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September 21, 2009


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Off to by myself some flowers!
Congrats on the baby news - very exciting!
Take care.

Sona Jacob


first today.

lovely flowers.

how are you doing?

take care.



It's amazing what a few flowers can do!! Yes, I put some in my bathroom, too! Happy Monday, Lucy!


It's amazing how a few flowers can lift our souls. Yes, I put some in my bathroom as well!
Happy Monday, Lucy!


What beautiful colors! Yes, I have flowers in bathroom too that I pick from my garden (and in the kitchen, lounge, and hall too!). Sometimes my daughter picks her own little posy for next to her bed as well - I don't as I always seem to knock them over in the night :-) What a lovely bright start to the week!
Sally xx


Flowers all over the house rock. They make me smile x

Anna-Karin, Sweden

I usually have an orchid (phalaenopsis) in my bathroom. Well, actually, I have that in every room in the house, just because I love them, and they are so easy, and don't die...
Today, I picked some "autumn-asters" out in my garden, they are so intense in their purple and cerice colours, so lovely, but I think yours are even more lovely. Almost like one of your blankets!!
Take care!
Anna xxx


I am going to go out in my backyard this morning to cut some zinnias especially for my bathroom! Great idea!


I love flowers adorning the rooms of my cottage...in little glass jars are a treat. On window sills, on tables, in unexpected corners.
Markets, the garden and my next door neighbour are all favourite places of mine to acquire them.
yours are very lovely!


I always keep flowers in the bathroom too! Isn't that funny? I never really thought about it but you're right, I've never seen anyone else do it...except you. :o)
But sadly, not by the bed...Aaaaaa-choo!
Happy Monday!


Do you know what I have never thought of putting flowers in the bathroom! I have African Violets and Cyclamens in there, but I'm going to put flowers in there now too!


I put tiny pots of flowers in the bathroom, in bedrooms, in the kitchen, in the hallway, on the landing - sometimes only a single bloom but they never fail to cheer!


I love your flowers - and at a great price!
I prepared a 'bouquet' post last night, scheduled for tomorrow so you may stop by if you like.

Take Care!


Lucy ~ lovely flowers! I have never seen flowers in anyone's bathroom before but can see the attraction ~ will maybe have to give it a go myself and pretty up a few rooms with flowers once my house goes up for sale :O)


They are all so beautiful... the colors are amazing.. love it!


those flowers are just your colours! i like to put a stem in the kitchen so i can look at them while toiling over the sink, and have put them in the bathroom before there were small people around. i love your term 'heart-skippy happiness'! yes, that's what i like to try and create!


I have four little cobalt blue vases on my window sill in the bathroom. They haven't had any flowers visit them in a Long Time. I just got out of the habit. Thinking I should see what all is in bloom today and invite them indoors.

It's funny how you can miss alot of what's happening in your own yard, sad really, unless you take the time for a thorough walkabout and intentionally LOOK!

I have been visiting your blog for a couple months, but have never commented before (on any blog). Just want to say I crochet too, and am delighted to see someone else get as giddy as I do over a new project.

I adore playing with color combinations and have crocheted the same ripple blanket pattern over and over for a local charity, without boredom stepping in, simply by trying another colorway! And another, and another. . .


This summer when the sweet peas were going bonkers I put some in the loo - what a lovely concentrated smell in the confined space. I also kept some lavender in there from last year. Love your happiness blog, Lucy.


I put flowers in my bathroom too!

Shelley in SC

I just love that you put flowers around just for you! Sometimes I feel downright grumpy that no one else seems to notice the little things like this. You've given me permission to enjoy them and let everyone else off the hook : )!

Martha in Kansas (US)

I would like to have flowers everywhere. Unfortunately I live with a big-fan-of-flowers-type cat. He snuffles them, knocking them over. He chews them. He sticks his nose way down into the vase to lap at the water and knocks it over. He's a pill, but a very charming pill. At one point I kept a nice plant in the bathroom, but same fate. So I made curtains of rose fabric and put a fake rose on the counter. I remind myself that the cat is sort of decorative and makes me happy too with his antics.


ok so soon there will be flowers in my bathroom! hey why not in all three bathrooms?

oh and I am happy to say I am crocheting your bag! love it in cotton yarn!

Suzy's Vintage Attic

Modest flowers are often the best. I much prefer garden & WI market flowers to supermarket ones!
A home is very bear without flowers, they bring life to a room. Bed looking really colourful & pretty!
Isabelle x

marigold jam

As always a breath of sunshine via your blog. Love the colours, love the little pots, love the idea of having the flowers in the bathroom (sadly we don't have a window sill in ours as we have a Velux!) love it all.

Jane x


Beautiful flowers and such a bargain too!

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