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January 26, 2010


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Hi Lucy Congratulations!!!! Lots of love to you and yours. Kathyx


it's so lovely that you are managing to find the time to keep us all updated. I look forward to your posts, all the colour and cheer. With regard to new babies, somebody once told me that it was the first six weeks that were the hardest, it gets better after that!

Maura O., U.S.

Lucy-again it always so fun to hear from you. Listening to you chat sends me back to the baby days for me and you have such a way with words. I think you and a million other new moms can relate. I am glad things are starting to look a little more normal for you. It definitely takes time to get into a routine. Love the pictures, they are very inspiring. Forces me to think outside the box. Take care!

Girl from Mozambique

Take good care of yourself.


Aw, I know how you feel. Good idea going to K&N, you'll be able to drink your coffee while it's still hot and everyone will be cuddling him so you might even get some crocheting done!

I remember when I had my fourth and everyone was at school I really was incredibly gentle on myself (some might call it lazy) but I do look on that time as bliss.

Have to go, 3yo is demanding me. Five minutes here and there, baby steps, still being taken here! xx


Lovely to hear from you Lucy! Glad to hear all is well and you are on the mend from the c-section.
Do, do, do go to Knit-and-natter - I'm sure Little B will love it and there must be lots of knit-and-natter ladies who would just love a cuddle with a tiny baby whilst you enjoy a little bit of crochet! If I lived near by I'd be along for a cuddle for sure - can't resist teeny-tiny babies!!!
Take care, Victoria x


Hi Lucy,
yes it will get easyer. Our little one (the third also) turned one - a day before your baby boy was born. I am not such a regular person but there is some pattern recognisable :-). Still not too much room for creativity but since the two big girls are 9 and 11 already I know how fast time flies and that helps to enjoy more. I know there will be more time for myself again - and less cuddles.....
Katrin, the netherlands


Hi Lucy!
Great that you are planning some creative time. I can remember the uter exhaustion...


Lucy,thank you for posting in the midst of your new baby muddle. It honestly does get easier as I'm sure you know. Before you know it you won't be able to remember the 'aarggh!' bits....says she whose youngest is nearly 10.


Hello! Sometimes it can get really difficult with a newborn baby. I had my daughter (4 years old), twins (2 years old) and my baby girl. If it can help you, I was breastfeeding at the same hours each day, I was not sleeping in the baby's room, and I was asking for help around... I think that it is really important to find a schedule that is appropriate, the same schedule each day. I hope it can help? And I hope you'll be fine :-) for sure!!


Hi Lucy. I remember the early baby days as being a complete fog! It took me a while to find a rhythm to our days. In the meantime I advocate lots of pyjama days.

The Garden Bell - Kate

So glad to see you took a moment to check in. Love that you are being totally honest with how things are going. If you weren't, then I'd be worried.

Enjoy you moment of chat time with your stitch and b.tch (what we call it here!) group. Have a good sip of the cap and not to worry as I'm sure your friends will not let the MilkTanker go unnoticed.

Remember, to take it one moment at a time, that's all you can really do. Oh, yeah, remember to breathe during those stressful time.

I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to these few moments too, when I can journey across the pond to another delightful world.


We are always here for you to vent.


Lucy, it really does get easier. I really was shocked how difficult it was to recoup from my c-section after three natural births, though I was recouping from the pregnancy as well. Still, I bet the fresh air is doing you good, and the knit and natter will certainly be good. Enjoy your time and don't worry about the babe fussing. People who don't understand that either don't have children, or don't have a heart. Hope you week goes smoothly, with lots of snuggles and wonderful memories being made.

Emily Valli

Greetings from my sunny window in Pennsylvania,USA...Dear sweet Luce...Someday(sooner than you imagine) you will wonder how you managed it all!! You'll be sitting in your attic perch with more than enough time to think and dream and create. Children grow so quickly...enjoy today...love just this moment. Relax and rest. Regain your strength. You'll be hooking again soon and your creative juices will be flowing. Love..Emily V.

Fiona B.

Dear Lucy ~ What's to love about sleep deprivation and exhaustion? Those of us who recall the early baby days give our complete understanding! Yes, you know it will improve, but the days and nights can really drag on. Enjoy your hour (I hope you get two) of knit and natter. Thank you for the pictures and the udpate. You're AMAZING!


Hiya Lucy :)
We have the Ideal Homes on on the fridge for meal planning. It's so pretty. I love the pictures for July and August. Roll on Summer.
You've strung far better sentences together today than me. I can't get my head on straight today, everything is muddled and yuck. I hate days like these.

I hope you enjoy knit and knatter on Thursday, be good to get out for a bit I should think.

Lots of love, Heather xxxx


Enjoy every minute on Thursday x


Your baby steps are getting bigger! Thank you for saying hello and showing us your new calendars. Enjoy Thursday. Somehow I don't think a lot of hooky bussiness will take place by anyone there - too many ooooos and ahhhhhs!!! And lots of smiles!!


Love the calendars. Chin up, soon you'll have routine again. Those feeding and rocking days wizz quickly past.
Big air kiss winging it's way to you.


I think you're doing a grand job! I'm just a year older than you and I know there is no way I could cope with sleep deprevation and then be able to put a whole sentence together.(Well not with the words in the right order anyway. lol)

Anyway muddled and mushy is all the rage here in blogland!


Yes Lu, it will get easier... it will! Continue to go back to all that makes you YOU!

Joan Hughes

Hi, Lucy, I am new to your blog but am greatly enjoying your chats. I live in Florida and love seeing the view from your attic window. It is very different from mine as you can imagine! Take care and be gentle with yourself!


That view is glorious! Thanks for taking the time to share out of your very busy time with new baby!


I know this is rather late, but congratulations on the birth of Little B! Thanks to your mention of it last year, I picked up a copy of the Ideal Homes magazine with the free calendar and it's just perfect for keeping notes of my daily crafting. Plus, the pictures are indeed lovely, so thank you! :)


Your view is incredible!

I am new to your site, but I believe *congratulations* are in order! I hope this adjustment period with new baby goes as smoothly as possible. Take care ... and I do hope you get to enjoy those two hours of fun-time later this week =)


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