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May 11, 2010


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Whoo hoo!! Your first trip out! So exciting, there's just something delicious about the whole thing!What a lovely family weekend!
Rachel x

Pom Pom

You are so fun! You are such a happy, rollicking writer. I loved reading about your cozy time of camping in your new girl. I love the early morning air, too. I can't wait to see what you add to your sweet little purchase, making it more like a rolling home all the time. I wish Little Miss health and rest. Next time the children are out in the caravan, they'll feel well and they'll want to create their sweet childhood experiences. Good for you. Fun for all of us!


So excited about your caravan, and very much looking forward to hearing of your adventures and the re-decorating!! What fun!

IpuKris from Finland

This will be so lovely, it seems like I would be getting overexited of this camping thing, even it is not me who is going around and enjoying camping:-) Sooooo lovely of you to tell these weekend stories with the Van (could it be called Annie?)....I feel like the summer of mine will be very exciting (even beeking behing a tree or something a like).
Keep on rolling. This will be fun:-)


What a great first caravan outing! I can't wait to see how you decorate her!
And I loooove the British counrtyside, thanks for the pics!


Yeah! Success on your first excursion! I too love love love that early morning wake up to fresh crisp air and sunlight. Ah... You remind me of last years camping trip (tent only of course). I am happily celebrating with you at all of the potential blankies, curtains, etc. that you have in your Caravan future! Wishing well your little ones. Today is my son's bday and I have lots of fun to get to myself. Have a wonderful day.


Wonderful newsy post! The first outing sounded perfect even with the random hiccups. Regarding a name, I humbly submit Prunella!



This looks like the BEST fun!! Oh that first thing in the morning feeling you describe, its the lovliest thing isnt it? Im deeply excited to see how you revamp your little home on wheels, and look forward to many more stories!
Julia x x x

cozy kitchen by the sea

FUN. PURE and simple FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well looks you had a grand time. Connie is a good name for the caravan. I use a lot of Stylecraft Special DK it is love to work with.

lily boot

Ahhh! Divine! I can't wait to tell my boss in the morning. I introduced her to Attic24 'cause she wants me to teach her how to make your beautifu granny squares. And there she was on Sunday night completely lost in the loveliness of your blog and shrieking to her husband (co-owner of the bookstore where I work with them) - we must order this gorgeous caravan book! And lo! we have. I can't wait to get it in. But now, we Boots, and my bosses all want our own caravans! Your weekend away sounds utter bliss and I do know exactly what you mean about that first thing in the morning thing - it's just utterly different when you're away from home and the ordinary. :-) Enjoy your iced buns.

Puppet Lady

So glad your first outing went well. May it be the first of many!



Oooh thank you for sharing! I felt like I was there too.....and it was so much fun! I love to get up each morning before anyone is up. To sit in silence with a hot cup of tea is bliss, and in the summer, I just sit outside and listen to the birds. Like you, I don't have any real memories of camping out, and really want my children to have fun memories of doing it......and I also think that one is never too old to create some lovely camping memories for oneself!!!!!! he he! Have a lovely day and hope the illness quickly passes for the family xxx


After reading your post yesterday I started looking for caravans (trailers here in Colorado) on line. I love camping, too. The possibility of revamping a tiny space is appealing. I can't wait to read more about camping in the UK and how you transform your little beauty!


Ooohhhhh, what a great story. Love to read that these simple things make you so happy.
~X~ Karin


just thought I would post about the yarn i currently use, 100% acrylic, DK, at £1.30 per ball. http://www.texere-yarns.co.uk/texereshop/153_Bonus_DK_by_Hayfield.html


Dear Lucy,

I just wanted to let you know that I finished ripple blanket following your instructions. The instructions are perfect and I had a lot of fun doing it. Thanks for the pattern.

Best regards, Tanja


lol having followed the links i didnt need to post mine, oh well. ic an recomend the hayfield as its nice and soft. however i have not used any other yarns so cant comment. i do know i will be buying this unless its discontinued as i love it :)

Nina - Tabiboo

The stuff of dreams Lucy and your lyrical words just make it all the more for me.

Enjoy, indulge and pamper this wonderful new adventure and memories in the making.

take care,

Nina x


Looks like you had a great time. I have noticed that the English LOVE to caravan! LOL. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


Gosh, Lucy, what a wonderful post. Felt like I was there! Like everyone else, I look forward to hearing more of your adventures and seeing lovely pictures of your camper fix-up! x x Hope Little Lady feels tip top extra quick. xx


Hi Lucy. Glad you had a great first night in your lovely caravan. I am currently using Stylecraft Special DK and it is fine -infact quite soft. I too have used Rowan Pure Wool for blankets in the past, but the granny blanket I am currently making is a picnic blanket. I won't be stressing too much about laying it on damp grass or having food dropped on it as it's not costing the earth to make.Can't wait to see your Attic 24 revamp!
Sally x - Portsmouth.

Jennifer Cox

Hi Lucy - I'm so excited for you. How about naming it Attic24 1/2?

Jen in Boise!


Loved reading your story of your family's weekend adventure!! Can't wait to see what other caravan adventures await!!


Oh, it sounds like such a wonderful weekend for you all! Can't wait to see what you come up with for decoration. Caravans are not my dream weekend, but I love reading about how much people enjoy them :D

For cheapy yarn, I use Cygnet DK superwash merino, which is still natural, cheap as chips (I get it for £1.85 a ball at my local charity shop) and I utterly and completely adore. It feels snuggly and comes in lovely bright colours :) Or I get whatever Blacksheepwools or Purplelinda have on offer!

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