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September 10, 2010


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Hi Lucy
Yep I noticed your houses straightaway (I love houses!) but I didn't realise they were YOUR houses!
You're so talented - Are they made of cotton fabric or felt or....?

Abi Smith

Hi Lucy

I love the sunflower - really made me smile. I noticed your houses straight away, too. They look brill!

Have a great weekend

Abi x

Mª João Nogueira

I miss a search box :)

It would be very useful :)


Hello Lucy...
Love the sunflower...and your new site design.
Found your blog a few weeks ago and have read it over and over from the start...love it!

To thank you for sharing so many wonderful recipes, patterns and memories, I want to share with you the 'No Chain Foundation' crochet method that I found online (not my invention).

A real time saver since you are creating the first row of stitches and the chain in one step and there is no worry about counting correctly since you just keep adding stitches until you have the length you want.


No chain single crochet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6QhfnOga4w&feature=related
No chain single crochet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIWXLSsYL7s&feature=related

No chain double crochet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZ7zPsPx8s0&feature=related

No chain triple crochet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8UbJaFz4RY&feature=channel

Ali at Very Berry

Beautiful houses and beautiful colours. Love the new banner.


Still need some colours??? What about 500?? When I saw this picture I thought of you eventhough I only "know" you by your blog.
Love the houses:)


I didn't notice the banner but now i do see it )) it is so beautiful!!!

The Garden Bell

Darn it... I wanted to be the first. Who are these "others" that are so quick. Maybe, it that I have to soak in each and every picture. Maybe, it's that I was in a state of shock over the new banner, which by the way, I do remember. Great job my friend. Love the update and about the changing greens to blue on the sidebar. "Too Die For, Great", as we would say.

I bet you sure are missing having a full house during the day. It's so much fun to have little ones a foot to allow you to craft too.

Those sunflowers are great for a rainy afternoon to cheer you up.

Oooooops, gotta run for the camera. I have this hummingbird right out my window. He has been here all morning. The minute I pick it up off he flys. I'm more determined than every to get that picture.

Then I promise to look at that new Flickr group. Thanks for the heads up as always.

Toodles, My Sweet Friend,
Kate - T.G.B.

Dang it there he goes!!!!!

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

hello Lucy! A lovely burst of colour, fab!
Wow, what a facelife your lovely blog has had! I love it, and love the greeny blue colours down the side too, its lovely. The houses are delish/
Have a lovely day XXXXX


Hello Lucy, really love Your blog. Been following it for some months now. And I always look forward to read new posts.
I've must say Your new layout is just right, it fits :)
And You shouldn't be sorry for the ads, if it means that you can continue blogging :)


Love the new banner! The old one was not quite up to Attic 24 standards :). I grew sunflowers for the first time this year and the squirrels are having a field day munching on the seeds.


Lucy, I don't think I've commented before but I just wanted to say that your blog is an absolute joy. Thank you for brightening up our lives.


I ♥LOVE♥ your houses and remember when you blogged about them so long ago. Ads or no ads, I thoroughly enjoy reading your lovely posts and will continue to come regardless and hope they put a few coins in your pocket!
Thank for brightening my day, yet again! ☺

Take care and have a fab weekend


Hola Lucy! muy lindas fotos, me encanto ese logo que estas cociendo de Atti 24!
Buen fin de semana!

Hi Lucy! very nice pictures, I love that logo Atti these cooking for 24!
Good weekend!


Hello Lucy - what a lovely chatty post! Your new site is great - love the top! - and it's so nice to catch up with all you've been up to. Have a good weekend with your family!


Gorgeous sunflower right in my face there!

I have exactly the same issues over sweet things. Yes, I enjoy fruit but given a choice between it and cake -well, no contest really. I do like your idea of cutting lots of different kinds up, very sensible and appealing. I regret talking about weight loss on my blog rather, it is D.U.L.L isn't it?

Those little flower grannies look rather yummy too. i'm looking forward to seeing what they become.

Love the banner too :o)

Sue xx


Love to see your sunflowers and colourful things on this grey, dark, rainy day.
The new banner is wonderful!
Have a nice weekend!
~X~ Karin


Love the new banner and your stories about family life


Love your new banner, hope you can find your original textile!
I love sunflowers, mine haven't bloomed yet but they're on their way!
Have a great weekend. :)
Vivienne x


Ahh - I popped in yesterday to check for an update & thought 'I havdn't noticed the banner before' ... was thinking it had been there & I'd just missed it before. I remember you making it ... have I been reading your blog for THAT long?!! Weren't you going to use it for your Etsy shop?
Did you ever get to create your shop on Etsy?

Ads not a prob - pop ups are THE nightmare!

Have a good weekend
Emma x

nina - tabiboo

Hi Lucy,

you'd be amased at the things I've had balanced on the buggy/pushchair over the years and the strange looks I would get with a basket full of empty bottles rattling away, heading to the recycling bank!!

Love the new look blog and if the whole sponsorship thing works then why not.

Anyway, happy weekending to you, hope you have a fabulous relaxing one - and that the sun shines!!

take care,

Nina xxx


I hear you on the sugar addiction, although I can't blame it on kids since I haven't had any yet. Strongly dislike the word diet since it implies short term deprivation. I like to refer to it as watching what I eat and eating healthier. Thinking more along the line of habit changing for the good.
Love the banner and sunflowers!


Loved the house banner but prefer the dark blue sidebar you had earlier. All the best with the advertisement and I truly hope you will gain from it. However, I do wish you would write a book. Your action writing is soooo good. It brings everything to life and coupled with the photos your blog is like a motion picture. Good luck!


Lovely post. I've been on Slimming World on and off for years so I'm feeling it too. Hmmmm.... where's the box and goodies?????? Ha ha hope you get your "perfect moment". Oh and I finally finished the granny stripe and will be blogging it in the next few days - I did bungle up the corners though - doh! Looks okay though i think.x

Melissa P

I think the right perspective for J to consider is how "crazy" you might become if you don't have this "crazy hobby". :) I, for one, can put up with the sponsor's ads if it means you still get to keep us inspired and entertained. Have a wonderful weekend!

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