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November 25, 2010


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Beautiful paper snowlakes! Do you plan to do anything with them?


Lovely to hear from you again.


Hello Lucy,
I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful and generous crochet patterns. I use them both in teaching and in my own projects. I recently started a lil' blog of my very own here: ayearabovetheshop.blogspot.com and mentioned your blog on the last two crochet-centric posts.

Keep on keeping on through the lergy and the cold,



Hi Lucy!

Welcome, welcome, lovely to hear from you again. Sorry the bugs have been in your house, seems like that is happening to all at the moment. They rear their ugly heads and hit us all hard one by one! It's also the hardest to try and get ANYTHING done when you have a babe who is ill.

Love the snowflakes, I plan to do some and some angels from one of this months magazines.

I hope that babes continues to be on the mend and that you do manage to get a few decent nights sleep in!

Take care

Vanessa xxxxx

Kali @ Poppy Lane

Hello lovely Lucy - always nice to catch up with your happenings, and hope that your sweet family is well and truly on the mend :)
Gorgeous pics!
xoxo Kali

Queen of Whatever

Geeeesh....It's about time. We were just talking about you on the Palace Post, the other day.
We were worried about you A-24...
Garden Bell ,you maybe, were busy with Baby B........But I was convinced that you were involved in some crochet scandal....hehehe...

Petit Filoux

Nice to see that you're getting on just fine - poor little ones, can't be much fun for them! Can't believe we're getting snow so early on this year... The angel looks very cute by the way!


Beautiful paper snowflakes!
May the lurgies pass quickly.


Life does sometimes seem to whizz by at a tremendous pace, hope your babies are all feeling better soon and you manage to get an extra 40 winks.......gorgeous paper snowflakes,I think my grandaughter and I will be making a lovely snowy paper mess this week-end.
florrie x

marigold jam

Oh how I feel for you! I can well remember sleepless nights and my husband calling our daughter Grimpy Grumps!! Hope the family will all be 100% soon. Love your crochet and crafting pix and the hyacinth will soon fill the house with perfume.

Take care



That's a lovely calendar page!

It started snowing in my part of the world around 11:30, but so far it's not doing much. I am still hoping there will be enough to close school tomorrow for a much needed day off (I have a cold too!).

Hope the LP are all better soon!



Ah....sigh.....ah.....lovely. I've been looking forward to your post and now it's here it doesn't dissappoint, indeed it DELIGHHTS (except the poorly bug bits). I've been a bit unwell throughout summer, so I'm having a lovely time catching up with my favourite blogs plus my own and doing a spot of crochet amongst other things. Funny how morning sickness affects me, the hook darting in and out of my GRANNY blanket made me feel dizzy and sick as did the computer screen. Even TV set me off! But I'm well again now and back to my usual tricks.

Again wanted to say how much you have altered my view on things, I tend towards the negagtive and get myself in a tizzy. I'm quite a sunny girl but this side of my nature can take over. If I'm having a panickytizz now I slow down, look around and think "How might Lucy see things?", sounds a bit obsessive and odd I'm sure, especially since I seem to copy so much from you regarding crochet projects, but doing "Lucy Thoughts" has really helped me through the toughest days lately. So thank you million and millions again x x x x x


Lovely to hear from you, sorry about the 'bugs' in residence! Hope all are well soon!
Gorgeous snowflakes and what a great angel, congratulations to Little Lady!
Vivienne x

greedy nan

The angel looks like fun to do with a littley - what mag did you get it from? It also looks like the kind of thing that would work well as an applique design.
Crochet blankie is nearing its end at last and hope to have it on my lap by Christmas.


Hope that you all feel better soon. We've had bugs too and it's no fun with tinies! Loving the Christmas crafty prettiness.

Laura x


Hi Lucy, Great to see your colorful world again. There are lots of bugs going around. I have had a cold/cough for almost 3 weeks now and now I am on antibiotic for bronchitis. boo-who. Hope you stay well and get some rest. Your friend, Robin❤


Hello, sorry to hear about all the bugginess. I have been stuck in most of the past fortnight with a very buggy 8 year old. Lots of CBBC, I'm starting to find Little Howards Big Question a bit too funny!

Lovely post, I check most days for an update and actually let out an involuntary gasp of glee to see a different heading!! Wendy x


Welcome back Lucy! Sorry to hear about all the illness going on - it's much the same here too. Lots of favourite DVDs like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Nanny McPhee are keeping me and the children calm! I look forward to seeing more Christmassy colour at your place - I loved the advent stars. Your house always looks bright and cheerful - just like you. Best wishes - Ruth


I'm gonna go with your Little People on this one - yaaay snow!! :p I love how the world seems to go so quiet all of a sudden and the crispy sounds your feet make in this white fluffy carpet... I'm gonna have to wait two more days here in Belgium acccording to the wheather people. Pretty, pretty flying angel!


Sorry to hear your little ones have been germified of late, hope all is well again very soon, and that you get some well deserved rest xx

pat sloan

Welcome back and glad all is on the mend... your little man sounds like most men when they get sick... hehe!!

Love the angel and the snowflakes.. and your Nov Calendar is Fantastic!


Hello Lucy
I have been reading your weblog for a few weeks now and just wanted to say thank you for giving us a look into your colourful world and for sharing your crochet-patterns. You are right when you say they are very addictive!
I hope you all feel better soon! Good luck with the snow and hey, it does look pretty outside when everything's covered in snow!


I find your blog to be so cheerful and I love all your photos. It is my wish to visit England one day and now that I am retired I have the time!
It is Thanksgiving Day in the USA and I am looking out the window at a brightd frosty day, on a farm in Iowa. We are visiting friends and family. Later today I am teaching a friends grandma to make granny squares, last night a 3 year old boy helped me make pies and decorate gingerbread turkeys, at noon we will be overrun with nieces and nephews at my sister in laws house - I am in charge of dessert only.
Hope your little man is well soon and thank you for sharing your life with your readers!


Lovely to see you back, sorry it's been full of snivels and poorly babes. Love love love the green spotty jug on you post!

Your site is such an inspiration!

Lots of love n hugs,


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