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October 30, 2009


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Stunning photos as ever Lucy.
Have fun nesting.

Shelley in SC

I love the thought of you nesting away in the Attic. My posting/commenting has been quite, quite erratic! Life does that to us Bloggers.


Lucy, I heart you. Thanks a million times over for starting this blog. Many times I have read one of your posts and been reminded of what is truly important in life, and how important it is to take some time just to enjoy the little things that are, indeed, actually the big things.


well, I'd like to be in the park with you, really. I miss that colour, the red leafs the green the grey of the sky. I've been in London time ago for 2 years - and I forgot all my english!! - I'm full of pictures to remember it but I hope to come back there ones, I have all your shops to visit, now...


Glorious photos of Autumn Lucy, would love to see and experience your seasons. We only have hot, very hot, not so hot and cool for our seasons here in the land down under!


Hi Lucy,
I've been reading en enjoying your blog since a few months. I LOVE IT!!
And I'd like to thank you because you learned me how to crochet! And now I am addicted.. I am very busy making a hexagonblanket. And now I've got a question: can you tell me please how to make an edge?I know you're very busy but maybe one day?
When I finish my hexagon I will sent you a photo!
I wish you all the best. Have a nice day and good luck with making a cosy "nestje" for your little baby!


hi lucy
your little bit of yorkshire looks so wonderful and you sound so content
thank you for your lovely blog which i devour avidly!!!


Nest away Lucy! Nest away! Then take pix of all your nesting and inspire us!


The pictures are just lovely. And boy does your breakfast look good!


Happy nesting!

Elizabeth D

I love "erratic in the Attic."


I learned to crochet, and it's all thanks to you!

Enjoy your nesting - here's hoping the little lady doesn't come down with middle child syndrome when bump24 makes an appearance.

Sarah A

I knew the time was coming where you would need to tend to the matters of the home!! I have been dreading the thought of fewer blogs!! You have a lot to do- but I know you will document them and share with your progress with us - hopefully at least once or twice a week!! We are all anxiously looking forward to a post on the renovation going on as well as all the excitement around the little bundle of joy..

The Garden Bell - Kate

Wishes for happy nesting. I knew it was coming with the Plethora of birds you have been making lately. It's amazing how the mind works it way over into our daily crafting.

I totally understand where you are at with your current refacing and all the future prospects at hand. Remember, to just take a moment of the day for yourself to breathe in that fresh air and embrach your surroundings. By today's post, I can see that you are doing just that. Great job.

Don't you just love when you get a great colored sky at sunset in the evening. It's such a nice way to end the day.

I know you may not be around in the next few weeks, but you must remember you are in all our hearts.

Have a very RELAXING weekend.

The wall will still be there in the spring. You can worry about that later, kiddo.



Beautiful photos, I know what you mean about the grey though. We'e been getting so much snow that you can't see a cloud in the sky, just a thick, grey, blanket of gloominess. Hopefully it will lift soon for you. I love your little back garden and watering can. I so remember not being able to do normal things like putting socks on, or momentarily forgetting not to squat down to look at a book on a low shelf in a bookshop and then suddenly remembering that you cannot actually get back up by yourself. Ah, what memories. Over here, they have faux fur lined crocs, perhaps that is just what you need. Have lots of fun nesting, as far as the sleeping (or lack of sleeping goes) I have always felt that it is preparation for not sleeping when the baby comes, kind of breaks you in easy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us today Lucy, have a great day.

Linda Kristin

Wish you a lovely weekend! And love your wall, so rustic! Glad you didn't get around to painting it!


nest away
but remember that there is a whole lot of love and thoughts heading up north to you and bump 24


Wow, such lovely pics. I've been following your blog for a little while and it brightens my day to see your colourful posts. Have fun nesting and if the lack of daylight gets to you, you could always get yourself a daylight lamp, I got one recently and it's fabulous, really wakes me up. Loving erratic in the attic too, teehee! xxx


Happy Nesting! Have a lovely weekend.


I like your yard wall, it has character!

Lovely Autumn colours in your park.

Great post!

Good luck with the nesting - don't forget to take it easy though and have some rest too.


Sharon Stanley

Hello Lucy: Before you nest, I must tell you that I am so pleased to have found your blog this very morning via Posy...I...am...charmed. I like blogs, but there are very few I read each day and am always excited to find one that speaks to my soul...yours is added to the list. Your blog has everything I look for in a blog...first, it is enchanting and full of beauty. 2nd, it is informative, informational, crafty and I can learn from it. 3rd, it has...a....feeling...a feeling of contentment that I enjoy. 4th, it is english, and though I hate to admit it, I am a true anglophile. Northern England has always held a certain fascination for me ever since I first read "All creatures great and small" many many years ago. So...I just wanted to tell you that today, you have acquired a new fan...a loyal fan, who will spend some "happy time" this weekend reading the archives of your charming blog in front of a little fire, in a little living room, in a little farmhouse, on a dairy farm in rural virginia in the us. I guess I will be nesting too. I may even attempt some crochet, which I am not very good at, at all. Thanks.

Debbie Price

Isn't being pregnant wonderful? How you look at things differently? How I miss it! Your garden is lovely and the wall? I wouldn't paint it! That is what gives your garden CLASS!!! The skies are lovely over Attic 24...ours have been the same here in America, but that is Fall...have a wonderful time in the next few weeks, getting ready for that wonderful new baby! And as always, thanks for all you share...it is really something to look forward to...


Enjoy it Lucy -- every day is to be lived and loved. Best wishes. Linda


For some reason I decided to read thru the comments made this a.m. All the lovely sentiments are mine also. It's people like you that can speak to our soul across the miles and web interfaces and put us in touch with true life. Communicating, in any form, is like a warm hug. Enjoy your nesting and your lovely surroundings.


I love your wall! It looks like something in the background of an Italian Renaissance painting. Thank you for sharing North Yorkshire with us -- I'm here in the Pacific Northwest in doom and gloom also. It makes me appreciate those tiny patches of sun, and I love looking forward to springtime. Happy pumpkin day to your little people.

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