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March 08, 2010


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Lovely pictures today!

I remember people laughing when I described the 'off-road' capabilities of my buggy, but it get utilised every time I want to go to the park - plus tres useful in the snow!

Charlotte xx


Lovely lovely blue skies lately aren't there! I spent the morning in Leeds today and it was just gorgeous, I sat in City Square and waited for my meeting and it was just wonderful to be out in the sunshine (despite the cold and the fact that I paid £45 to come up and sign 4 forms).
I know Leeds City Centre doesn't count as outdoorsy like Bolton Abbey but it felt wonderfully independent - I hadn't realised how un-independent I had become but I suppose that's only natural in this situation.
Lots of love xxxxxxx ♥


How wonderful to be in the great outdoors and have the sky so blue. It makes you feel like a veil has been lifted off, doesn't it? I love the photo's of Bolton Abbey and your little pots of colour.

Thanks for sharing your brightness.


Hookd in Hove

Spring is definitely springing. So glad you got a whole day outdoors - I'm sure it did you the world of good. The abbey looks amazing; how lucky you are! xxx


Yes isn't this weather wonderful. It seems to have been the looonnngggest coldest winter this year. I am glad you are feeling bright and energised by it.


WONDERFUL pictures- like always. It makes me feel like being on a short holiday :) Thank you!


9:30 is very impressive. I always panic slightly when we have an appointment set for something awful like 8:00 in the morning, as I think I will have to stay up the night before just to get everybody up and dressed etc in time. Your super-duper buggy sounds great, they can be a huge help on long gorgeous walks, which yours definitely was. How fun to do some planting with your little one, it looks great.


Oh you have come so much closer to spring than we have up in still very cold and very snowy Sweden...
But we have the same wonderful blue sky!!


Great pictures!
And thank you for the wonderful tutorials,
liebe Grüße

FarmgirlCyn (Cindy)

Oh! I don't hardly know what to say! The photos are stunning, the sky as blue as can be, and the grass ever so green. And the flowers...can I wait much longer for mine???


Hi Lucy, The pictures of Bolton Abbey are beautiful, such a perfect day. I spent many hours in Bolton abbey in a previous life, when I lived near Manchester, could never decide when my favourite time of the year was, but the feeling of awakening in spring is really special. Anyway those pictures were lovely and a real surprise. I have only recently found this blog ( only recently got the internet!) when searching for crochet ideas, and it is indeed a lovely place to visit!.
Living in Galway now, and after blue blue sky and clear clear air all day there is now millions of stars to ponder on. Amazing!


Love your flower pictures, Lucy! Spring has finally arrived over here, too! Did you see the unveiling of my Granny Secret? Inspired by you, although very much still Amzi!


I didn't even notice! What a lovely day you had.


Yesterday was super here in Nottinghamshire too. Great to get into the outdoors !!!! I too have fond memories of Bolton Abbey from my childhood ,Particularly floating down the river in a blow up boat in hot weather :0) don't know if that would be allowed today !!!!!!
I left Yorkshire at 21 years old and my mum followed a few years later .Mum ,who's a keen painter, often lamments about missing the great scenery in yorkshire and looking at your pictures I can see why . I never noticed it as Youngster !!!

Alex Mason

Love your new flowers. Thats excellent all being out for 9.30 i struggle sometimes when its just me and the dog! Have a lovely week xx

Marian M-S

I so envy your beautiful hikes!! We have some pretty nice hiking areas here in southern California where we live, but honestly, I'm not a huge fan of sticky sweaty dusty hikes. I much more like cool, fresh, pretty ruins hikes! Lovely :-)
And with two little ones of my own, my hat goes off to you for getting out at 9:30!!!


Lovely pictures and a beautiful blue sky.
These outdoor activities and the fresh air give so much energy.
What a great Sunday you had!

~X~ Karin


Bolton Abbey looks a lovely place to visit. Great weather! Overall, I'd say it's been an excellent winter weather-wise.

 Joyce Stewart

Yes, here in Northern Ireland the weather is just the same...bitterly, bitterly cold but stunningly sunny...glad you got out of doors...Bolton Abbey looks great..you've inspired me to want to go there someday when we're over the small pond as it were.


We've had a lovely couple of days here in South Carolina, US also. Spent today planting flowers and was totally content. How I wish I could visit your part of the world!


Oh Lucy the world you live in is simply lovely.


your sweet little lady has made a much better job of her hanging basket than i did with mine this weekend. i blame it on the cold weather - it is sunny, but there has been a biting wind and below minus teperatures here in somerset. the frost lay on the ground all day on sunday. these crisp, fresh, sunny days (as your gorgeous photographs prove)are lovely though.
i never tire of Bolton Abbey, you can take me there as oft as you wish. i never tire of polly primroses either :o)
one thing i love about attic 24 is that is full of things we love and we get lots of helpings of our favourites, you are so kind to us xxx

love and hugs xxx


Hannah Cotton

Hi Lucy,
The pictures are lovely and I am also feeling so much more alive seeing daffs on my window sill in the sunshine, even if I do live in central London! I love your blog very much and thank you so much for all the patterns, and inspiration you give me. Best wishes to you and all the family, Hannah x

Shelley in SC

I'm sure no one can appreciate the coming of spring quite like a mom who's had a baby in the winter!! So glad you got some delicious gulps of warm spring air!!


Lovely baskets, I am sure the wonkiness of the planting only makes them look more natural. ☺ Beautiful blue skys and wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing.

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