'm likely to like and buy( I must be a shoe addict...because I'm too fat to be a fashion victim ? not because I'm a Carrie Bradshaw )
Hopefully your red shoes brighten your days during the long winter up In the North of England.
Friendly yours,


OMG.....Love your new red shoes & the story behind them is even better! I just LOVE stories like that!! Enjoy your new shoes & I can't wait to see your ta-da post & your new hooky goodness!


We know the shoes are beyond CUTE, but are they comfy? I am on the hunt for cute, COMFORTABLE shoes. Your amaryllis is stunning...Enjoy!


Can you share the brand? I love your shoes so much!! Great story too'


I can remember Tina buying these shoes! They look perfect on you. I also like your Cath Kidston apron that I can see. I ordered the same apron from the CK website, in fact I ordered two, one for my daughter, but they were way too long for us, almost full length! so I sent them back. I remebered you are taller than me - in fact most people are, even some children!!!

The amaryllis is also looking lovely, what a good idea to cut it and put it in a vase.... genious!


Love the shoes! Thanks for sharing the link to the Oxygen website, all their shoes look lovely and also very affordable but sadly (or perhaps fortunately!) all the styles I look at seem to be out of stock.

Pom Pom

I love Tina's red shoes, too. My daughter gave me "ruby slippers" for my birthday. They are made by KLOGS. I wear them to school and the kids say, "You have ruby slippers!" I click my heels three times and open my eyes and say, "Hey! What are you guys doing at my house?" Some days, I really wish they worked! Red shoes = a must! Your shoes and flowers are wonderful!


Lovely shoes!! I like mary janes, Gabi had a pair of patent leather red ones when she was a toddler and they too were Magnificent. I still have them.


love the shoes

Puppet Lady

Pity you have to cut the amaryllis to enjoy it as I guess it won't last as long, but it looks stunning. The shoes are cute and look very comfy.


These shoes are made for walking,living,dancing,hopping,running! Great! I am happy for you! Ariadne from Greece!


Red IS my favourite colour. Love the flower but more so the shoes. x


I love the shoes!! Red is veerryy you. I had some green Mary Janes that I thought were jolly and colourful and truly yummy. Even better I found them for a couple of pounds in a charity shop. Unfortunately not everyone appreciated them and it was made clear to me by more than one person that they were rather childish but then again that's just like me isn't it? Needless to say I never looked at them again and they soon found themselves back in the charity shop. I wish I had your gumption

Love and stuff xxx


Your flowers are absolutely amazing, I love that they are oversized, and those shoes, wow, gorgeous.

claudia w

Such a happy happy post today!
I love your red shoes. they are perfect for you, and were meant to be!
I have a white amaryllis coming sometime in my future. It's being a little slow to go this year!
Have a fantabulous week!


your new red shoes are super adorable !!!


I adore red and I love red shoes, they just go with anything. Yours are stunning!

I bought someone a book called "Apples for Jam" because on the front cover were the cutest red shoes.


Forgot to add..... what a great story about the shoes LOL! makes them all the more special.


Gah! - now I'm even more jealous - Rubyshoesday in Hebden Bridge had Oxygen boots in this exact same red and I put off buying them and when I did go back they had sold out - I didn't know Oxygen did shoes in the same colour too! - now I'm going to have to search the web and I am determined to have some!!

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