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June 04, 2009


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sorry you're not feeling your usual jolly self, it so often happens after a break away from it all !I am sure you will soon be back to normal and smiley and colourful again. The chores do seem to mount up don't they, especially the garden after such glorious weather :) Be Happy;)


Try and scrape together the pennies for this month's country home and interiors - it is full of lovely coastal things and is wonderful. Why not just stick in some sunflower seeds anyway? I'm sure they will be fine!
Lucy x

Shelley in SC

You may be in a grumpy, irritable mood, Lucy, but even your grumps make me smile as I envision your family grazing contentedly on the 10-inch-high weeds in the garden. ::sigh:: Yes, when I returned from the beach several weeks ago, it took me awhile to recover from the utter freedom and joy it had been to be gone. Thanks for welcoming us into your world . . . even on the grumpy days!!! (makes me feel almost normal : )!!)

The Antidote

Good for you for being so open and honest, that is what we love about you and your blog.
I think your post today is how lots of us are feeling at the moment.
I agree, you were right to ditch the white. your blanket is going to look amazing x


I'm glad I'm not the only one with "piles" everywhere. It makes me feel less of a slob when I know someone else has the same problem. I'm loving the look of the blanket, it's so cheerful and colourful. So you have cheered me up, even though you don't feel very cheery yourself. Hope you are back to your usual self soon.


That first picture is amazing! I'm feeling a little bit of the same lately. My daughter and I planted our seeds anyway. I know it is late, but we had fun. I figure, It's a long way until the next freeze. Something has go to come up and look pretty, right?


I'm sorry you haven't had a nice week,but still you have a sense of humour in your writing which i love,i'm loving the weeds and long grass!! This made me laugh! This is like my garden at the moment, on my to do list also. Look forward to the weekend when your little ones are with you and do something nice together.If all else fails pour yourself a glass of pimms or gin and tonic and chill!!!!


It's a pity we didn't live a bit closer as I have sooo many sweet pea plants - they are everywhere and my yarn shop is just around the corner -- you could go online window shopping for wool? I was going to mention Country Living and Period Living too . Good luck with the piles and I hope the funk goes soon - hugs


ahhh Lucy, don't be hard on yourself you are only human. The crochet looks fab without the white, hopefully the pennies will scrape together soon (have you checked for hidden treasure under the sofa cushions?? - usually works esecially well in our house if Neils been wearing his holey trousers) - Plant the seeds anyway - we planted them late last year and seemed to have got away with it. If the piles of tat stay there long enough I forget they are tat and somehow they just seem to become part of the furniture (or is that just in my house)....

Paty Z.

Lucy: Thank you for sharing that part of your world with us. Don´t worry, we all have the same clutter and laundry piles in our homes too. We all have lots of chores to deal with and of course the lack of money (we all are dealing with economic problems too, there is a world economic crisis after all). But there is also a little sunshine in our lives, we just have to be able to see it. Cheer up, have a nice cup of tea or coffee and start working with all your chores. Anyway the sun will always rise tomorrow again.
A big hug to you!

Nina - Tabiboo

Hiya Lucy,

It's a gal's prerogative to have a good old moan sometimes, gawd knows I do it all the time and the best pair of ears in response to these low times is always a fellow female as lets face it we are so understanding and fairly much in the same situation, home, kids, mess, the other half, cooking, cleaning, blar, blar, blar so pllleeeessse don't apologise as you know a problem shared is a problem solved or maybe just lifted 'a little'

Have a lovely, lovely day and just tackle one thing at a time or nothing at all if that's what you want to do. I would far prefer to curl up with my sewing than sort out another messy pile as I know this time tomorrow it will start all over again!!

take care and ta, ta for now,

Nina x

Penny L

It's so nice to log on and find a post echoing my life !! I too have piles of clutter, piles of washing , piles of gardening, piles of sad little seed packets waiting for me so what have I done all day long ? Nothing !!

Do you think if I make some scones nobody will notice when they come home tonight? Keep your fingers crossed!

Thanks for being human Lucy
Love Penny L xxxxxxx

Karen J

Love the blanket without the white - and can't wait to see it all "zingy" with random coloured borders. Sorry things are not so hot at no24 this week - please be assured you are not the only one with piles!!! I love the warmer weather but am going into a bit of a panic at the fast approaching summer hols. Don't get me wrong, I love the more flexible atmosphere but I always hope I've got more done by now than I actually have!
To try and cheer you a little - I had a lovely chat with two ladies from the Sew Hip, Yarn Forward and Crochet Today mags at the weekend (Vintage and Handmade Fair in Gloucestershire). I was talking about your blog and how fantastic you were and they made a note of Attice24 to look up later! Let me know if they don't get in contact soon and I'll ring them up and tell them off!!!
Hope tomorrow is better! You could look back through all your wonderful photos, that's what I do when I need a boost!!


Hi, hope you are feeling better, crochet always makes me feel better and I am a big fan of your blog and tutorials!! I have a question: could you explain how you change color when working on a granny square? Thanks!


Ah yes! Only last week I remarked to my husband how it was a shame we couldn't eat Dock leaves! The weedy bank at the side of our house is far more productive than our little veg beds!


I often enjoy melancholy days -- if they're occasional, and not persistent.
And I'm sure my clutter piles could give yours a run for their money! At least you tackle yours... I just keep thinking: "I should deal with that," shudder and then move on.
As always, love your pretty pictures and your sense of humour. :-)

Bonnie Slager

I know that I get a little out of sorts too when I have a pile to do, you will feel much much better when you get it organized and you can get back to crochet! Oh crochet.. how I have missed it too. I have 4 - 6 rounds squares left to do before I can start assembling my babette and I cannot seem to find the time to do them!! I have blocked everything else, and they are all prettily sitting there waiting for me :) Hopefully soon. Oh.. and I LOVE sweet peas, but do not really have a spot in my beds for them, I never ever thought about putting them in a pot! I will have to try that :) They are sooo lovely :)


Ahhhhh...so even while I am so sorry for your down-in-the dumps mood, there is an upside to this...well, for me anyway...following a lack of positive energy and creative funk, will come a decisive upswing, a growing creative to-do list and the time in which to do it...
The blanket will be just lovely, I'm looking forward to seeing the jumbled up border colors!


Oh hun, join the clutterclub ; )
I know exactely what you're talking about. So much to do, not enough hands to do it and fun stuff waiting for you at the side ...hm.
And trying to look good and be upbeat at the same time too. Yep sounds soooooo familiar. But it's just one of those days which you'll get through and feel better afterwards when everything is spic and span again. You should see my To do -list, growing every day ; )
Hang in there


Hey Lucy
Don't be glum! Look what I found ... (d'you remember I asked you about left over socks and what to do with them?)
[in hushed tones] could it be a substitute for crochet for a few days?
I found it through following this blog http://helisengezer.blogspot.com/2009/03/friday-is-my-day-swiedebie.html
The whole concept of the "Friday is my Day" thing is most enjoyable to read and a great source of inspiration for new crafting ideas.
I hope you manage to source some sweetpeas from somewhere, are there any on freecycle ??!?! - mine have just worked out what the canes are for but I am having a constant battle with The Hound who is desperately wanting to pull them out (he watched me weeding last weekend and has been trying his paw at it himself - much to the detriment of my carefully nurtured fuschia's)
Anyway - summer hols not long now! What fun!


I can relate to your post in many ways. ...wishing you joy in the monotony...


Hey let's look on the bright side. There is plenty of white yarn, so next time the crochet urge strikes make some daisies, attatch them to the weeds in the pots and BINGO, instant garden. Also if him indoors has to work from home insist that for the good of his health he should get some fresh air during his lunch break. Cutting the grass would be an excellent choice I think. Problem no.2 solved.
Haven't solved the housewoek problem yet myself but if you get any good tips let me know.

Kate - The Garden Bell


Cheer Up. Know how those days can be.

Plant those lettuce seeds in a pot
Scrap Yarn and Buttons flowers
Stack your pots on a pole
Take some paint and belt sander to your potting table.
Add broken pots to garden


Here are some quick cheer up ideas.

Looking forward to seeing your pictures from Bruges


Hi there, ur honesty is as encouraging as ur usual posts are uplifting! I too am the not so proud owner of many piles, never ending washing and completely relate to ur post hol blues. I am sure in a day or two u will be back to ur wonderful self. If not then don't hesitate to write about ur blues again. Missed u this week but nobody expects u to be on top of the world all the time. Take care of yourself. X


Maybe you could crochet with grass - it's good to have you back after a few busy days.

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