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May 12, 2010


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The Rico colours are definitely more your style and palette! Those squares look fab, so bright, the colours really zing :-) Looking forward to seeing the finished article. I think in these credit crunching times we're all looking for value for money so thanks for posting about these 2 brands of wool, both new to me. x


I love both sets of colors. But the second set is deffinately more you! I live in the US and just checked to see about shipping to me. Love the yarns. After having crocheted for 15 years I have never done a granny square blanket. I thought they were all uguly. Until I saw yours! I love the colors. I especially think that baby blankets should be bright and colorful instead of pastel! Babies need something to look at!

lily boot

I don't mind the chalky colours but completely agree about the ordering over the internet bit - I ordered some cascade the other day - the red on the web looked so rich and bright - in reality it is very dark and quite dreary. Bum! The other colours are truly glorious! What makes me hesitant about the acrylic is its tendency to pill. I've had some really lovely garments that have had a high acrylic content pill something aweful - especially where there's rub happening which could happen with a blanket. The other thing about acrylic which is a bit nasty is that it is sucking up non-renewable resources - I'd love the yarn companies to do more work with crops - bamboo for instance. That is so nice and soft, and given it can be grown in a doddle there is no reason it should be as expensive as it currently is! Good luck with your experimentation.


hi - when choosing yarn for the caravan, remember that snuggleability also should include extra warmth for the cool summernights. Be carefull with the man made fibers.. they contain no natural warmth...
good luck, I'm looking forward to following your caravan decoration.


Love your colors, Love your striped blanket... I think that yarn is good to work with for the Caravan... have you decided a name yet?

I will I could have that sense of color that you have... it's simply not in me... so (sight) at least I can enjoy it in your pictures... :o)

PS I just started a blog (like 2 months ago) it's not a big thing, but just wanted to let you know... in case you want to pass by some day...


hi Lucy,
I love your round cushion.
and in the process of making one myself.
One request please .
i have started the bag[in which you keep your yarn balls ] the famous Lucy's bag.please give the counts for the bag pattern .i have been messing upwith it.

Georgia Gray

What superb work. I'm in love with the blanket. Have a look at my paintings on www.georgiaspaintings.blogspot.com
I'm trying to achieve a similar colour range.
Love Georgia


Love this post - especially since I´m a beginner hooker (heheh) myself and just has begun to sew all my granny squares together. Such joy to see it´s actually looking nice - but so much I have to learn!

Those bright colors are great! :-)

Aussie Maria

I was enraptured with the very first photo and could not quite understand your lack of love for the colour. And then I scrolled down and now I understand


Very nice! I love the colors of the 100% cotton.
Cotton is annoyingly splitty, but is rather soft on the skin. It'll make a great blanket.
Thanks for all the inspiration you provide!

Maddi <3


The colors are wonderful! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

I agree that a tad of yellow in almost anything, makes it sing.


Lucy, you just have to go for the cotton not the acrylic. How can a girl who needs to sleep on goose down pillows when she is camping/caravan-ing (!) even think about using unnatural fibres!? Sorry for the emotion here too but I am surprisingly het up about this point given that it is not even my blanket. Have a lovely time hooking


Oh my gosh - I don't know how you manage to inspire me to crochet! I really want to make that blanket now - I love the colours.


Thank you so much for such a perfect posting in such a perfect timing! Because I was going to ask you how you decide which yarns to purchase for your different projects. I really really like Rowan and Debbie Bliss yarns, but the choices of available colors seem to be somewhat limited in the US/CA. I will be in Tokyo next month and planning to do yarn shopping.


Hi Lucy

Great post, I'm so pleased to hear that I not the only one who as difficulty choosing yarn.
I had an idea for a name for your caravan (If I may be so bold that is) JOY.

I love all your post you are an inspiration.




It was after finding and reading your beautiful blog that I was reminded of crochet lessons with my Nanna. I've bought wool and new crochet hooks in the last month and have been happily practising my hooking. Lucy, you seem to inspire so many with your joy and love for life. Your blog is such a colourful place, full of magical attic view pictures and "little people" bliss. Thank you for providing such a 'happy space' to visit. I come to daily to revive and relax.


Have you tried Caron brand yarn? The Simply Soft line in particular is (of course) amazingly soft and the colors are lovely. It is 100% acrylic (machine washable!), which I don't know if you will like, but it is probably the softest, most economical yarn you can get. It's my personal favorite!


I didn't realize you've been crocheting for such a short time! Thanks for sharing about your yarn experiences. I recently decided natural fibers are the only way to go. The first two squares are lovely, and I can't wait to see more on how you finish the cushions, and how you Lucy-ize the caravan!


The edging on those last two squares in splendid. Please share it when you have a few seconds to rub together. Love from Kentucky!


I was mega surprised to see you write you have been hooking for only two and a half years! By your pieces, I thought you had been a hooker(!) for years and years! I only started this lovely craft a few before christmas and bought some cheap acrylic wool mixes to play with. Thought it would get quite expensive to keep messing up with gorgeous wool, but once I had mastered it more and was happy with what I was doing, I would move on to gorgeous yarns! I think it's easier to do that than start off with the lovely ones and then try acrylic mixes. I guess it depends on the size of what you are doing also. The acrylic mixes are fairly ok, and would be a good choice for the caravan. They will get pulled around and be outside and inside and well used by all on chillier days. I am now a bit more confident to start some projects with the more luxurious wool but will look up the cotton type you mentioned as the colour range is to die for! Have a lovely day! xxx......by the way the pink coffee machine has a steamer spout to produce the most amazing italian cappuccino's. Just the sound of it makes you feel like you are in a lovely coffee house, only in the snuggly comforts of your own home! he he! x


Lucy ~ such yummy colours in your bag ~ much more Attic 24. I think that I'll just have to pop on over to have a little look at the first4yarns sight too :O) xx

Resmi Ravi

Hi Lucy,

Yes, your square throw and round cushion covers lack colour and life. But the squares show that springing up of life. Its it colours that drew me to your blog initially. But now, its everything you do that brings me here! Good day! :)



Love the colours, I'm not a hooker but a fabricoholic. Seeing your wool colours I'm somewhat tempted!


Hi Lucy, De-lurking to say how lovely (as usual) your colours are. I quite like the chalkiness but you're absolutely right, the sunshiney colours lend a zing.


OMG I was not expecting such a colour overload this early in the morning! I actually want to eat your crochet in this post, it looks so scrumptious. Instead I have to go and dry my hair and go to work in a stupid bank whilst thinking about crochet!
must dash, lots of love x x x x x x x x

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