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May 20, 2009


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Glad everything is ok - we missed you. Most houses look better with the lived-in look, a bit untidy, happy piles of books, crafts, things you have collected over the years; looks like people live, love and have fun there. I agree with you about the summer garden blanket. The two blues will look perfect, the white was a little too much of a contrast. Karenx

Alison Hutchison

Glad you've made a feel happy decision with the blanket. Thank goodness you've put down the bleach and come back to us...my week has been awful so far and I needed a bit of colour xxxxx


Hey Lucy

Missed you - I think there is a possibility that I ruin your blog counter - by popping in with great frequency to see if there is a new burst of colourful, inspirational, crochetful lovely blog post available to read.
I also think I am quite glad that you decided against the white - it was worrying me (for reasons I cannot fathom). The blanket is absolutely scrummy though and the new blues will be perfect I am quite sure. Looking forward to the next Ta Dah!


Hi there,when you aren't here in Blogland you are so missed, I'm so glad your well.I'm loving the blanket,the colours are beautiful. jULY X


missed you---hope your ok.The idea abut the white border----about going GOOD IDEA it just was not you. Still waiting for the patchwork ideas ---cant wait jeanette

Cath W

Glad you're okay - doesn't that SQUIRTECO smell divine?! I can't get enough of it - smells like fresh lychee's to me. Yum.
And right decision on the white.


I noticed your absence for a few days as i was checking reguarly on your blog, but know how is with the the old housewife duties.

as for your blanket i did like the white and your is what made me do white edging on mine, i have had such a problem getting this blanket going the bobble stitches were driving me mad as i am only a novice at crochet so i have started again now and made some adjustments as well i updated yesterday so you can see my inspired revised attempt here: http://artystitches.blogspot.com/

also thank you for your comment on my blog, i was going to ask if you are using the join as you go method would you still block your squares?


Hi Lucy
Glad you're back - and ok - we missed you.
I do love your very pink posting today.
I too have recently started pilates and although I'm enjoying it, I find the breathing very hard. I seem to do the opposite of everything that is asked of me!
Hope you're having a good week and not had as many showers and windy days as we've had in London! xxx


Hello... Sweet williams are brilliant aren't they? So many vibrant colours on one stem. Thinking I will have to track some down now..
Thanks for the inspiration



We missed you! xx


Right decision Lucy. The white border possibly wasn't working without white in the motifs themselves.
Love your work.


Well done, that must have been a difficult decision (truly I am being sincere!).
I am making my first ever crochet blanket and guess what?? It is edged in white!
I hope it is going to be ok. I am also being really random with colours, nowhere near as organised as your ones.
It will be interesting!

Shelley in SC

Yep, Lucy, you made the right decision : )!! This re-done blanket will be so much more YOU!! So glad you're back. Terrible that things such as housecleaning, feeding a family, and providing clean clothing have to take us away from our blog world : )!!



I bet that was a teeth-grittingly-tough-decision, but I know, you cant go back once the mind is made up and you can see the vision of what it will all look like once the hard work of undoing it is all over.

Im sure it will look the bees knees (I do wonder what 'bees knees' really look like sometimes, wonder if they are soft and slightly furry?? - oh dear!! heehee!!)

Love Julia xxx

Wendy Wager

Missed you Lucy. Remember Kaffe Fassett's advice to avoid white if you want colours to sing. If you look at his knitting designs, he almost never uses white. Hope all that undoing was cathartic and cheerfulness and serenity restored. Have been recommending your blog to friends who are down and all say you lift their spirits. You will be on prescription soon. XX


I wasn't going to say anything but....whew! That white did have to go.


Glad to hear your absence was only because of a bit of tidiness going on. Here too! :)

I think the blue edging on the summer garden blanket will look wonderful. I was liking the white but the blues will look FAB! Can't wait to see how it all comes about.


kitschen pink

You were so right about the white - it's a killer colour! Sadly then, I must admit, you should keep the blanket and not send it to me after all! t.xx


Hi Lucy,

Good decision! It already looks better without the white.
Curious about the final result : )

Still haven't gotten around to take pics of my finished hexagon blanket. But I'm so lucky to have the rest of the week of ; ) So watch my blog as I'm planning to have pics on there soon now.



Nina - Tabiboo

Hi Lucy, the sweet williams look adorable and even more colourful in your jam jar jacket - phew try saying that really, really fast or a little bit tiddly!!

Have a lovely day and glad to see you back,

take care,

Nina x


The white borders weren't horrible, but I think blue will harmonize much better. You are making the right decision. I don't know if I would be up to it, having come so close to finishing the blanket. Can you still use all that white yarn for something else?


Beautiful, loving the blues idea...though I was not against the white...although, I *think* from your other crochet projects, as well as my patchworky patching, there is no white in sight :-) So, this seems like it'll be worth the ripping out...not fun but oh-so worth it! Can't wait to see the grand finale :-)

BTW, have you had any chance (silly me) to do your little tutorial on the edgeing???


HI Lucy... Glad to see you back in blogland :) I missed you. I was beginning to think I was going to get arrested for stalking you - As I think I have clicked your link so many times over the past few days in the hope that you have blogged. Pretty sad really - but hey - You have been missed :)

I ended up going and reading some of your achieves and I made the carrot sponge - yummy :) My icing was runny though - don't know what I done wrong?

Anyway - Love the pretty pink flowers - and glad that you have ditched the white... the blue is going to look so pretty :) totally more you.

Have a great day and I hope to *SEE* you tomorrow!

Hugs Chars


It still looks lovely!


Glad you are following your gut instinct, I think the white was nice, but I do like it so much more without -- and loving pink/purple/blues myself, can't wait to see how glorious it turns out! I know it will! I've started my own summer garden granny blankie, was going to keep it with just three round squares before the border first, then liked your four rounds much better -- have about 24 wip so far, 5 have all four rounds and others are in various stages, my little KJ loves to come move them all around when I lay them out, so I think I will let her inspiration help with the final placements when I start to join as I go! Will take pics this weekend, work is crazy and I have a deadline to meet during the workday. Cheers! Rona

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