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December 17, 2009


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I remember those days of nothing fitting. I ended up wearing my husband's winter coat and left him to his second favorite. I never had too much problems with swollen feet-that must be uncomfortable. Maybe lots of socks and borrow your husbands all weather boots? Or a quick trip to the local thrift might be in order. Any excuse to do a little shopping. =)


I have been making gold paper snowflakes today and have stuck them all over the wall in the hallway. I'm so pleased with them! Christmas crafting is fun.

Here's to No More Snow (I'm with you on that one!)



Greetings from freezing Finland, we have over -20c here now... have a Happy Christmas time, it's always a pleasure to visit your blog!

marigold jam

I remember buying a sheepskin coat and then not being able to wear it as I became pregnant and it wouldn't fit round me and anyway I had my own in-built central heating! Showes were not a problem till the end but by then it was summer so sandals fitted the bill. Not long now though and you will be back to sort of normal!! Enjoy your hooky as and when you feel like it now is a time for going with the flow!

JAne x

Bonnie Slager

I am missing crochet and am waaaay far behind! A new bag sounds delightful. I have a new blog now.. www.stufd.net .. your monsters will make their way at some point, a family of them ;)


Sounds like a very lovely day! Hope the school trek isn't too chilly! My daughters and I would love you meet you at your cafe! Sounds very charming to us! We just have to pretend in our own home...so if you're ever in the states, we'd love to have you stop in and natter w/ us!


It does sound lovely! Having recently moved "down South" here in the US, I'm surprised at how cold it's finally gotten. My daughter is still wearing those Crocs though. The ones with the faux fleece inside. She claims they're toasty as anything else she's got. Thank you foe your wonderful, inspiring blog! Have a happy day!


I do envy all you natural early risers! Amazing to think you get anything done before breakfast - it was a regular battlefield in the mornings to get my equally owlish daughter out of bed in the morning; if there was time for breakfast we had done well! The worst of being an owl is that no matter how tired you are - you can be ready to drop at 6 in the evening, you get a fresh wind and you are running about at midnight looking for stuff to do. Then you definitely don't want to get up!! I think your decorations are looking fabulous and it's a lovely thing to share with the Little People. I will also enjoy seeing your lovely new bag take shape. Incidentally, I wanted to tell you that if you are the mulled wine sort and are missing it - (I have to have it for Christmas; it's become essential), then you might like to give this a go. I've been quaffing a gorgeous spiced winter berry cordial - (Waitrose sell it) which is being marketed as the alcohol free answer to mulled wine - and it really is! You have it hot and its warming spices and richly fruity taste are just the answer as a pick-me-up for these cold dark days. It's made by Belvoir Farms and is delicious; you can do your own too - I was going to before I saw this.
We are expecting a big snow fall here tonight apparently but it looks like you are ahead of us. It snowed yesterday but didn't settle. Wouldn't a white Christmas be incredible? Fingers crossed and we may just get one.


Hi Lucy,
What size are your feet, if that isn't an indelicate question? I may have a solution. Love, Amanda xxx

The Curious Cat

oh dear! Hope the snow doesnt descend though it looks set to....you must be due real soon huh? Hope you are okay xxx

Emma - Dotty Mays

Love the decorations ... I've been Attic baking too - my recipe book should be renamed Attic 24's bakes! Caramel shortbread yesterday (for hubby to share!) and cranberry & pecan tiffin today - for me to share with any seasonal visitors who drop by - if they're lucky! Carrot cake in the pipeline as I have a glut of carrots right now - like I needed an excuse. Happy Baking Day to you x


Hi There,
I just wanted to say - and I am VERY certain that I am one of many many many - that I love your blog and what you do. It is truly an inspiration. I can't remember how I found it but every time I log in and you have written, shown something new, I am enthralled. I am a quilter more than anything, but I do give the hooky business a go.
So many thanks from Scotland for sharing your days x

The Garden Bell - Kate

Let the little ones know they are doing a wonderful job with their home-made decorations. I can't wait to see the tree Ta-Da.

Now...this bag looks very very interesting. I love the cup of cocoa and berries to go with it. Another Ta-Da to be revealed soon..... I hope... as Santa Lucy's treats are the best.

Girl from Mozambique

Can't wait to see that bag.


i love that you are walking to school twice a day. i remember those days... and that nothing fits and that what does fit will soon be in the give-away box!!! i am glad that you are doing hooking (??) (didn't come out right!) and enjoying tea and sweets. that kind of time will be more and more precious which i know you know! thanks for fitting in the blogging! jkj


Hang in there...your wardrobe will soon expand, instead of you, again. A new bag? What are you up to? ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


Hi Lucy, You are teasing us with the new bag!!!! Looking forward to the ta-daaa! Putting up xmas tree lights and some light strings are not working...very frustating for me...think I will just buys some new ones!!!! Happpy day to you, Robbie

Zia Meadows

If Only I could do the early thing- but its not be I'm definitely nocturnal, and since my children are in bed by eight at the latest I have to hook then, I wish I could find a cafe to do it in, that would be bliss! Have a great weekend

NW Nature Nut

Thank you for creating such a fun 'read.' Your blog is a real treat.

little pink room

Isn't this weather awful. We've had sleet all day here in Edinburgh, my little ones (2 and 4yrs) think it's snow and are begging to go outside! Love the craft work - we're morning crafters too. A x


I was very busy in my job today, but it was an happy today : the meal in a nice restaurant for the Christmas lunch of the office, and this afternoon the view of the mountains all around with snow .... But unfortunately, I can't take pictures !
See you tomorrow.


Ooooh,lovely!I made your yummy choc chip biscuits the other day...the ones with the golden syrup in...so I'm looking forward to your 'festive baking'.Lots of snow predicted here in the South tonight!


Kate Bruning

It all sounds very cosy. Nothing wrong with wearing crocs all the time, even when there is no sizable bump (mind you, I think I have gone back to a resting size of 4-5 months). Everything looks so lovely - I love your bag and your berries.


At least it is not raining as well - that makes it feel even colder! Maybe you could quickly whip up a cape, muff, or legwarmers to help keep you warm out there - depending on when you're due of course!


I love early morning, never used to but since the arrival of our little person I had no choice, but I've grown to love them. Get so much more done today.

Those hills look awfully cold, but still beautiful. Love the morning crafting, what a fantastic way to start the day.

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