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  • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x



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June 22, 2009


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Shelley in SC

So very glad to see you back, Lucy. I was starting to get just a wee bit worried. Trust things are balancing out a little. The roses are lovely. It's just good to know you're doing well. Happy stitching this week!

French Knots

Good to see you back, hope the outlook continues to be rosy. Sometimes life is just to full for much blogging.
Lovely roses, such perfect pink hues.


I'm glad you are back, I've missed you! Love the roses, I try to treat myself to flowers on a weekly basis, they really cheer the house up.


Hi Lucy
I have missed reading your blog this week.
I am glad you are back and feeling better.
Hope everything is ok. I am struggling lately too not sure what exactly is causing it but love your flowers today. They cheered my up.

Take are until next time....


Classic pessimist that I am, I was beginning to think that something horrible had happened at Attic24. Phew! I'm glad to know you're well. The roses look amazingly beautiful--just perfect for a June day.


Glad to hear things are fine. The roses are beautiful. Don't worry about the bloggy thing. Sometimes other things need to take priority. Have fun sewing. I've been doing that for the past few days and I am loving it. Sometimes I need to drop the hook and do something different.

Take care!


Good to hear of you again :-) And the pink colur of those roses..... jummy! And I can't wait to see the new crochety thing you are going to show, just one night sleep ;-)


It can be difficult to keep up the sunny perspective all the time in blogging as sometimes we can feel that everything has to be 'just so' or 'perfect', and lets face it life just isn't like that as much as WE would like it to be. It can be reassuring to know that others have problems at times, as otherwise we can become overwhelmed with it all. Hope that makes sense!

Looking forward to seeing your new hooky goodness


I missed you. I have had a set of heartbreaks in the last week as well, so I empathize...I take mine to the Lord...His love and care. He loves you, too...♥

Wendy Wager

Hi again Lucy. I agree with Serenata's comments. Those roses are a treat to look at and the promise of hooky goodness to come - fantastic! Thank you for brightening our day yet again. X


All the best to you , I love visiting Attic24.


Glad to have you back, and with pink roses... My favourite and my best!


I'm quite new to your lovely blog but have missed you ~ I'm glad you are back and feeling more like yourself. As always your flowers are beautiful and the crochet backgrounds are fab too. I'm looking forward to seeing your new hooky loveliness tomorrow:O)

kitschen pink

Oh I love the name Erratic24 - I think a companion blog is called for! It would make wonderful reading! Loving the roses- and they have opened so beautifully too. t.x


Those roses will brighten everyone's day!

I think that we all feel the pressures of being mothers and daughters as well as the weight of the many other hats we wear. Sometimes, it's very difficult to squeeze out the time for ourselves- our blogs or visiting with others. Or knitting, reading and gardening. But, things get done and crises will all pass eventually.

I'm always eager to visit Attic24 and I hope that things settle into a yarn and picnic filled summer for you.


Hello Lucy, and thanks for sharing those luscious roses with us. I can definitely catch their fragrance (and also have a bit of sneeze fest.)

I actually got out my crochet hook last week and am trying to create a bright bunch of flowers to connect (somehow, not sure how yet) to make up a lacy scarf ...or maybe more of a floral necklace) as a birthday gift for a friend. Think that I was inspired by our favorite colorful lady ... that's you!

Best wishes. xo

susan hall

It's lovely to see you back and sounding cheerful. You do sound as though you've been having a tough time though, here's hoping that the worst is behind you. The roses are lovely I have some too but a paler shade of pink. Isn't a good feeling when you get "shop" roses to open and bloom properly! xx


Lovely to see your rosy outlook has returned x


...kept poppin' in and wonderin' "what's goin'on here???"...I depend on your site for my daily smile!!!...hope all is truly well...



i wondered where you went. i hope you are all better. those roses are a good pick-u-up for sure!! and some hooking might help. but best of all is your blogfollower mass who missed you and wish you a speedy recovery from whatever it is. know you are loved! jkj

Meagan S.

Hi Lucy,
Glad to see you back. It's a lot to keep up with a blog that is so beloved I'm sure. So glad you are feeling back to your old self. Are you going forward with your "stitchy goodness"? Those were so adorable! But so are your blankets. Too many good things to juggle! Funny how I can be worried about someone I don't know. But you have shared such a wonderful part of yourself with all of us that we can't help but be concerned when we don't hear from our Lucy for a week! Please take that as a compliment! We love ya and are so glad your back!
Bye for now...


Hiya Lucy, missed you, glad all's a-ok now!
I was listening to my Rolling Stones cd yesterday, when the track 'She's like a rainbow' was playing I thought 'thats Lucy's
song'. Your posts are so uplifting Lucy, thankyou rainbow girl! Love and hugs, Jane x

Joy James

Glad to see you are back and feeling a bit better. The roses are lovely and are certainly cheerful. Sometimes life has a habit of getting in the way so hopefully things will return to normal soon. I have lost my momentum at the mo as well. Maybe this week things will pick up for me too.

Nina - Tabiboo

Lucy hi,

the roses are lovely and I can only imagine the smell, but I bet they are breath taking. I'm with you on the hayfever from though - achhoooo!

take care,

Nina x


Hi Lucy! I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better. Take your time and only blog when you feel like it. Take care!

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