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May 22, 2009


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The Antidote

I was sucked into buying the same magazine for the same reason two weeks ago. Now I have lost the little booklet and I really wanted to keep the picture of the blue crochet throw!
Buy the book! it is lovely x


Your chair would go beautifully in those magazine pages!!

Nina - Tabiboo

Lucy, you go for it!! All dreamy and patchwork'ee' sounds like a rather good plan to me!!

Have a lovely weekend,

Nina x


Oh gee, I wonder if they have that magazine here in the U.S.??? I'll check with Barnes&Noble speedy-quick! You enjoy your patchworky patchiness...beautiful compliment to your crochet lovlies...reminder to self...need to start my circle pillow this weekend!


Hi Lucy
It was another day of working late at the office so I missed yesterday's blog (shame on me!).
The Chair.
I'm completely blown away by it - it is perfect. I ADORE the patchwork and it just so works with the cushion and blanket. It is magnificent!
I'm going to love your patchwork as much as your crochet, I can tell. Maybe I'll start thinking that I'll learn to patchwork one day, like I think I'll learn to crochet one day!
lots of love


OMGoodness.....I'm over the moon about that blue shelf, all the blue vases and those fabric covered boxes. I've had covered boxes floating in my head for quite some time, but this pulls it together for me. THANK YOU again Lucy. You and your patchwork, me and my fabric boxes. We are on a roll! And not to mention those flower covered dining chair covers and the stripy curtain!!!!. Yikes....hold me down!!!! Those enameled pots for flowers......I think I'm going to swoon.

My sweetie and I have been refubishing and repurposing whole houses for 25 years. No kidding - with our own hands. We are officially Junk Yard Dawgs! Ha! No, actually, we haunt the estate and yard sales and we re-do everything. It's certainly a way of life and a huge creative outlet. Today I will keep all thse pictures in mind as we peruse the sales.

Have a happy day and wonderful dreams as sugar plum fairies dance in your head! :D



I love those cheap, thrifty ideas. They are my fav! Love all the pics from the mags, so bright and cheery. Lovely inspiration they are.

Have a grand day Luce! Keep on dreaming up all that wonderful creativity!



I wish, I had that magazine! Have a nice weekend.


Ooooh, so exciting to have a new patchwork convert among us!!! Can't wait to see how you interpret this wonderful magazine's inspirations.

kitschen pink

That ain't no chair! That's a work of art!! t.x

kitschen pink

Did you see I commented on the wrong post! But hey! It's still a work of art! I was reading that mag last night - thought of you when I saw all those colours! t.x


Hey Lucy
I think lots of boys just don't get the whole excitement of having created something yourself. I made a dress earlier in the year (a lovely bright red corduroy dress) and got the exact same reaction from my own J - "hummmm very good". His mother, who happened to be with us at the time, thought the thriftyness of it all was very commendable (either that or that I was a very cheap girlfriend to run).
But I was delighted with myself. I used to be a crafty person - went to "Young Embroiderers Society" when I was a little girl, and learned dressmaking from my Mother as I grew up. But then I started to work for an evil bullying person, who made me rather ill and I stopped all the creative, handmade things and was very sad. But now that I'm not working for the nasty person anymore, the creativeness is sneaking back in, with lashings of assistance from your gorgeous colourful and creative blog and I am feeling heaps better. So stuff the boys and their lack of enthusiasm and up the girls and lovely women who write such uplifting and complimentary things to you! Hurrah!


I am addicted to magazines as well though currently mostly gardening ones as we have a still fairly new allotment so most of my energy creative wise is going there.. The Thrifty chic article looks great, I have done many of those things in the past but it's good to be reminded of them.. I love covering boxes and must get round to do some myself.


What a colourful thrifty chick! Small canges to a room do make a BIG difference without spending tooooooo many pennies. Thanks so much Lucy!


The chair is fantastic by the way :-)
blogland is responsible for my love affair with creating and im enjoying my new found hobby !!! made all the more special by being able to see everyone elses creations on their blogs and get comments on mine :-D
Lesley x


Just wanted to leave a comment about your last post...the chair has really turned into a real Lucy-Chair !!!! It's FANTASTIC, great job. Greetings, Janneke.

Rita RC

OMG I have a doppelgänger in the U.K.!
I have 12 years worth of empty jam jars, oatmeal tins, biscuit tins, the odd bottle, and every carton or box that has ever come my way.......all squirreled away in the basement. (much to my husbands amuzement and occassional dismay).
Finally, a plan of what to do with them. I can't wait to see what interesting lovlies you create! I knew there was a reason I could not bear to toss any of them away.


That's a great idea with the wrapping paper. I already have it as a poster on my bathroom door. I love those blue and cream bowls on the shelves too. mmmm, bowls!


I hoard gift wrap and pretty paper just to look at! I have to pretend it's there for emergency present wrapping, you know when you've forgotten a relatives birthday and are desprately (is that spelt right?!) searching round the house just to keep the men folk happy!!

I love your patchwork I fancy doing hexagons by hand, xx

Kenia Cris

Thrifty Chic style has everything to do with your magical and colorful life!!! You should submit some pictures! They'd love it!
Take care and keep smiling!
Kisses on your cheeks!


Right, I'm definitely going to paint my tired old chest of drawers bright blue. Who needs new furniture?

I completely sympathise with you over unenthusiastic husbands. My husband says exactly the same thing when I've been creative. I understand your excitement totally-just wish I'd made something so delicious.

Thank you for your lovely blog Lucy and for all the lovely ideas you have given me.

Emma - Dotty Mays

I love gift wrap too ... have found all sorts like Cath Kidston, Emma Bridgewater ... a kid myself it's cheaper than a fabric fix! Photo copier paper boxes are great for covering - takes 2 sheets of paper to cover them and they store lots of useful 'junk'!

Enjoy your new fix


Thankyou I stood in the shop today and couldn't decide on my weekend magazine, (it so annoys me when they are wrapped in plastic and I can't peek inside)I shall go back tomorrow for this it looks perfect.
Melamine cups eh? you and me both! In fact I'm popping back to Marylebone High St next week with my two girls and just may have to pop in for another cup for me, maybe red I think.
Have a great weekend, suns still shining!
Louise x


Oh, I have one of those, "That's nice, dear," husbands. I'm sure he loves the chair. Who wouldn't? It's simply lovely. Have a wonderful weekend.


I am sure men don't appreciate us women when we do something amazing, like your chair. They don't tick the same as us. However mine does comment on things without been asked so I suppose thats something. have a good weekend catch you next week.

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