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February 18, 2010


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That lady in the bottom card looks like she has had FAR too much sleep. No fair!


When my first born was a baby and i was up feeding her in the middle of the night (husband snoring next to me, grr) i used to look through the crack in the curtains and see lights on in neighbours houses at 1,2 in the morning. I remember thinking why don't you people just go to bed? Are you mad? I have always loved my bed....guess i always will! Sweet dreams x


Night, night !!
Vivienne x


Have lovely dreams Lucy, Amanda x

Rattling On

I'm the opposite! I don't sleep a lot. Love the last picture, though-she looks sooo comfy.

P.S. Shameful use of comments for promotion of Knit-a-long on blog alert!!!!

Wendy Wager

When I did the baby thing with my firstborn (many, many years ago) I used to feel resentful and lonely as if I was the only one awake and desperate for sleep. I know better now and I tell new Mums that they are not alone, just part of an invisible network of Mums all doing the same thing and I hope they take comfort from that. My husband also used to prepare a Thermos with a milky drink and a pile of biscuits before going to bed himself and that definitely helped. Congratulations on winning the Olympic thingy, because you surely did! x


Have a night of deep sleep filled with lots of lovely dreams.
Carol xx

Karen Conway

Hi Lucy, I have been a fan of your blog since May 09, when my daughter introduced me to the wonderful world of blogs, Attic 24 is my absolute fav! and I pop in most days for a looksee. I was off work for 4 months last year with my arms that suddenly decided they were overworked! 4 months without knitting , chrochet , gardening, etc housework too! and couldn't hold a book, the longest 4 months of my life!!!..........however there was a very bright spot in every day when i popped into the attic. THANKYOU THANKYOU! i am fine now and back into the hooky etc. Congrats on the newest little attic member he sounds adorable.
kind regards Karen


I am like you, I have stacks of cards both bought and recieved but all stashed away in boxes and bags just ocassionally taken out and stroked. I have now started selling Phoenix cards, which just totally feeds my card addiction and earns me a wee bit of money on the side. Hope you are having a wonderful (undisturbed) sleep.
Sweet dreams x


Bedtime here too. Doesn't that lady look so peaceful sleeping under her quilt? I hope that's me in a few minutes! Hope you have a restful night with no more than your accustomed quota of baby-needs. I always find that I can cope with disturbed nights as long as it's only the same level of disturbance as normal. Once you get used to something better it's a nightmare to go back! Sweet dreams!

Kali @ Poppy Lane

hmmm, you're sure to have sweet dreams in such a dreamy bed!
I am the same too with cards...collecting them unintentionally, just because they're little pieces of beauty and sentiment :)
xoxoxox Kali


Sweet dreams,


Looks like everyone will be having sweet dreams!!!!


I remember my Dad coming to visit when my daughter was about four weeks old and he said, "I'm tired I was up at 6am this morning". I remember just staring at him just thinking "!?£$%&*?!"
I, like you, need my bed, my sleep and my peace and quiet. Unfortunately I don't get much of any of them :)
Lovely card pictures, I really love that last one, just beautiful.


Where ever I have lived I too had cards, post cards and painted cards stuck up on the walls. Cards from family and friends a long way away, reminding me of home or places I'd like to visit. Thanks for reminding me, I'll have to dig out my stash and flip through some more memories.

I can see why you have held on to the patchwork bed card, bedrooms can be the most comforting and inspiring places (and so can those cards).



I, too am a member of the card-hoarder club. But really, there are things much worse to pack about; things that take up space, require dusting or big boxes for storage. Wait... I collect those thing too. :)
I hope that your dreams are sweet, and that you get adequate time to enjoy them!


I've been thinking of you so much today! a friend of mine push me into blogland... it was something that have been flying around my thoughts lately... so I'm diveing in it now, and you can guess that your blog was a great inspiration for that!
It's not ready yet, I'll let you know.
Sweet dreams!
Shanti xx


Cards and postcards are your own private art collection! I love those images... thanks for sharing. Night night dear Lucy, hope you get lots of sleep xx


Ooh, I love cards as well. They can provide such a sense of inspiration, or calm, or so many other things on such a small piece of card. Hope you have a good night's rest.

Renee McCurry

You have been such an inspiration. Your patterns are wonderful and so easy to follow. We have been snowed in much of this winter and hooking had helped me keep my sanity. I have posted some pictures of my projects, most inspired by you, on my blog, thebusiestmom.blogspot.com. I would love for you to visit. Have sweet dreams and enjoy Little B, they grow up so quickly. Looking foward to your next post.


Your last card reminds me of Gustav Klimts paintings which I adore. Bet his home was dazzling.
I remember sitting up on the side of the bed with my 3rd baby (now 9yrs old) at 4am crying(me) with sheer exhaustion and thinking I can't believe I'm doing this again. Since which time I have done it twice more. What a sucker!
Enjoy the quiet times. Sleep whenever you possibly can, everything else will still be waiting when you awake.

 Joyce Stewart

Great to hear from you again....I love cards, I make cards and if I knew your address I would gladly send you one of mine.....


Sounds like your little world is beginning to find its rhythm again. Hope all is going well.

Alex Mason

I still have my 18th birthday cards and that was along time ago, but they are so lovely to look at everynow and again. Hope you have a great nights sleep xxx


Great to hear from you! I was missing your creative thoughts and thinking! I also love cards and thought I was wierd but I guess not or we both are!? Hope the rest of your week goes well with everyone home. How are your Wip's comming along. Mine are going sloooooooow. I need some motivation or something. Maybe I need to look at some cards?!
Take care, Robbie

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