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September 14, 2009


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I hope you don't mind me commenting - many congrats by the way:) Anyhows - I have a largish gap between my first 2 children and number 3 and it went swimmingly - they are all very close.
I am glad you have found your inner peace and happiness again.
Kind regards,

Sarah A

A wonderful blessing has been placed on your family.. everything happens for a reason I say!! Enjoy every wonderful moment ahead of you for the next few months leading up to the BIG DAY!


Lucy ~ it must have taken you a very long time to read all of those lovely comments! I'm glad that you are feeling good about your little Attic 24 bump now and that your 20 week scan was fine. Loving that beautiful, ripply baby blanket too :O)


I can understand your fears and thoughts so very well. I went through the same, when I was pregnant 19 years ago....last week, on the 9th of Sept., he was 18 years old and I am so happy I was so courageos by then! I wish you all the best! Everything will turn out well!


Ah Bless! Do you know when this new little person pops out to say hello, all your worries & doubts will disappear.You`ll be fine.
I love your ripple blanket and can`t wait to start one of my own! But i`m still knitting my son`s jumper, it seems to be taking ages! But he is 29 & 6 foot!!! Hey ho! Do you ever get an aching wrist from crocheting? Any advice? Love Carole xxxxx (Rossendale)


For once im the 1st person to leave a comment here! Its strange to feel so excited for u but i truely am! I hope ul be indulging in making crochet clothes for the baby.

Aqeela xx

Chez Tine

extra la photo ... je te souhaite un beau bb, en bonne santé et beaucoup de projets à suivre
Tine, de Paris


I'm so glad your are really happy about it now. I can imagine it must have been quite a shock, however you really are blessed. I sadly had to have a hysterectomy at 36 so only ever had the opportunity to have one baby. The blanket is lovely.


My sister and I are 2 years apart, and my afterthought kid brother (when my mother was 40) is nearly ten years younger. And we just adore him. Surprisingly, he actually made my father get quite a bit younger, it appeared -- when, at fifty, he found that he could finally be a scoutmaster, soccer coach, etc. It worked well.... the big age gap ended up very good indeed. (Although it is true -- my mother's just now rejoicing that 28 years of having a kid at home are finally over! Of course, that means that now she's wanting the grandkids to exist...)


I'm so gald that you're happy again. I was over the moon when I read your last post so I can't imagine how happy and emotional you would have been after reading 522 posts. I'm looking forward to hearing all about Bump24 in the next few months. Take care x


Maybe have another one 20 months after this one?
It will be fantastic, with all of that experience and two little helpers, this little one will fit in perfectly x

marigold jam

Glad you have come to terms with your new life path! As an older mother myself I must asy there are many compensations and the only down side will not materialise for some years yet - that of reaching the menopause at the same time my daughter reached puberty. Then you'll really understand the meaning of the word hormones!! But maybe by then there'll be some magic potion available and maybe you will sail through the menopause anyway! Best of luck and keep blogging won't you?



Many congrats, there's an eighteen year difference between me a my baby bro, and I wouldn't be without him ;0 mum was the same age as you when she had baby bro, and I must say it suited her well, looks a stunning 69 this year I reckon it keeps you young...again many congrats

lynn x


So pleased to hear you're happy about the latest addition. A planned 3rd pregnancy (as ours was) is a big enough shock so your world must have been like a snowglobe for a while!

Having 3 is truly wonderful, certainly never dull or quiet (and a good excuse to skip the housework as your always busy doing things with/for all the children!!)

Enjoy your pregnancy and the blanket is fab, fancy making a ripple in shades of pink?! If so give me a shout, it'd look fab in my daughters room ;)


Linda Kristin

Congratulations on the bump again!! Both me and my husband have little brothers who came into being after our parents decided they had enough children. And what a blessing they are!! Just imagine how happy you will be when you still have one 'baby' left at home when the oldest 2 'babies' are ready to leave the nest. - And for the age gap - I am very, very close to my oldest sister who is 5 ys older than me. Of course there were times when I wasn't allowed to play with her when she had her friends over. But she made that up to me by letting me spend the night in her room, and told me all her secrets about boyfriends and crushes...Sibling love knows no age boundaries.

sue krekorian

This happened to me, too. I found DH's early negativity very hard to bear. I really bonded strongly with Bump3, though, and his determination to be born. He's 13 now, DD1 is 22 and basically left home, DD2 at 18 about to leave home for uni. He proved good sex education for the girls! Just a few more years till we're free.... And you'll have in-house babysitters not too far ahead :) Get lots of rest. Congratulations!


Oh Lucy, glad you are feeling better again, I so now that feeling of chock. My twins are turning one in a couple of weeks. They where a complete surprise since I was told I couldn't have any more children after my daughter was born. Now I can't imagine life without them of course.

Take care

Anna x

French Knots

I had my youngest in May this year and was 41 this summer, my other two are 10 and 6. It is sometimes hard as there isn't quite as much energy as I had 10 years ago but it is wonderful, he is a little bundle of happiness. I worried till my 20 week scan confirmed all was well, glad you are enjoying the pregnancy now the news has sunk in. Bet the Little People are excited too!

Jo Drywood

I'm so happy for you! My two children are 10 years apart and my elder son showed no jealousy at all. I'm sure everything is done for a reason and your new baby will be very lucky to be born into your lovely family. Your blanket looks delicious; when I have finished doing my "square" one, I shall have a go at a ripple blanket. You're an inspiration Lucy! x


Very happy for you Lucy. There is ten years between my eldest and youngest and there has never been a problem. I'm sure a new baby will be a wonderful addition to your lovely family.


So happy to hear from you this Monday morning...and to know that little Bump24 is due the day before my birthday! My daughter was born on 29 January. The blanket looks so cuddly soft and lofty! Congratulations again!


Congratulations, Lucy!!


Oh, that was quite emotional, Luce, thanks for sharing all that with us. I am hugely (hee hee) younger than my three sisters, there's 8, 10 and 11 years between us respectively, a lot more of course, than the gaps between your little ones. However, now I am older, it honestly doesn't feel that different at all, it's just good to have siblings (most of the time!)
Looking forward to 24 January already!
Hen xxx
P.S. Book reveal soon, prob. tomorrow.


Yippee!! and Congratulations!! You will have SO much fun!!! My big girls are 2 years apart, followed by 5 years before my youngest. The big girls have absolutely LOVED the "baby" from the start. It's wonderful, that age gap...as you will find when the baby is born and you have lots of help!! I'm so excited for you!!!


I've been a fan of your blog and your scrummy crochet for a long time now but never felt compelled to leave a comment until now!!
But huge CONGRATULATIONS to you and the rest of the attic24 family..I hope baby24 brings you all loads of happiness.
I have 3 children..the oldest are 19 and 17 and then I have a 7 yr old..the biiig gap has made no difference..all my girls are very close especially my oldest and youngest.
Enjoy your 'bump' days
Em xx

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