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May 14, 2009


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I've sent you a separate e-mail with my ripple cushion cover on .. I'll definately be making more :-)
Lisa x

Kenia Cris

You are awesome. Everything you do always seems to be filled with love, care and patience to me. I lose myself in them middle of your photos at Flickr, I like looking at them because they bring your universe to me, and I love its colors (I can't stop saying that!!). I'm not sure if I've linked you to my crafts blog, but you're right there in my philosophy one so I can check up your new stuff. This note was very kind of you. Even being a stranger who has been visiting your site for such short time, I'm happy to be embraced by your message. Love,


How about making a separate flickr group?


YOU are awesome!:) I LOVE your colourful world and the way you are writing about it!!! Don't dare to stop!;D


Lucy, I dint comment on your throw post as I have only just read it, its lovely super gorgeous and youv'e made me pick up the hook again and get stuck into the squares. I'd stare=ted trying a few other things with the hook, but Im right back there with the squares. I want to make a big blanket for my bed so it will be a while yet but any smaller progects I will post to show you.
Louise xxx


Oooher, you have certainly been an inspiration to me. I have just completed the bag and posted pics on my ( very new )blog this morning. I was utterly amazed at how easy it was to follow your instructions, it made everything so very pleasant and stress free! I can't thank you enough for getting me all hooked on crocheting again. I have even rippled a practice piece, again, with your instructions it was so easy, and I may, MAY just try the hexagons one of these days, lol. When I am feeling brave, errmm.
The pics of my crochet bag are here - http://lululizinlalaland.blogspot.com/


Here's my Lucy hooky goodness:


Thanks for the inspiration, Lucy!


Ouch! You nearly had my eye out with that hook! I haven't made any jam jar covers or completed any blankets yet but you did inspire me to take up crochet again and I have almost finished a blanket made up of one huge granny square. I also had a practise of making your mini flowers but never got around to putting them together. I have seen loads of blogs with your bags and crochet jackets on. You have revolutionised the craft of crochet!!! You are probably the reason that the new crochet magazine came out!!! How about doing some tutorials on making fabric pictures? (If you haven't got enough to do already!)x


Hi Lucy,
I love popping in EVERY day to see what you have been up to, i have also had a go at making a few of your things too, the flower vase, the ripple cushion, and now im on a hexagon blanket, i'd just like to say thank you for the patterns that you share with us.
Sarah x
p.s there is some pics on my blog.


Ok! I am so glad that you have requested comments. I was inspired by your blog the very minute I came across it, and now I visit you every day. The brightness and beauty of your world has seeped into mine, and I do thank you. There is even a blog entry in my blog about how much I have been inspired by you, and others much like you. Come visit me! http://two-red-doors.blogspot.com/
Anything that you see of a colorful and stripy nature, well you had a part in bringing it to life.



As you know you have been a WONDERFUL!!!!!! insiration to me and of course you have the little knitted housey jam jar covers I made you as a thank you for that inspiration I got from your lovely crocheted ones xx
Incidentaly I have seen some GORGEOUS vintage crocheted ones with flowers on, must send you the link, I think you'll love them.
I have had fun making one of your crocheted flowers (in your fab and easy to follow tutorial :o), does that count? can I share a picture?
You are a very special lady, you give us so much or your time and love, you deseve every bit that's returned.
Thank you so much for all YOUR lovely, kind and encouraging comments and emails you send me. I appreciate and treasure them very much.
Thank you and bless you my sweet friend
(((((((((HUGE HUGS LUCY))))))))))


Wow where do I begin with all the inspiration that you have given me:) Ive made the tote(twice), Ive made the hex afghan and Im contemplating on making the little round square afghan maybe just a little throw:) I love your site I feel like Im there with you on your little part of the world. Thanks for all you sharing...Blessings


Hi! You inspire me in so many ways, I adore reading your blog, I adore the bright, cheery colors your surround your life with and I adore your crocheting and that you share your patterns!

I, too, have made a bag and you can see it here: http://justcallmeabby.blogspot.com/2009/04/monday-its-sunny-and.html



i think on my penultimate post there is a pic of the start of a bag inspired by you!!! i have now nearly finished it and will post a completed pic very soon. love looking at all your gorgeous crochet - you have such brilliant colours!



Well, Lucy Sweetheart, your very welcome. Come see my new version of your crochet bag I posted yesterday!


Thank you for your lovely colorful inspiration everyday!

kitschen pink

Aha! I'm not the only one who thinks there might be a new flickr group on the horizon! Superb idea! Go for it! t.x

Nina - Tabiboo

No link to any hookie goodness over here at Tabiboo as quite frankly I am hopeless with the whole crochet business, my fingers just don't get it! It doesn't mean I 'do not' try though!

Though let me do tell you how inspired I am with all your crochet goodness - so I thank you Lucy for brightening up my day.

take care,

Nina x

Bonnie Slager

A flickr group would be a good idea.
I am currently working on a ripple, but last night I did up a summer garden granny, and I love them. I have to yarn shop now.
Beautiful stuff! I check your blog daily, and am soooo happy that I came across it. Truly inspirational!


I agree with the flickr group idea - it would be lovely to see everyones creations in one place.

Joely Leik

I have just recently started visiting the Attic and what a wonderful place to be!!! I love your yarns and colors. I have started the bag and the ripple!! I start my mornings running to the computer to see what is new in the attic!! Thanks for all the pictures and inspiration!!



here are some links to my attic inspired goodies
http://dottydotty.wordpress.com/2009/03/07/day-66/(think you've seen this one before)
and finally this one
thanks for all the gorgoeusness and inspiration



Je ne parle pas suffisamment l'anglais pour écrire le commentaire, mais je trouve votre blog extraordinaire de vie et de poésie.
Vous me donnez le goût de vouloir faire du crochet.
Bravo, continuez, j'attends vos posts avec beaucoup de gourmandise;
Best regards,


How about an Attic group on Ravelry?


Here is my Attic24 inspired crochet jollity!
The Flickr group is a great idea. Thank you for the inspiration.


Hi Lucy :)
Your fab blog as inspired me to learn to crochet. It's not going too well so far, I have managed to crochet myself round in a circle-y tube-y thing that looks a bit like a pixie's hat. hmm.
Anyway, first comment here, just wanted to say hi :)

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