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September 08, 2009


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Priceless! And what a lever way of extracting information!

Linda Kristin

Aaaaw, what a darling daughter! I'm only curious what secret you used for bartering. Must have been a pretty good secret for her to reveal her most Secret Wish!


So precious! You'll still remember that one when you are tottering around in your grand old age, or sitting in front of a cosy fire, wrapped in a then very vintage crocheted Lucy Lanky, might even be BB...


Truly beautiful. What a magical moment! I've never heard of sugar stealers, but I LOVE the name! What did you wish for Lucy?!! Enjoy the rest of your wonderful day!
Sally x


Lovely! I am so looking forward to when my little Snow White can tell me what she's thinking and wishing for! We called the seeds 'fairies' when I was young and always tried to catch them as they floated by. I don't remember making wishes on them though, and I've never heard them called sugar-stealers!


What a sweetheart!!

karen smith

awwww don't you just love the innocents of childhood.
Sorry but I can't help you with the name of them but like you our garden is covered in them.


The Curious Cat

Awww...that is so cute and a very special wish - I still remember the magical world when I was younger, sometimes I think I can still feel it there, it is just that busy adult life makes me forget about it. I tend to remember it when I'm out alone amoung nature. When I was a kid I used to think I was from Narnia and had special powers... :)
As for sugar stealers - what a wonderful name but why? And yes, they reminded me of fairies too! xxx


Ah bless! The first photo on this blog is soo lovely,you are soo clever.Hope you`re feeling better today, recovering from the sniffles.
Love Carole in Rossendale xxxx


Very sweet! We called them fairies and supersticious celt that I am I still find myself wishing on them from time to time!
Lucy x


Precious indeed! You have a imaginative daughter

Nina - Tabiboo

Such a beautiful wish Lucy, but I'm curious - what was 'your' wish??

I too use to call these delicate seed heads fairies when I was little and in turn my children do now and 'yes' whenever we catch one a wish has to be made in fact the lenghts we go if we see swirling in the breeze to try and catch it and make a wish - why would you not?? Precious indeed.

Have a lovely rest of the day,

Nina x


A beautiful wish.

We called them fairies, though I don't really remember making wishes with them - perhaps a chance for us to start a new family tradition.

I've printed off your granny square tutorial and am determined to succeed in making a granny square soon! I've failed so far with the other tutorials out there and I actually like your squares better than any I've seen so should be on to a winner here, I hope!

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Oh, I love the way kids express themselves. And often so unexpected. Absolutely adorable!! How old is she?
Have a lovely afternoon and evening. Today, we have "summer" here, its 22 degrees and soooo nice. Hope you have the same weather too!!
Anna xxx


We always called them fairies too!


What a lovely post. Little Lady is charming.That's brightened up my afternoon! x

The Garden Bell - Kate

What precious little hands. You will cherish these kind of pictures in the years to come. Just love her little braclets. I'm sure many hours of fun were had putting those together. Love the fairies story idea. One of the things I have done is make a home in nature out of found items such as pinecones, bark, planting, acorns..etc. Place up next to a tree it's too die for. Basically,anything, I could find outside. I'll have to find a picture to share with you on my blog. It keeps the little one busy for hours. Also, the myth stays alive.

We had a fun time at the Kane County Flea Market this weekend. Lots of treasure to be found.

Hope you are feeling better today.

Lucy - Beads 14

awwww i haven't done that in a few years i kinda miss it :'(
Lucy xx


melt my heart. what a love! jkj

The Garden Bell - Kate

OK, I just added a picture of the little fairie house or Hobbit House from Door County made last fall on my blog for you to see. It will keep the little ones busy for hours.


Creative busy minds will keep away the mischief.

Margaret Bouwmeester

That is soooo sweeet!!!!
Love it, they can say the most beautiful things, you need to write that one down!!!
Thanks for giving us a peek into the Little Lady's mind!!!
Margaret B


Crikey todays post reminded me of my childhood.We did indeed call them sugar stealers.But for the life in me I cant figure out why



Way back in the 1960s I went to a school near a river bank where Rose Bay Willow Herb grew wild and abundantly. Every September on a particular day clouds of their seeds, sugar stealers, floated over the playground.


what a lovely story thanks for sharing

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