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  • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x



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April 28, 2009


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Cushion & throw is lovely as always with your crafts. I think alot of us sahm s go through what youve being feeling some of the time. Hope you feel not so lonely soon.
Take care x


Aaahhh I'm glad you decided to share, it's just too yummy not to. Hope you soon get back into your rhythm. As Helen said, we all get to feel out of sorts with ourselves from time to time.


So, so gorgeous. I love meandering through your blog, it's so jolly, stripey and full of inspiration. It lifts my spirits to scroll through your pictures and see the delicious colours and textures...

Thanks for sharing... keep it up!

Yvonne xx


I love your cushion, it looks so comfy! and the throw is divine!

The Antidote

Beautiful crochet as ever Lucy. Sorry that you are a bit lost at the moment. Hop over to me later on today (I am still photographing) and check out my crochet attempt! That will make you smile (Albeit at my expense!!.
How I long to perfect just one Granny!


Your cushion looks gorgeous. You said that you were joining the grannies as you went along. How do you like the finished look.
I am just finishing a granny throw, but....ugh....stitching it all together by hand slip stitch. Soooooo slow!!!!
Does the joining as you go method produce as good an end result as the slip-stitch/crochet join.
Because honestly I have been saying "never again" will I do granny squares, because of the joining together at the end.
Let me know if the new method is life/crochet changing:))


Glorious, as always!


All so beautiful!

Nina - Tabiboo

Wow Lucy, that's come out grand - in an ever decreasing or in this case increasing 'circles' kind of way!

Lovely to hvae you back - hope all is OK?

Have a lovely day,

Nina x

hill upon hill

So nice, oh to create.


It all looks fabby, well done you.
Hen x


Hi again from Finland! I am just about to end the nice ripple pattern blanket and next project will be your nice bag with joyful colors. So far I have been ordering the garn you recommended for this, but now I just have to find some sort of replacement from Scandinavia. This ripple has costed me now over 100€, but it is worth it. Thanks for giving me such a nice pattern to work with. It has helped me a lot to get on with my life, have perspective to things and see joy in life.


hello lucy,
the thing about loving your blog is i think, it is a bit like reading a good book. but while a book ends in the end your blog is just going on and on.
i realy like reading your blog and if you ever write a book, i will be the first one who is buing it.
you are doing so well with crocheting. it is always a pleasure to read and see the colourful pictures.
bye bye for now from katja from hamburg
(please excuse my stumbling english)


Lovely crochet, I love both your rounds and squares, so colourful. I hope you feel a bit more like yourself soon, sometimes the aftermath of a lovely holiday can be such an anticlimax. But I and all your blogs followers are glad you are back!


So lovely! I like it all. I like your choice of colores, and it all comes together so nicely.
I'm mainly a knitter, but started to crochet squares for a Babette blanket. I'm a little afraid of joining them...


Already got a bit worried not hearing from you ; ) Good to see everything is ok. BUT you're killing me, I love the cushion and the new blanket oh how it's starting to itch to make my own, but I still have 39 hexagons to finish and want to start a ripply after but now...dilemma,dilemma ; )


That's lovely Lucy and, for us, much better if you share! And I'm sure that ticket inspector was mightily impressed!

Shelley in SC

The throw is looking wonderful. I love the smaller size and the multiple edging rows. It does make me smile just looking at it. I can't imagine how delightful it must be in real life!


I LOVE your crochet! I love the colours you use. I'm glad I found your blog. I should spend more time doing than looking though!


It's a grey day here (where'd our summer go?) but I know I can always rely on The Attic for a splash of colour. I love the circle cushion. I'm midway through your round bag pattern and I totally love crocheting those rounds. So therapeutic. You post has made me want to dash out to the wool shop though - that's no so good! Eek!



I love the colors you used in your circular cushion cover....so bright and beautiful! :)


Oh Lucy dont be down :(
Enjoy the peace and quiet after your hectic hols. I find when I crochet its quite cathartic and takes your mind of other things....soooooo.......keep on hookin girl!! Then share it with us!
If your still feeling a bit blue Im always available for coffee, cake & crochet (the only downside is you would have to get to mine!)
Take care and remember your bloggy friends are always thinking about you, thats why we visit everyday.


What a lovely splash of colours on such a grey horrible day. This has cheeree me up :)
Estelle x


Your colourful creations always cheer me up (how I do wish I could crochet, I tried to learn from a book about 1 year ago but it ended in a mess and there is no one near to help me! I might try again soon). I can understand your loneliness - my youngest just started nursery last week and my oldest is going to school in sept -I feel lonely just at the thought of it. I do hope you can find a way out of it. Best wishes and thank you for sharing all. x


I love coming to visit your blog and escape into your bright colourful world... every day it cheers me up :) and I want to say thankyou for that.

I am sorry to hear that you are feeling a bit down - chin up - its to be expected after such a wonderful holiday... You will bounce back to yourself soon enough - I prescribe more crochet therapy!

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