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November 23, 2009


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Claire Hurd Design

I completely understand your overexcitability! Such beautiful fabrics, buttons and papers. So many excitingly beautiful things to be made. I definitely need to make it to the Knitting and Stitching show next year - so much inspiration. Happy making, Claire x


What a riot of colour! Can't wait to see what you do with it all.Especially the decopatch. Furniture for the Bumps room maybe??


What fun you had, I can see why you are so excited. What a great stash for a quilt, it is going to be so bright and beautiful. I did my first patchwork blanket this past summer and after getting over the initial fear, I just love how it turned out. It really is quite addictive, and the decopatch? I can't wait to see how yours turns out, it really sounds like a project that would be good for the kids as well. Hope you have a restful, rest of the day. Thanks for sharing your day with us Lucy.


gorgeous fabrics Lucy, I can't wait to see the quilt :)


I very much like the look of decopatch. Thank you for sharing that discovery. I used to do something similar with tissue paper and dilute PVA but the papers fade over time.


Hi Lucy,
I always planned to decoparge, old wooden chairs, one day. MMMmmm surpose after 16 years of thinking about it, I should do atleast one soon.Reasently Better Homes and Gardens did decoparge with fabrics.
As to quilting, I have the one I started 18 years ago to finish. Never made it to the last lesson to learn how to put all the layer together.( At the time I was sick with a 2nd arey chest infection, had a 1 year old child, toooo many jobs and was a single mum)Not to say that there is atleast 3 quilt designs in my head, waiting to be made.
Love the buttons, wish I could find some here.
Hugs Audra


Now breath in and out slowly Lucy... Seriously though some really lovely fabrics and papers. Looking forward to seeing your process of the quilt and the letters.

Linda Kristin from Norway

Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see the quilt... I don't know if I trust myself to look at the links... I have too many projects waiting for me!


I went to the knitting and stitching show when it was at Alexandra Palace this year and totally understand how you are feeling, it is a fantastic show. Have been catching up on your ta dah bathroom, wonderful! and the crochet stars, I am so making those tonight.
Have you tried Chamomile tea to drink at night, it calmed me when I was expecting and also calmed bump, so it was a double winner, the taste is not for everyone though, not quite up to a frothy cappucino !
take care
Louise x

marigold jam

What fun - those fabrics are so you Lucy and will make a fantastic quilt. Just right with all your other colours. Those buttons too look good enough to eat don't they and as for the decopatch well... I just hope you will have time for all this before Bump24 arrives!! Attagirl!



I went 'oooo' and 'ahhhh' and 'oooooo' reading your post Lucy.

can't wait for the post on the start and progress of you patchwork quilt...

patchwork quilt always reminds me of my late grandmother... during the olden days, my late grandmother who originated from China was poor and so patchwork quilt was a common thing to make in order to salvage any piece of fabric you can get from torn and unrepairable clothing. she even made floor rugs from tiny tiny pieces of fabric...can you picture how colourful the rug was?

I should have learned a trick or two from her :)

The Girl

Oh my goodness! Your excitability is definitely catching!! Looking forward to the ta-da post about your decopatching efforts :)


lol.., im excited for u too, but pls be careful with ur steps. beautiful colors, i loves those buttons and fabrics too. looking forward to ur patchwork quilt, and bet that added to my will-be-making list too. lol..


Gosh I am out of breath reading your post today Lucy the energy comes flooding through blogland! Cant wait to see the quilt and the decopatching sounds really fun - reminds me of paper mache we used to do at school - looking forward to seeing the LOVE decopatched. x

Petit Filoux

Looks like you had a lot of fun indeed!!! Love your fabric stash, it's gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you make with it all! And the decopatch thing looks well nifty!


Gosh Lucy ~ I am quite dizzy myself after reading such an enthusiastic post! Patchwork quilting and Decopatching? ~ it seems there is no end to your wonderful creative talents and I am really looking forward to the Ta~dah moments.

It was my first Bloggy Birthday at the weekend and I am having a little giveaway to celebrate and I would love for you to be included.

Hope you enjoyed your cup of tea and have managed to calm yourself down a little :O)

Marian M-S

Lucy, what gorgeous colors! Buttons, fabrics, and papers...all so bright and inspiring :-). I just bought a cheap toy box at IKEA, and it is rather bland (light wood and white fiberboard). I knew I wanted to do something to it to brighten it up a bit, but I didn't quite know what. And then I read your post and decoupage would be perfect for it! I had never heard of it before, so what perfect timing! (I just bought the box two days ago). Divine inspiration :-). Now you got me all excited here! Have a happy, colorful week!

Lesley M

I am expecting something very beautiful to be created from those fabrics - have you started yet?


Hello Lucy ! I would like to be also in Harrogate for the show, but it was too far for me (Aix-les-Bains in France)!
Now I wait for the photos of your future WIP ... Thanks a lot for all these colourfull photos ....


OOooo OOoooooo..Decopatch..that does look very very cool..thank you for sharing, thats another thing on my list of crafty stuff-to-do. I so know what you mean about the overexcitedness thing. I am new to crochet, and sometimes I get so excited whilst I am doing it my hands shake and my heart thuds with anticipation..I guess thats a good thing! & I absolutely love those flowers..the colours and shapes..fabulous indeed.x.

Esther Rasmussen

How Exciting, thanks for sharing. I am very envious of your anna maria horner fabrics. Didnt realise you could buy them over here.


Goodness, who can blame you for being excited! Such a wealth of goodies you've got there. It's a shame it's so difficult to find those lovely fabrics as all the shops have closed down. But it does mean you can go on special outings and get a whole stash all at once. This must have seemed like Aladdin's Cave! Those papers are beautiful aren't they - can't wait to see what you do with them. I so get the guilty thing about buying stuff - but mostly that's because I don't trust my self to use it. You shouldn't feel guilty though cos you make tons and tons of stuff - so it's definitely OK. Will be curious to see if you do your quilt by hand or machine. With those fabrics it will look sooo good which ever!

Emily Valli

Greetings from unusually warm and sunny Pennsylvania, USA...Dear sweet Luce...I need a cup of tea and a break after reading about your excursion! What fun.You are going to be so busy doing your new projects...can't wait to see the results. Love,Emily V.


Oh Lucy, i can`t keep up. I would just love love to do some quilting. You are sooooooooo clever, i wouldn`t know where to start. I soo wish i could cos the fabrics are lovely. You are so inspirational.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxxxxxxx


Whauw I love all the colors and fabrics you are showing! I can see there is a lot of creativity going on.. can't wait to see what you'll make!

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