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  • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x


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November 02, 2009


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Nice colors!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you, I've had my rainbow fix for the day - love it!



I blogged for almost three years and absolutely LOVED it but I did notice how much time it took up and more importantly how it took me away from my family. When I stopped my youngest said innocently - 'oh good you won't be on the computer so much now and can be with us'.

That pressure to always have to say something and always have your camera on you became too much. I'd go for a walk with the children and my mind would be on 'can I blog about this'! I did love it at the time and it was a wrench to stop especially not receving comments anymore - that was a big thing. But in the end I have to say it was good to stop. Maybe you should try blogging less often.

Just re-read your post and that's what you're going to do! I've gone off on a tangent sorry.


Hi dear lucy,
your recent blogs have been delightful as always and give such pleasure. You are doing so well and deserve to take it a bit easier, so please enjoy this time now. take care lovely lady and thank you so much :-)

Do you know this ancient Sanskrit poem?...you have such a positive and life-embracing attitude. I hope you don't mind me posting it here...

Look well to this day, for it is life
The very best of life
In its brief course lie all the realities and truths of existence
The joy of growth,
The splendour of action,
The glory of power.

For yesterday is but a memory
And tomorrow is only a vision
But today if well-lived,
Makes every yesterday a memory of happiness
And every tomorrow a vision of hope
Look well therefore to this day.


I am SO glad to hear that you can't bear the thought of not continuing to express yourself through your blog! Though I've never posted a comment before, I must tell you that I thoroughly enjoy checking in to see if there's a new entry.

I love seeing what creative, new project you've come up with and/or looking at the beautiful pics you post. Yours is the first blog I check each and every day. I am so inspired by it, though dear hubby surely wishes I wasn't so inspired to head back to England again! lol

Thanks for all the work you put into your blog. Even if the posts come less often, I'll still enjoy it all immensely!


Thank you Lucy!!! Your blog is my absolute favorite and I really appreciate whatever time you are able to be here inspiring everyone.


Your blanket is gorgeous - what wonderful colours. I'm so glad you'll still be blogging s it's lovely to read your news and see your glorious photos. Life is busy so do pace everything but yay! you made a good decision!

Beatrice Larkin

Hi Lucy. Glad you're still going to be around. I've been having a look at your blog for a while now and it's really inspiring. You've really got me into crochet. I had a go at a ripple cushion and now I can't stop! I'm a textile student at Chelsea College of Art, London and I'm currently writing my thesis. It's based on the affect open source information is having on design. I wanted to include your blog because I can see it has inspired many others to create. I was wondering if this was okay with you and if perhaps you had the time to answer a few questions via email?
I can see from your recent post that you're pretty busy so don't worry if it's too much!
Best wishes
Bea xxx


Hi Lucy,
I’m new to your blog and have enjoyed it so much. This said: this is the time you need to take for you and your growing family. Take care of you, we will all be here. Tena


The time I spend in Blogland is something that I have questioned, as there are only so many hours in each day and so many things to do, but I believe a little of what you fancy does you good! ;) So, thank you for your beautiful blog, I'm glad that you are going to continue, best wishes to you and yours, Pj x


Beautiful colors! Of course you have another life! A shorter blog would be fine--just don't leave us!


Dear Lucy, I have started to make my first blanket from grannies squares. I have a couple of questions and i would appreciate if you could give me some advice. After you finish the granny square, what do you do with yarns that are sticking out of the square? So you use needle and saw it in? And the second question is: my squares look different from the opposite side. I'm wondering if I’m doing something wrong.

Best regards from Slovenia, Tanja

Fruitful Fusion

Lucy I always come over to your blog for the feel good factor! So I'm really glad that I'll still be getting my dose of the attic even if it is a smaller one :D


P.S. We've finally had some sun. Wish I could send it your way.


I think that we all get to this point at sometime, when we have to choose between something good and something better, because the something good, just isn't good enough any more. (Um, I hope that I'm making some kind of sense here...) Anyway, I'm willing to wait for the beauty that you so kindly share with all of us, whenever you are able. Hang in there and enjoy this time with your family and soon-to-be Attic24 baby.

I love your picture of the rose blushing into bloom and the matching mother and daughter sparkly bracelets. So fun and lovely.


Linda Nichols

I totally understand whatever you decide you have to do, but I have to say I'm very happy you decided to continue with your blog as much as you find time. You brighten my days.

Amy Caroline

One year for Lent I gave up blogging. It was indeed the longest 40 days ever. I did learn that blogging is good. I do more fun things, I learn so much, and find I am more centered!
In today's world we don't really have neighbors like we used to. Everything is a rush and there are so few people immediately around us that share the same values (or so it seems sometimes). Online is a place where we can find that community that so rarely exists anymore. Here we can pass on the traditions of our ancestors to others who love the same things we do.
You have so much to give and to teach us, Lucy! I am so glad that you aren't giving it up completely!


For a moment my heart sank - no Attic24?
So happy. A little snippet is much better than none at all.
Appreciate your effort and inspiration at many levels.
You have bought a lot of colour into our lives. Thanks heaps.


Your blog has totally inspired me to take up crocheting again.
I set it aside 5 years ago after my 4th child was born. i'M A TOTAL BEGINNER, SO i'LL JUST HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR BLOG UP ON MY SCREEN ALL DAY LONG :)
Time to sit down with a cup of Yorkshire Gold tea and start a blanket.
Thank You.


Lucy, I have some B's for you: Brilliant - thanks for the wonderful tutes, Beautiful photos, Balance - well done on finding what works for you and your family and Blog - I am finding myself checking yours regularly AND commenting which I definitely DON'T do. Take care of you


Oh Lucy!

I have to agree with the other folks here. Your blog has been here for me thru my ups and downs and always seemed to show me the way to the happier side of things. I started reading just a couple months back and have been ADDICTED ever since. I check every day just to see what creative lil colourful doodads you've come up with.

I love your PIF attitude and all the visual goodies u post!

Have an awesome time nesting and playing and hooking and painting and whatnot... any blog entry of yours is always a treat! Who knows maybe one of the LP's could post an entry on the days ur tired? lol! that would be cute too!


Hi Lucy,
I have to say I am new to blogg land , and I am sure your site is what captivated me. I now check your blogg daily. I actually feel like you are the friend I have been looking for, I share all your passions. None of my friends craft so I have no one to share my passion with. Thanks so much and take the time you need as family is so important. ALthough I think craft makes you complete as it does for me.
Keep up the great work.

Lindylou from Oz!

Dearest Lucy, I have been reading your blog all this year after discovering it by chance. I am English by birth but live in Australia and I do soooo miss England and its beautiful countryside and interesting buildings, so I always enjoy reading your visits to here and there and seeing your photos and I sigh wistfully. I also just love to hear what you have been up to - you always seem to do such fun things with your family and now another little one on the way - how exciting and I can't wait to see a photo of that creation! Just love all your colourful hookiness and you have inspired me to have a go at crocheting a blanket following your most wonderful instructions. I don't know how you have the time now to write your blog every day and when the new bump24 emerges into the world you will have less time so don't you worry about us out here, some of us across the other side of the world. I shall be grateful to read whenever you find the time to blog as I just love love love reading about your life so whenever you have the time and inclination will be just fine. You take care, now, and happy nesting! Lindylou from Oz!


Your house is full of love and fun. So confortable see it! ^^


SO glad you decided to stay, Lucy! I Love your colourful world!

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