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October 16, 2009


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Love your stripy crocheted wrist warmers. I knitted fingerless gloves but they were very plain and boring. However one of my children 'borrowed' mine so I had to make her some of her own. I think that children love them because they are very practical to keep your hands warm while you are playing but you can still use your fingers.


Ooh I want some too!! I've had a restless morning faffing about, not able to make the best of a rare day off, and have been checking for your post of the day. Do you know what-I am about to put my shoes on and there is just enought time left for a quick wool shop trip before school run......
Thanks for the inspiration and getting my day back on track!


What a great idea, do you mind if I copy !!! they will be great for Xmas presents.


These are great Lucy.

I'm going to make a pair immediately because I don't know where I stored all my mitts and it's getting cold here.

Sam Moss

Hi Lucy

I love your gloves! I made some back in the summer and blogged about them in August I think. I love them, they are fab at this time of the year. Just what you need on the school run :o)
Sam x


So funny! In that the cosmic consciousness must be at work with wrist/hand warmers. I've made 7 or 8 pairs(crochet and knit) the past 2 weeks as stash busters. the nicest part is that I can fit them into a regular envelope and mail them as quick gifts to friends and family for just the cost of 2 stamps. Warm fuzzies all the way around!


I love those! I'm gonna try and make a pair, it looks easier than I thought it ould be.


Absolutely FABULOUS Luce! I love wrist warmers. The colors you used are so you. Very cheery and wonderful. I'm inspired again. Just not sure there is room on my to do list for them. LOL!!!!

Have a FAB day dear!



Lucy, those are brilliant! I've been struggling wearing some fingerless gloves I bought because there is still a thumb on them and it makes it very difficult to crochet :). These are so perfect, and I'm fairly certain that I even I can figure this out. I absolutely love them, and it seems like it would be a fairly quick project. I just finished my first complete crochet project, and this is perfect for me to start today, I kind of feel naked with no yarn in my hands at the moment as I have been crocheting in every spare minute this past week. Thank you so much for showing us such a great project, I really do love it.

karen smith

well hunni I think you have just started a craze.
I'm gonna have to go and take another look at my yarn stash now I guess that basket of ironing will just have to wait hehehe.

The Garden Bell - Kate

Greeeeeeeeeeeat just what I need now is another a-door-able Lucy project to start... FAN-tastic. Love absolUTEly everything about these. The color, the yarn, the edging. They go just peeeeeeerfect with you kiwi green jacket.

I love how Brook above called them "Stash Busters"... And goodness know I have quite the stash.

Come have a peek today, I posted my little giveaway early.

I found an old picture of my Lucy wall that I just found from when I first got started. It's gone now but will forever be remembered.

You are such a special person and don't ever forget it.

By the way, loved the small peek into your Attic yesterday.

Special wishes for a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to see your next slice of heaven.

Kate-The Garden Bell.


They are lovely!!!

Dawn Sparks

Those are adorable!!!!

Ann-Charlotte in Sweden

Wristwarmers are a favourite of mine. And stripey ones is a VERY good way of using small amount of yarn. Go Lucy!

btw, I understand why you wanted the jacket so much - cause it is adorable and lovely and goes with everything colourful!


Great idea lucy:-)...I'm going to have to make some of these!


hmm had just been sourcing these on folksy yesterday as i too fancy a pair- none were as pretty as yours , you need to get a working and start selling!!!


I'm so with you on clothes! Way back when (I was a teen in the 80's, big hair, Madonna look, all that) and "looking good" was very important. Now, just give me Lee jeans and sneakers and I'm comfy. Now, it's all about the comfort level. Looking good is a little further down on the priority list these days.


They look great, I love them! What a brilliant idea!

Gerry Hook

Aren't you the cleaver one ! ! ! ! But then, we all know that, don't we.
These are the best ! ! ! ! And , of course, here's another example of being the leader of the pack. You know I'll be giving this a try in short order.
I Love Lucy-Style


Oooh these are yummy..I was stuck for what to try for my next crochet project and you've provided me with the answer!!


Those are really cute - I make mine out of old wool sweaters, I felt them up and then cut off the sleeves, sew them up the sides to give them a more fitted look and cut a hole for the thumb - works great too. I also had to make some for the kiddos - they love them!

Linda Kristin

Sooo pretty! That' s the best about being crafty, seeing something you really like, and then going home making it yourself, for a fraction of the cost, and maybe even prettier!! Not to mention the immense pride you feel by having made it yourself. Store-bought items never gives that sensation!

rosie hearts

Oh i LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! Guess what i'm going to be making tomorrow? Thank you for sharing them x


That last photo desreves a spot in one of those catalogues! Cute, stylish and clever!


So happy and cozy looking - love them! But what I really love is your "can-do" attitude - seeing something in a catalog, and then just whipping up your own (improved, in my opinion) version. LOVE that!

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