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February 03, 2010


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Oh yes, eyes zoomed right in on that crochet fest of lovliness!!Ive promised myself that at some point in time, I will graduate from blankets and cushion covers to something more wearable than a scarf - these things are very inspiring!!

Julia x


Hi Lucy! I enjoy reading your blog everyday, and yur crochet is very pretty. Have you ever tried tunisian crochet?


You know, I reckon you could pull of wearing both of those cardies ...


There are some really nice crochet garments in the Rowan Knitting and Crochet magazine, the lates one which is spring/summer 2010 has some lovely crochet and might be worth checking out.


Well Lucy, I'm sure I was one of the people you were talking about who were not in favor of the bikini.....but the cardigan isssssss much better. And I know you could make it look fashionable and appealing to the eye!!! You go girlfriend!
Love, Robbie


Yes caught my eye too the other week. Its lovely though I am not sure I would be painting with my VERY expensive crochet on!!


I thought the same when I saw Country living article this month.But hideous images of childhood tanktops keep flashing before my eyes! So I don't think I'm ready ,or brave enough, to venture down that path yet.Sticking with the cushions.


Get the colour palette right and crochet clothing rocks! Very Boho! Thanx for the links, Inspiration central!!!


I really like your picks. I thought of chrocheting some clothes for myself, too. I found a lovely pattern but I'm not quite sure if I should take the step and go ahead.
And then there's the colour choice. A hard one...


Hi Lucy,
My Grandmar crocheted me many pairs of bikini's when I was little, my fav was the pinapple pattern ones, complete with hula styled long skirt. Got to wear the complete set crossing the equator, on a cruise ship when I was aprox 12 years old. Granmar also made me a few dress and tops.
I would love to try and make the cadrigan / jumper that Ron's Mum wears in one of the Harry Potter movies. Must go looking for a photo.


The cardigan is beautiful. I taught myself to crochet this weekend (inspired by you), so it is beyond me at the minute but you never know! Thank-you for your amazing blog, you brighten the day.


How Much?!!!!
Isn't Odd Molly the range by Helena Christianson? I'll bet she could pull off a crochet cardi without looking like she is wrapped in a bedspread!


Lovely croceting to day in your blog.I really love your blog.I live in Norway.


Love it! I swear we just need more time in our days to get all this great stuff done.



lucy - this time when you've got nothing better to do......when are you thinking it might be???????
love gill


Gorgeous cardigan... but at that price? I'm sure you could make something far more beautiful at a fraction of the cost!

little pink room

Love the cardie. You should definitely do it! Hope the little man isn't keeping you too busy. A x


I could definitely see shortening the first one, to a regular length. That would look cool!


Hi Lucy, I'm so on the same wavelength as you re: crochet clothes! Have you seen ' The Boat that Rocked'? It's about pirate radio and set in the 60's and it feature's a girl who wears crochet clothes and hair clips etc - I watched it last night and wondered how they could be updated to be relevant to this decade. Still pondering! But my daughter has the most beautiful crochet cardigan which was bought on impluse at Copenhagen Airport by her dad who wasn't able to get home in time for her birth and it is stunning, so it can be done! Also, the price of these garments shows just how much work (and yarn) goes in to making them. Wheres there's a will, .......... Hope all is good in the Attic, L xx


I made a bright blue chevron lace cardigan recently, and I love it! The pattern is free on ravelry, where I find all sorts of inspirational hooky goodness.


Absolutely gorgeous. I've had several problems not getting my country living subscription, still haven't gotten January's yet, and now I'm desperate for February. I think they are beautiful. I'm guessing the key would be a finer wool so it doesn't get too bulky. Can't wait to see what you come up with.


I can just picture your Kodachrome version! How cheerful that would be! It makes me want one too...

Stay cozy! - Annri


Well if we can't have the bikini pattern can we have your cardie one when you have worked it out!! :0) PLEEEEEEEEEASSSSSSE!
Nice to have your attic open again. I love to visit. :0)
blessings Val


I agree with you there is a fine line between fab and naf. I used to crochet garments but they always ended looking like something my grandma would wear (no offence granny)An expensive muck up.I have sworn off doing it since. I blame the fuddy duddy patterns. I would love to see what you try. You have made the granny cool. Try these for more modern patterns http://www.gourmetcrochet.com/index.htm


I think it's lovely can't wait fot you to post the instructions for making one

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