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December 01, 2009


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I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you! You are so kind a so very generous always sharing your lovely patterns (or adapted patterns!) and you are very much appreciated - I am off now to add to my star garlands with snowflake garlands! hugs for a lovely day, Debs xx


These are fab Lucy!

Bárbara - Portugal

I have been very much inspired by you. I love knitting and hated crochet but since I know your blog I am truly addicted.
Thank you so much,


Hi Lucy,

I just came across your blog by chance and just love it. The colours you use are inspirational!



Love these so much! The pattern is printing as I type and already found the glittery wool I had bought on holiday in Denmark 2 years ago, for no specific purpose other than it would be good for something Christmassy!
I am lucky enough to be going on a very short spa break today-but don't think I will be in the gym much, but hooking by the pool(and that's something as I am a knitter through and through)
Thank you so much-have a lovely day!

Cazza of North Queensland, Australia

These are great! Thanks again for so generously sharing ideas and patterns with us all.

I'm also going to make snowflakes using the stars you showed us recently - I found a six-pointed version on the Attic24-inspired group on flickr - and they are very cute, too.

Thanks again, I love popping in to the attic from time to time. :-)

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Your snowflakes look great, Lucy!!!
Have you been at this site?

I have done so many of these, they are addictive too. But now I know what to do today!! Thanks!!!

Love Anna xxx


ooooh i love them. We're putting up the christmas tree at the weekend so i might just have to make some glitery sparkly ones.
I might make some for the staff room at work too :)
Thanks Lucy x


simply beautiful!but then i knew they would be. i´ll try one right after fixing lunch for the guys!thank you so much lucy.xo,j.


Thank you so much for sharing - your blog is so inspiring! Looking forward to having a go at these :)


They are really lovely Lucy. Thank you for sharing the pattern. I am off to find some white yarn right now!

Nicky in Enfield

Hi Lucy,

Afer seeing your gorgeous stars last week, I went looking for a snowflake pattern and found the same Coats & Clark one. Bought some very snowy yarn which is difficult to crochet with but give amazing fluffy snowy flakes. It's chunky so I decided to do just the first two rounds. Works a treat. Unfortunately I'm not as quick as you so have only made a couple so far.

You are an inspiration and you brighten my days in the office. Your blog is a lovely lunchtime treat. Many thanks.


They are just delightful! I had a go at the Coats and Clark pattern after reading Victoria's comment here and I will be very interested to compare your method! I must say I am so spoiled by your fantastic tutorials that when I look at any other pattern I do get the old 'brain freeze' and have to really make myself sit down and try it out. Thanks for spoiling us once again with a beautifully presented tutorial!


Oooohhhh Lucy!! Fabulous, I feel a little snow flake session coming on, erm after the hosue work, I promise :-S x x x


I LOVE your pattern Lucy! I can't wait to try it so I can have 2 types in my garland. It's all about what is left out of patterns isn't it? - like what chain exactly, and join what to where. Sometimes I have brain ache with patterns and sometimes I don't. I like to be treated like the idiot I know I am - nothing too obvious for me! Sometimes, well it can all be a bit arghhh!! I love my snowflakes I have done already but I think I like yours even better with their longer shaping so I can't wait. I am being told to stick pale blue iridescent sequins on mine to make them shimmer a bit, which does look nice but I'm not sure they need it. My window is titchy so I will have them going all across with some dropped down underneath. So much excitement to have with them! Silver beads sounds lovely, and so pretty. I have beaded the stars - mine are only one colour. The Christmas trees are fully decked out too. All lovely fun to do. Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting the tutorial together - I know it will be just perfect and step by step. In the olden days before we were all born they used sugar water to stiffen such things. I'm off to start on my new snowflakes now, I'm so glad you posted early today!


Dearest Lucy, thank you so much for the tutorial. I have been looking for something like this for a while now but have struggled because they all seem to use very thin yarn. I am terrible when it comes to skimpy yarn as i get in total kerfuffle and lose my way.
I would like ask you which starch you have used? I tried to starch a couple of things last week with a starch that came in a an aerosol but it just sat on the top of the wool and left a sort of greasy feel. Not nice at all.
I hope you don't me asking.
I would have emailed but have been unable to find an email address. My brain does not function in this cold weather!
Love and kindest regards Emma x


I was up early, early before the sun this morning and hoped to be the first to say WOW! But alas, look at all these lovers of hooking commenting here on your blog. Lucy, you delight us with each post. I love the snowflakes and am running back to my blog right now to add your link to my tutorials list to share and to remind me that I should hook up some of these for myself. Maybe on a snowy day as that is bound to happen one day very soon! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Nina - Tabiboo

'Oh-oh-oh' in return Lucy, they are adorable.

Nina x


I think you must have mind reading powers, hehe. I was looking for a crochet snowflake pattern and what I find here today?! Thank you so much and I am definitely giving it a go.

Shelley in SC

Oooh, I do LOVE the idea of hanging the snowflakes vertically and interspersed with silver beads! Then throw in the glitter. Wow! Sounds beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


OMG Lucy STOP i can`t keep up ha ha! My arthritis in my hand is killing me!! The snow flakes are sooo gorgeous. I`ll just have to fight through the pain and make some. You really are soo inspirational. Fab Fab!!
Thanks for your brilliant blogs
Love Carole from Rossendale


Ooh thank you! These are very pretty. I'm tempted to make a nice snowflake garland for the fireplace, think they will look lovely!

You mentioned the spray starch, where would one purchase it and what brand do you use?


Hi Lucy
Love the snowflakes, so delicate! I saw this on Flickr and thought of you!/iamshttp://www.flickr.com/photosusie/4121661411/ Just in case you were tempted by colourful backgrounds
Happy hookin
Rachel x


P.S... Sorry, me again! (reporting back from the coal-face as it were). Your pattern is brilliant - irons out all the tricky little bits; so clever! Really really clear instructions and pictures; everyone can do this - a fantastic first pattern to try as it tells you exactly what to do and you will be thrilled with your snow flakes.


Oh sorry, the link didn't work but it's in my flickr favourites if yo get time to take a peek!
Rachel (again)

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