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March 03, 2010


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You are doing brilliantly and I'm sure lots of people will tell you the same. I noticed Jane http://www.purestyleonline.com/blog/?m=201003
didn't get her February post out and she only does one once a month!


So Glad you took the time to show us the calendars- and stop in for a chat. It's nice to remember the joyous things, isn't it? To take each moment for what it is in gratitude and enjoyment. Happy March days to you.


Sure you're better late than never! LOL! Love the calendar photos. That piece of crochet is looking very promising...Cx


I really like your blog and I so had to think of my former host-mum. I used to work as an au-pair in lovely Ireland and she always forgot about everything after having her third child! We used to call it "mumnesia"...
All the best wishes for you and your loved ones!


I know, I know, I know, how did March happen SO quickly? This 2010 malarkey is seriously wearing - we've had snow since 18 December 2009 up here in Aberdeenshire and I feel that this year has somehow started V E R Y slowly, but at the same time whiiiiiiiiiizzed by. I'm supposed to be running a 10K on 24.04 and I have only managed 2 runs so far this year because of the snow. Time is literally marching on....... Stay warm, and happy, L x


I'm right there with you...but hey, it's your blog!!! No matter, the pictures are wonderful.


Funny how having a baby(ies) does that to you! Where does all the time go. Loved your thoughts on forgetting vs. remembering! I'll be looking forward to your March post in April (:


Don't worry Feb is such a short month anyway, it always flies by quickly!
Crochet is looking so lovely.:)
Vivienne x

Sarah west midlands

Dear Lucy I do not mind that you are a month behind because thats me nearly all the time! Discovered why I didn't get my Prima calendar(my lovely sister in law said it was because we both have a subscription
and get the patterns),now I think that a copy of the calendar should have been sent out to us subscribers as well for Christmas.
Anyway I shall be complaining!!!
Cold again today after two days of sunshine here. Need warm coat on in the morning I think.
Am just going to look at my SR catalogue for some seed inspiration, am
always behind with planting. Need to see
if I can keep up this year.
I see a certain blanket is coming along.
take care Love Sarah west mids.

Teresa Agrello

Hello Lucy! I'm a brasilian woman
For me too, remembering is far more important than the forgetting.
And March is now!
I love the Attic24... His works are inspiring. Don't mind my English ... I don't speak English and I am using the language tools of Google ... therefore, I'm sorry if you find any errors.


We don't mind one bit, if your posts are a little late. Truly. I love having a fire on too. (Even if we do live in sub-tropical Queensland (Australia), it does get chilly here in winter on the Blackall Range)Hugs, Sandi x

Fruitful Fusion

Better late than never I reckon :P So good to have you popping in to the blogosphere with all that you have going on right now. :)


So pretty anyway - and I agree... better late than never!!!


It's your blog, you decide how to do it! And February is such a sly, short month, too! No wonder you're a bit late... Anyway, your readers are just grateful that you manage to blog at all!

Love that fireside calendar page, wish I had a real fire!

And that new blanket is looking SUPER cute! WIll there be a pattern posted here for it?

Have a great March!


Dear Lucy, I am a new reader across the Pond. My daughter is the pink lemon of Pinklemontwist.blogspot. We moved from Colorado in Oct.and now live around the corner but out of sight from their house.

I love your new granny square and agree that it is an imporvement over the old. Now I just need to find my sock yarn left-overs so I am ready for your pattern.



It was a pleasure to visit with you today.


The thing about February is that it is such a short month - blink and it's gone. January went on forever though. Now it's March and it really isn't very long at all until Spring time which is fantastic as it really should just be like we have had the last couple of days - sunny, warm and lovely. Your posts can go up when ever you feel like it, all back to front if you want. We are visitors to YOUR blog. I have no expectations except that I will always be delighted with whatever you post. Because I always am! If you never did a monthly recap again, or did March in November it would still be brilliant to read and gorgeous to look at. So, do whatever you want whenever the mood takes you or time allows. It's all good!


You do so well to post at all with a busy little B and the other little ones too. Your posts are always so uplifting. Thanks for sharing your special part of the world.


Thank you SO much for the reminder to remember and enjoy the simple things. Such a lovely post and it made me realize to just slow down and enjoy each day.
Wishing you a wonderful day.


And forty years down the road, we remember the gorgeous sky and the yummy cookies, we don't remember the important letters and car maintenance :-). Hat goes of to you for being your wonderful, colorful self! Wishing you a wonderful and leisurely March!


Welcome back! I think we fully understand that having a new baby might put you off track from time to time - don't fret!

I saw this by the way and thought of you (and anyone else reading), although I know your not a gigantic Cath Kidston fan, this is FREE so it must be good!



Lovely post as always Lucy ,calendars looked lovely !! I'm impressed you are still managing to post so often ,but very pleased you do :0)I'm in the same boat as sarah ,no prima calendar as I have a subscription !!
Baby blankie looking great .Here's to March

Linda Gilbert

You take all the time you need just for you and yours
Kindest Regards Linda


I think I agree with you there, remembering is far far more important than forgetting or remembering not to forget, or maybe forgetting that you remembered to forget....

I also think that because February is not a long month we always feel so short changed by it, feeling that we have missed a few days. I'm still excited that March is here because that means Autumn for us. No more stinking hot days. Hopefully the sun shines brighter for you in Spring.



I forgot to mention that I'm loving the fantastic new blanket, love the angles and squares.

Lisha (again)xx

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