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October 09, 2009


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The yarn looks lovely! Specially when it starts becoming a blanket! Have you planned out your colour combinations per square in advance or do you just grab the next ball of wool that looks right as you go? Look forward to seeing the progress of the blanket, more exciting than the dishcloths I am crocheting right now :)

Alison Hutchison

Have a wonderful weekend Lucy, talk about little things, I am nearly wetting my pants that I'm the first to comment today!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alison Hutchison



I like coming here because I know You will say stuff I think and then I'll think I am normal getting excited about the little stuff after all!!!
I now feel quite weird if there is not a crochet blanket on the go!
Great post :)


What a lovely simple design and the colours look fab and I think even better as the blanket grows! x

Suzy's Vintage Attic

Hello Lucy

I think it wonderful to feel that way about flowers, the sky, yarn .....I feel sorry for those who don't as I feel they are missing out!
What great new stash of yarns. When I buy new yarn, I keep going back to the basket where they are kept, any excuse to get a feel of them and enjoy the colours.

I look forward to seeing more on your new project. The colours work very well, have you ever thought of being a colour consultant? ;-)
Have a lovely weekend
Isabelle x

Ann-Charlotte in Sweden

I must soon start to sound like a maniac, one that just complete adors your blog and your work and that you might start to be afraid will come up to you and never ever leave you alone.

Well, fortunately for you I live quite far away so don't worry about slipping glances over your shoulder.

So I should turn down how exciting I GET when a new post is up. All colours are so inspiring and I just want to leave work and run home to my lovely colourful project at the moment. And, how your language of joy and excitment fills ME with joy.

Have a nice weekend
Yarn over and out
One day I do hope we can meet (oh now I start to sound REALLY unsound and creepy, don't I?)


Hi Lucy, I love your new blankie colors and yarn. That is such wonderful yarn, I have worked with it...sooo soft...just longing for bump24 cuddling! Have a lovely weekend, thanks for the most enjoyable blog today! Robbie with the double rainbow pic : )


If it makes you feel better, I feel exactly the same way as you... (I think we are ok, the others don't - lol)
But PLEASE don't change -
I love your blog, your work, everything!


just delightful as always Lucy, my daily colour fix is complete xx


the blanket looks so lovely - and I can't wait for the tutorial, I am someone who would LOVE to be able to crochet but seem to always fail!


Oh lovely! Can't wait for the tutorial as still can't quite get to grips with crochet. Sigh.

Have a great weekend. Debx


Gorgeous yarn! I love baby blankets, my little sister (now 17 - yikes!) uses the blanket my mother knitted for her as a throw on the end of her bed even now. I look forward to the tutorial - getting very close to allowing myself to learn crochet.


Love your yarn!!

Sarah A

In my circle of women- they dont feel my joy at crochet or the little things that make me giddy!! They give me a glazed over blank stare when I start. It is soo nice to find others that do..I found a WONDERFUL chenille yarn on sale this week - more than 70% off the normal price- needless to say- I bought LOADS of it... Not sure what it will be quite yet.. Enjoying touching and thinking about it at the moment.. Cant wait to see what lovely things you make for the sweet little bump.. I too enjoy blankets more than anything- its time to start another I do believe!

Dawn Sparks


Do you ever work in a solid granny? I toss between the two of them.

One of my favorite granny afghans, made for moi!


and it is out of Red Heart Yarn!

Love, love you blog...as I read it I jonesing to be at home in my chair with my hook in hand!



Beautiful as always! Waiting to see it all come together.


Looks beautiful. Looking foward to seeing the blanket progress!


what a gorgeous collection of yarn. i think it's quite right to be Very Excited about such a lovely thing.

i know that reading your blog has made me much more aware of small moments of beauty and enjoyment. i try now to stop and really appreciate them rather than just rushing on with my day. today i bought golden and red dahlias for a friend. yum. the other day i raced around picking up conkers from the most amazing windfall i'd ever seen, it was so beautiful - all these tiny nuggets of shiny chestnut brown just everywhere! and when i get new yarn i carry it round for a bit too, and no longer feel silly for doing so! these little things laced in and out of the days bring such a lot of joy. thank you for helping me notice more of them!


Lucy ~ one of the many things that I like about you and your wonderful, colourful blog is that you manage to make us all more aware of the little things in life that are exciting and delightful but usually get missed in the day to day running of busy lives. I love your new blanket ~ that yarn is beautiful and I'm sure that Bump24 will love it too. I hope that you have managed to get over your attack of the wanties and that you have a very lovely weekend :O)


Lucy: I'll be waiting patiently for your fab directions on how to make the squares. Your crochet bag was the first (and only) thing I have ever hooked...the instructions were so easy to follow. Turned out pretty darn good, I might add!! Off to look for a yarn sale....


French Knots

We could have had a chat - I was up at that time too, feeding!
I really want to learn how to crochet, your blankets look so bright and snuggly, I'd like to make one too. In fact I will!


Hi Lucy
I got your blog URL from a friend a couple of days ago and I don't know how many hours I've spent aaahh-ing and oooohhh-ing and admiring your fantastic creations. I just can't stop looking at the pictures and let myself get inspired by you.

I picked up my first crochet needle a couple of weeks ago and I am completely "hooked" (ha ha ha!). I have just learned the traditional granny and it is hugely addictive. I can't stop.

I don't know anything about yarns though. Thickness, quality, brands where to by online... Any advice? Here in Switzerland it is really difficult to find and very pricy. Love your blog. And I admire your bump aswell. I've had three bumps, but seeing one always make me long for another...


I have been crocheting for quite some time (several years actually - more than I care to say - can I actually have crocheted that long to be as young as I am?), but I have never crocheted a granny square, ever. I am looking forward to your tutorial. I love your blog and I too love the colors and textures of yarn (see my post: http://craftymomof4boys.blogspot.com/2009/10/unique-centerpiece.html)

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