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October 19, 2009


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Hello Luce,
Go and snuggle up in front of the fire with some crochet until it's time to collect the children. Muddled is sometimes good as it makes you slow down and take things easy for a while.
Anyhow, I like to think of you sitting infront of the fire crocheting, all homey and cosy.

Love Fi, making fabric mince pies up the Dale ;)


They were really beautiful pictures, what a great stylist.
My kids are in charge of our nature table, which basically means they plonk anything they find on walks/the beach/garden on it (beer bottle tops are not nature and not allowed!). It looks like there has been an Autumn tornado whizz past it, not very "Steiner" at all!


Hello Lucy.I had to take a look at your lovely blog today, those pictures are such an insperation.

I am sitting making my paper roses at the moment.... with a tasty casserole in the slow cooker
Have a nice rest and happy crocheting.


Ah yes, I loved those pictures. Inspired me to do my autumnal shrine (which I blogged about). Spent ages doing it, kept me happy for a long time.....!

Happy crocheting,


I find "muddled" makes me slow down and sometimes stop and just sit and ponder! "Muddled" is good in my book!

Nina - Tabiboo

'Ahhhhhh yes' we all have days like that or weeks, months, years.....

...hope you feel less muddled soon Lucy.

I love the Autumn - my favourite season of all and especially the oranges, russets and glowing yellows plus a little brown is ok - for me anyhow.

Have a lovely day ,

Nina xxxxx


Beautiful Autmnal images...enjoy it Luce & happy days to you!
xo, Kali


Howdy Lucy, You need to take care of yourself and do whatever makes you feel "comfort". Fall is such a cozy time...I experimented all Sunday with wrist warmers for a 3 year old. I would say they turnout OK, but not as I imagined. BUT, it was rewarding to fit a project! Now I am rambling and I want you to feel better. Smiles and Hugs to you, Robbie


Hello there Lucy! Just wanted to pop on here and tell you to take a peak at my blog at what you've inspired me to do :)

I would've emailed, but don't see it listed here. Hugs!


Maybe this Autumn/Winter you can capture some of those gorgeous colours in a blanket and then next year at this time, you can have a turn around of gorgeous summery colours for autumn pinks, reds oranges and golds. It would look stunning and could become a yearly ceremonial - off with the old blankets, on with the new. You could look forward to it. (Mind you, I think I would be inclined to bring the summery ones back to cheer up the winter.) I would love to do this. In an ideal world you could change pictures and everything with the seasons.

I've had a good look this morning at the Attic 24 inspired flickr. Isn't it wonderful? There are some lovely wrist-warmers up there already - how's that for speed!

Would love to see a twiggy wreath - there is so much beauty just lying around at this time of year. Outside brought inside. Perfect.


What lovely pictures! Your Country Living is much better then ours in the USA. I checked to see how much it would be to get the Europe one and its a little pricey for us. So keep showing pic from yours!


oh, thanks for sharing! I am going to have to call my husband now and ask him to pick that issue up at the book store for me today---i love Fall! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Debbie P.

Hope you get out of your 'muddle' soon...I get like that ALL the time...think it's age! Love the pics of autumn...I agree with Julie, Europe's Country Living is loads better than America's! Hope all is going well for you...are we going to get the latest cokie recipe? They sound yummy!

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Know your feeling, we all have days like that. Hope you feel like yourself in a few days. Here the weather is grey and windy, so your beautiful pics really cheered me up! Think I will buy some cyclamens, too.
Take care!!
Hugs, Anna xxx

Maura O., U.S.

Your blog is awesome!! My new favorite. You are extremely creative and I love love all the color--BEAUTIFUL!! I am in Indiana in the U.S. and we live in a flat area and I don't find it quite as beautiful as your attic window view. Your pictures are like looking at something out of a magazine. I also love the crochet projects. Very simple, but yet beautiful because of the colors. I am truly inspired!!


mmm!! I loved that issue of CL too. I envy you today wish your crochet, Tea and bicuits. I'll have to wait until this evening to get my fix!


Those pictures really are great! Just to let you know that because of the whole colourfulness of you blog I have put a link from Planet Penny to Attic24. Keep up the good work! P x


Enjoy snuggling - I think its our version of "hibernation" when it starts to get cold and dark you just want to sit and snuggle and eat! Hope you feel "unmuddled" soon and thank you for your lovely comments on my little blog!! xxx

Mrs Bun

Cosy is the perfect antidote to autumnal feelings. Sounds a blissful afternoon.

We're already dreaming of the roast potatoes we'll be eating later on to warm up small tummies.

Lisa x


Hi Lucy,
Stop beating yourself up just go with the flo. It`s sometimes nice to know that i`m not the only one who is muddled!!!
I`ll email you a picture of the knitted birthday cake that i`ve made for my friend`s birthday & some fingerless gloves that i`ve knit for my daughter. Take care.
Love Carole in Rossendale xxxxxxxx


Lucy ~ I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling a little muddled today ~ I'm sure that drinking tea, munching cookies and crocheting will help to unmuddle you in no time at all. Enjoy your afternoon of sitting with your feet up ~ as you of all lovely people deserve to have a well earned rest :O)

The Curious Cat

What beautiful spreads! I can see why you are inspired. Those odd pots and that wreath are so breath-takingly beautiful in their simplicity and colour. Autumn is such a colourful time! xxx

Marian M-S

Lucy, I'm sorry you are feeling a bit muddled today. I was just telling mu husband this morning that I felt like my brain wasn't with me this morning. I'm not expecting too much productivity to happen on my end. But I do love your pictures, as always. They are quite inspirational, even if I have to come back in a day or two with my brain to really get around to do anything about the inspiration :-). Hope you feel a bit less muddled, and if it takes a few more weeks or months, that's ok!

Gerry Hook

Love your pics today. Our weather here in mid-Missouri has been cold this past week. And it's been rainy. Just plain damp and miserable.
However, your pics and today's weather [sunny and warm, clear skies] makes autumn the beasutiful season that it is.


Morning, Lucy. I love the pictures, I just received some money for my birthday and am seriously considering getting a subscription to the English Country Living. Every page I see from it is stunning. Hope you have a nice, quiet, restful day.

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