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September 17, 2009


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Lovely colourful photos today! Something beautiful and bright for the rather gray day we are having here. Thank you for sharing and brightening my day!


I cannot wait to see the cushions when they're all done, and the tutorial!

Anna-Karin, Sweden

The bags are so lovely. I love that on the right, it looks like it's felted, am I right? Wonderful colours!
Today, I had, as usually, my "attic24-bag" with me when I went to the shops. It was totally admired. And as always, I gave your blog adress to one of them, so that she too can make one. This isn't the first time that happened. And everyone that looks at your blog, just loves it!
Thanks for sharing so much beauty with me and all the rest.
Hugs :-)
Anna xxx

Jen Gough

Such lovely photos today...they truly are happy colors. Thanks for the tutorial can hardly wait for it as well as to see your cushions. Thanks again for the inspiration!


Lovely happy bags! a beautiful colourful post. Can't think about cushions just yet, still studying the ripple pattern!!!! noelle x


Hurray - lovely sunny day and gorgeous sunny pictures. I can't wait for jumper-to-cushion conversion instructions - I've made 3 cushion 'fronts'and assembled the perfect jumpers to back them with but so far haven't been able to put the two together. Lucy to the rescue (again!)


I'm sooo pleased you will be showing us how to make these jumper to cushions, I have been gagging to make some for ages but as i'm not really a sower I had no idea how to do it. Can't wait for the instructions T xx


What lovely bright colours, they are so cheery.


Lucy, I have a square pillow form just dying to be covered with an attic24 bright and happy crocheted front, and a recycled jumper back, so your tutorial will be perfect timing! Now, just to decide on what to crochet for the front - a ripple? Mini squares? Or big happy colorful square? Decisions, decisions! :-)


A Tutorial would be great - I collect wool sweaters for different reasons - but am always willing to try something new with them - YAY!!!

Penny Peberdy

Isn't it funny how happiness is so infectious? Your happiness made me happy too! And I love the colours you use for your crochet!


nothin' says "lovin" like crochet and thrift shop finds!! Looking forward to the tut on making the pillow backs.


The colors are gorgeous and I LOVE that crocheted bag!!!!!!
I am looking forward to your tutorial. I'm sure it can be used with knitted covers too, right?
Darn, how I wish I could crochet!!
Pretty colors...thanks for sharing!


Lucy O., your posts with your humor and color, make me smile. I love the blanket made with the small squares. They look like fleur-de-lis when the square is left small. And congrats on your new child and the post on your feelings was wonderful. Thank you, thank you, you're one of the best bloggers out there.


Lovely colour jumper and perfect for backing your crochet cushions.

I so wish there were a group of like minded friends near me so we could go for a crochet cafe morning!


A rainbow of bright, happy colours for one especially bright happy lady!!! Thank you for sharing. I needed a colour fix today.


Gorgeous! I can't wait to read your tutorial, I'm sure I'll be making a couple of these myself soon. Love it.


colours, happy bags, yarny goodness ... *yum*

can you back both covers with the one jumper?

marigold jam

Loved your blog as always. Love the felted bag - did you make it? The wooly jumper will be just perfect for backing the cushions and I look forward to seeing the finished results. I have been keeping my eyes open for some woolies to cut up and felt but so far it's been all sumeray cottons - hopefully now that autumn is here I will be able to find some too!


Lucy @ Attic24

Heather, yes you can if the jumper starts out big enough (preferably a dress size 14 or bigger, to make an 18" inch cushion cover)....cos I use the arms as well as the front and back.
Am planning on doing a full photo-tutorial on making these, so much easier to take a load of pics than to try and explain with words.

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colours, happy bags, yarny goodness ... *yum*

can you back both covers with the one jumper?

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Hi Lucy,

Its my 2nd post and I am so thrilled to have the "Now Know How" to post you a comment....funny isn't it because its so simple. Anyway, I don't have a blog but would love to send you pictures of what I have made. In fact, I just finished making a pillow but its in the closet because I don't know how to sew. I am SO HAPPY today to learn that you are going to do a tutorial on how to make the pillow. Many many thanks!!! Liz

Rita RC

Yes, please! I would love a simple tutorial on how to make the cushion back from the woolly goodness of a repurposed jumper. Thank you so very much for all your generosity in the explaining of the how-to's of your various projects. You are a most kind and giving person! I don't often comment, but, I do check in daily (for almost six months now) into your colorful world. I love it! Love your words, your works, and your wonderful photos. Thank you!


Lucy ~ lovely and clourful pictures as usual ~ I love the photo of your shopping bags sitting in your hallway, they look very Happy Bags indeed and very You! Love your cushion covers too and the idea of using a woolly jumper for the backing. I've nearly finished my colourful crochet cushion cover but have decided to just join the two crocheted sides together ~ you can get a sneaky preview on my blog if you have the time to have a little peek!


Lovely jumper find. I've been pondering a cushion for a while so a backing tutorial would be fab. I've said it many times already but I do really love your tutorials. I always find them so straight forward (a refreshing change from the majority of crochet patterns which make my mind boggle!).

Glad you've got your knit and natter's back in your week too. Sounds like a fab way to spend some time.



Love the bags, and the jumper is the perfect shade for the cushion covers. I was wondering if there is an e-mail address that I could contact you at. I would appreciate it. thanks.

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