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January 12, 2011


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Sarah K.

I just came across your blog over the holidays and now I just can't seem to stay away. Your projects are so beautiful and the views from your attic are breathtaking! I am going to try to make the granny stripe afghan and the crocheted bag! I can't wait to see what other projects that you have to share with the rest of the hooking world!


French Knots

I agree, whilst it's lovely having the children at home there is much to be said for the peace of nap time while the other little darlings are at school. I look on it as my lunch hour or me time and always enjoy it.


Aww I love your bunting :) Soon be summer days again :)

Lil Bit Brit

My mind of thinking is that you can never have too many aprons. Love your CK. And I just won a beautiful apron in Blogland, from Retro Revival so I'm looking forward to receiving that from sunny Florida.

Lil Bit Brit


Love your bunting :). Sara smith cloths if I'm not mistaken.


Funny thing ~ ~ my bunting is flying in the cold snowy weather at the moment, too. I really meant to get that put away before the nasty weather came but, oh well, I'll be happy to make a new for spring. I can't explain why but steamy kitchen windows always bring a smile to my face. Maybe because we know something good is cooking! Glad the kiddos were able to return to school. My boys are young teens but I still miss them after a long holiday together and I come home to a too quiet house. Like today. But it only takes a moment or two before I am happily enjoying the peace with a little blog time and hooky time! haha. Stay warm and cozy inside ~~ is it too early to be dreaming of spring?


It's soggy in the Cotswolds too Lucy! Foggy and soggy but I had crochet club to brighten a damp dismel day. You have inspired my to bake again though and made me feel all broody for those lovely afternoon snuggles you have with Little B although I get my snuggles at 3.30pm when my brood come in from school. SO here's to better weather x

Sandi Lee

I saw a little teeny tiny bit of green in your first photo, or I'm seeing things!!!
Beautiful post, I feel for you and your dear little school, we are right in the middle of some of the most devastating floods here in Australia, it is so sad for the people and animals, whole towns swallowed up.
Your Little B looks so sweet in his sleepers, I remember leaving my kiddos in theirs too at times.
x Sandi


Hello Lucy, I have apron envy! I just might order myself one if it is in the sale. Its been quite soggy in the midlands today too, I cheered my day up with my bright red umbrella, which always makes me smile. Your little man looks very cute in his stripey suit.

Although there is a little sadness when baby days are over, toddler years are so interesting, especially when they start talking and saying funny things. Whenever it is dark, we still say it is "darky church" because for some reason our daughter used to say that when she was scared of the dark - and she's 24 now!!! Old habits die hard! Your little man will give you a whole new language of funny sayings to chuckle over for ever more, and make many family memories. Here's to toddlerhood little man! x


Such a long time to have your kiddiwinks at home so all the more noticable when they are away. However Little B will be keeping you company for a bit longer yet - I'm loving his suit! It won't be long before the Spring's here and the bunting will be flying, plants will be growing and all manner of outdoor treats will be had!

Love and stuff xx

Ann-Charlotte in Sweden

Wish I was a bit better at using aprons. I never seem to care enough to put one on. Even though I've got the most lovely dottily-dotty apron in candy colours. I'm at home with my second child just now, milktankering as u put it. I must find time to make oaty biscuits when my oldest one is in school (three hours in the morning) as we don't want her to have biscuits yet.

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy you should see your lovely crochet on an interactive whiteboard.
It looks absolutely stunning. I got up the first square that you made for
the blanket you are just about finishing.
The children loved looking at your post about the weather over 2010!!
They are currently studing a topic about the weather for their Geography.
Enjoy finishing your blanket,looking forward to seeing it. xx


You know I came and commented but then it didn't show when I came back. I realized I forgot to type the letters.

In a way I miss the dreary days and in a way I don't. There aren't very many dreary days here in the desert.

Those cookies look yummy. I love the colors in your afghan. Looking forward to your finish.

I have baby parakeets growing on my blog. I mention it as maybe your little ones might like see them.

Anne (I should be sleeping)

Cookies and baby cuddles- what a great day in any weather, outside shmoutside!

The apron certainly is lovely- something to bring a smile to your face.


I love your apron Lucy...thanks for telling me about a CK sale...might have to pop in to York and have a look around the shop!
Your Little B looks adorable in that little suit...all cuddly and snuggly, bless. ♥

Teacups and Tiskets

Cant get away from the rain ANYWHERE so it seems.

It has poured all summer long here in Oz.

Being a big fan of the apron, Im appreciating your sentiments here. Also agree that best thing to do in this weather, is cosy up indoors, if poss. I really dont want to go out onto my verandah because I know I have a sodden mess out there with lots of dead looking terracotta pots too.

Such cute little toesies....



I just want to stick on my apron and get baking now, but perhaps ten to 11 at night is a little late?? Don't worry my boy stays in his jammers sometimes (or often) I prefer to call myself resoureful than lazy, but it's just lazy to be perfectly honest, but who cares?! :DD


Sorry to hear about their school Lucy :( Awful!
It's -32 here with the windchill and so GROSS outside. I very much wish I could stay home and hook...

Can't wait for the tada :)


Little B is so cute. I love your posts and that is nice that the school Children like your site.
You have something for us all.
Thank you Lucy for your time.
I love your back yard in any season.


How bizzar! I took a notion to bake yesterday too and made the same cookies...I threw in some coconut and chopped apricots.......totally yummmy
Shame about little ones school, little B looks very cuddlable!


So great to be indoors baking when it's cold and wet outside . Love your apron too.
Your blanket border is looking stunning, can't wait to see the whole thing :0)
Jacquie x


Baby cuddles would brighten any day no matter what the weather! My 'baby' started school last August and oh how I miss a sneaky cuddle during the day (I have to make sure I get my fill when all 4 come home from school!!!)

Can't wait for the Ta-Dah!!

Alice C

I am an Apron Lady too! In fact, I am sitting here in my apron which says BAKE across the front in a cheerful but dishonest way. The closest it will get to baking this week is looking at pictures of your scrumptious cookies. I think that I imagine if I read blogs wearing my apron the housework will get done without me having to actually do it. Much more interesting to enjoy pictures of your gorgeous babe than do the ironing.


We've been doing the same- trying to ignore the cold drizzly weather and instead making the inside cosy and fun. What a colourful post, I always enjoy your blog! It sounds like you had a lovely snuggly day :)


Happiness is baby in stripes....you can't beat it. Gets me every time x

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