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May 15, 2009


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I think you have to excuse my poor English, I am Swedish woman who have been reading your blogg for awhile. I have a lot of fun, and I am very inspired about the stuff you make and all wonderful photos.
The patchwork photos are gorgeous! I am sold (can you say it that way in English?) about the chair.
You have a great blogg!


Wow, your stash is looking great! I particularly love the floral fabric you've got. Such a vibrant design!

The Antidote

Patchwork is similar to crochet in the way you can put together all of the lovely colours, I am sure you will love it.
Mind yourself with that rotary cutter! I have had some great injuries!


You have a most enviable fabric stash! I am glad to see that you are going to be doing some patchworking. I have never attempted this myself as I can't cut a straight line! I am really looking forward to seeing your finished chair.x


Lucy, I do worry that you keep posting what is in my thoughts - I'm off to try a quilt as well. And I'm also inspired to try a ripple, once I've finished 115 motifs for the daughter's cardigan. By the time you've got a Flickr group, i might have started it!



I feel duty-bound to warn you: patchwork quilting can be every bit an obsession as crocheting!!! LOL But a wonderful obsession at that. Your fabrics are to die for and I can't wait to see your quilt all done up!


That sofa might actually be the coolest thing I have ever seen!


I only just bought my first crochet hook today...and now you are giving me ideas about patchwork quilts!!!!!!! OMG.....you have so so so so many great ideas. Enjoy your weekend.

Nina - Tabiboo

Lucy - welcome to the the world of Patchwork!

That sofa is amazing I could just imagine lounging on that.

Have a lovely weekend I'm not sure what the weather will be doing here though I like your plan and hope all goes accordingly.

take care,

Nina x


I am so excited are taking up patchwork.
After many years break I have recently taken it up again too, Inspired by my friend Aneela http://comfortstitching.typepad.co.uk/comfortstitching/ who is doing some wonderful teaching-how-to over at her blog.
I patchworked one of those fab same swivel armchairs with a friend for our first flat back in the 7o's in those days we patchworked anything we could get our hands on. I even made a patchwork tent, it was impressive, but not waterproof! lol.
I put a little of my recent stuff on my blog a couple of weeks back, have been using up an old (very old) Laura Ashley stash.
Good Lucy with your seat cover Lucy, I predict it is going to be stunning!!
your fabrics are GORGEOUS!!!
Glad you've joined the club :o)


Ohhhh yes please set up a Flickr group - I haven't got a blog (well I have but it's all about Summer Camp with the Guides and hardly the spot to start uploading pictures of my humble crochet attempts, although it does have a picture of Jeremy Clarkson driving a Rolls Royce into a swimming pool - work that out if you can!) so if you really are interested to see a wee pursey/handbag tidy sort of thing, or the thing I made to stop my red enamel teapot from marking the table or indeed my oversized and somewhat baggy Attic24 bag, then please set one up!


I love the fabric Lucy so lovely and vibrant. I've been looking through my patchwork books as well - looks like I need to get one of those cool rotary cutters.


Your fabric collection is gorgeous!! I can't wait to see what you do with all of that fun fabric!!!


Your Stash is looking fantastic, I can't wait to see the end results!

Kenia Cris

I'm curious now. What craftswork CAN'T you do??? I really want to see your result. No surprise, it's going to be fabulous. :P
Take care and keep smiling.

Paty Z. from Mex.

Hello! Welcome to the patchwork world!!
I´m a patchwork girl but thanks to you I´m learning crochet. I will post my work in the Flick group as soon as I have something. I can recomend a great site is the www.allpeoplequilt.com It is the site of the patchwork magazine American Patchwork and Quilting, it has lots of videos where you can learn. I also recomend you to visit the blogs: film in the fridge, crazy mom quilts, fresh figs and the purl bee they have lots of lovely ideas. Jane Brocket yarnstorm)is also a great site, she is working on a new book of quilts.
I know you will do something lovely.
Have a great weekend! In Mexico is also raining but is very warm.


good luck with the patchwork - not quite patchwork but for great quilting have a look here http://dontlooknow.typepad.com/dont_look_now/
lisa x


Dear Lucy,
If you go on like this you're killing me :
- financially :broke from buying more stuff to make my own version of the goodies you come up with,
- mentally: exhausted from planning more projects and trying to find time to make them,
- physically: as I'm trying to stick to my diet and you keep talking bout cake and tea and cookies

But please keep going cause I absolutely LOVE it ; )

Have a nice weekend

PS pick of the finished blankie after the weekend, check my blog


oh fantastic - your beautiful stash is going to make one beautiful patchwork quilt!!!!

Don't you just LOVE the stuff from squint? I've been trying to convince my other half that I really do NEED a patchwork chesterfield sofa...he's not entirely convinced (but I think I'll wear him down eventually!)


Hello there!

Well I say! What a lovely stash you have, Im sure your patchwork is going to be just as vivid and vibrant and colourful and rainbow like as your delightful crochet - and it got me to thinking, about a recent habit of mine (that started after I got a sewing machine for Christmas) yes, I seem to be developing a little stash of my own, a little pile of fabric, for no real purpose in particular...I wonder if you are about to inspire me to make patchwork too??! :)
Time will tell, cant wait to see your finished chair.

Love Julia xxx

Kate - The Garden Bell

Yummy,Yummy what a fun bright way to start my day. We are also rainy and gray here in the Windy City of Chicago. Can't wait to work on my granny square blanket and finish it up would love to share when done. You already have me dreaming of getting out my fabrics and starting a fun quilt. Would love you to start a flickr group to all to sharing your projects. It would just feed my addiction to color. Have a great weekend. Already looking forward to your Monday blog.

Anne Bebbington

Be very very very careful Lucy - take it from one who knows - Patchwork and Quilting are even more addictive than crochet. Before you know it you'll be quilting everything in sight!

Mary Poppins

I really enjoyed making my little patchwork quilt, I made it up from my DDs baby and toddler dresses, now to me that is the best fabric in the world :)

Enjoy your making



Not so sure I like the chair, but the ottoman and the couch look amazing.

Actually I think my parents have an old chair shaped like that. It's made of vinyl. Is there a way to replace the vinyl with fabric?

I have a pair of jeans with a big hole at the knee (the hole got bigger after my husband stuck his fingers through it, to my annoyance). I had been planning on covering it up with some more plain blue denim, but maybe I should try a colorful fabric instead.


perfect looking 4inch blocks!!! hope you have fun!


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