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April 08, 2009


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Hi Luce
I hope my email last night didnt jinx your computer!!!
Love all the Eastery bits, how I wish my family were still little and wanting all these lovely displays! I will now have to have a day of reminiscing instead. Mind you I don’t think they'd say no to the chocolate treats!
Have a lovely day
Wend xx

Nina - Tabiboo

Hi Lucy,

wow all Eastery and very colourful 'as usual' I wouldn't expect anything less - mmmmm, colour lovely!!

I hate that when the computer just won't work I'm sure my hubby is jealous of my 'blogging' relationship 'oh well, I just don't care' he has the pub!!

Hope the sun shines again today, have a lovely one,

take care,

Nina x


This little blog blows my mind, so much so that I have just finished a feature of this adorable nook over on my blog. You really inspire me to pick up my hook again and make utter lushness. Thankyou for your passionate blog, not just from a crafter, but from a mother aswell.
tea and yarn Courtney


What lovely pretty decorations... I have never thought to decorate for Easter... but after seeing your efforts I might have to make plans to start... unfortunately it will be next year.. but hey I can dream :)

Thanks as always for the bright cheery post.. computer failure is always something to panic about.


Hello Lucy - perhaps you'll have to change your blog name to 'Addict 24' !!! I bought that cute knitted hen and posted it to my Mum in Australia - she has a bit of a chook obsession. Enjoy your Easter - Catherine


Thank you Lucy, you've just given me a lovely slice of homely Easter. We don't celebrate Easter until the following weekend and it will be a bigger celebration for the locals than Christmas, presents etc. but not alot of choc eggs!!


colorful eggs, wonderful decorations.
im addicted to ur blog too, thank god u managed to get a replacement laptop, if not for sure we gonna miss u today.


Hey Lucy, I get the whole addiction thing, I'm completely addicted to about 150 different blogs that I check out regularly, obviously, yours included.

I thought of you the other day, actually, on two occasions, two crochet things I discovered that I thought you'd enjoy. One was a crocheted throw that I unpacked that's been in storage. It's very old, in mint condition, and heavy! I believe all wool. Each granny has a flower crocheted on it/within it.

The other thing is completely colorful and crafty. I was at a client's house and on her table sat a very springtime colorful set of eggs in a basket. These were actually made about 20 years ago. I'll try to explain them....long chain crochet in a colored cotton yarn, you know, the really thin type. Each egg had it's own color but the yarn was variegated with the specific color. Then these chains were glued to and wrapped around blown out eggshells.

I meant to take a picture but had forgotten my camera the next day I was there. I knew you'd really enjoy the eye candy of it all! I'll try to get a picture now that I've teased you with this...

Have a great day! Glad you found relief by being able to use a different computer!! Lucky us.


Lovely decorations Lucy. I've collected up a few, just need to clear a space to display them which I'm working on today! Thanks to you and your inspiration I finished my zigzag cushion last night! Picture on blog this morning.

Linda O

Wheww, glad you got your computer problems sorted!!,
Love your decorations and Easter nests, the flowers in the tin are a great idea.
We decorated our Easter Tree and made nests yesterday, hasten to add, will have to make some more before the weekend!!!
They were tasty though!
Have a lovely day, enjoy the sunshine xx

Quilting Mama

I've just spent this morning making rag striped Easter eggs (strips of rags stuck around egg shapes - sounds wierd but they look OK) and love your bunny cozies - next year! Good luck w your computer malfunction.

Shelley in SC

Had to laugh at the comments by "J." When I pulled out the camera while making dinner last night and made them wait until I got just the right shot, they all accused me of addiction!! Thanks for showing some Easter decor. I WANT that little tree!


what lovely easter decorations, & i love that knitted hen too!

Lizzie J

Thank you for a lovely uplifting blog once again. After a truly horrible morning I'm now back to feeling all calm and 'Eastery' after reading about and seeing your fabulous decorations - I think I actually have some of those delicious Dun Elm blooms hidden away in the garage somewhere (I know how terrible of me) so guess what my new project for this afternoon is - yes a gorgeous Easter Tree!! I really hope your computer starts behaving itself - and thank you for your continuing inspiration
Love Lizzie J XX

Alison Hutchison

Am laughing in recognition at your hissy fit and partner laughing...had a wee one of my own last night and partner laughingly said I was being too SENSITIVE...I'm a girl it's in the job spec I cried, before the tears came!! Loving the Easter decs xx


Hi Lucy - I suppose you've heard before but to me your blog is a little escape from the daily grind - thank you - it's always pleasant escaping to Attic24.


Nice job with the decorating Luce!! Everything looks so bright a cheery. You have got more done than I have this year. I've put too much on my list again. :) Maybe the girls and I will make a few things before the week is over. Thanks for the inspiration and lighting a fire under me to get me going. :)



I always get my hackles up when you say J has complained about your blogging time. What I read in your blog is a story of a wonderful, creative mother who is there for her children, feeds their bodies and their imaginations, and gives them the gift of a happy childhood. That is the real job! If you enjoy sharing all this on your blog he shouldn't mind!

kitschen pink

When I was a kid that was the job I wanted - the person who re-named the paint charts every year at Dulux! Can you imagine the fun they have coming up with those names! I could eat them all! t.x (LOVE those runner ducks!)


Your Easter decorations look lovely, Lucy. Boys and I spent this morning looking for the right shape hazel twigs in the garden for our Easter bunch. Stuck them in a blue jug with pebbles to hold them up then the boys decorated them with all the bits we have collected over the years. Even my just 15 year old enjoyed it until a delivery van arrived with the trampoline we had promised them two years ago and only just got around to buying. Childrens priorities are very different to ours but they appreciate our caring and creativity in their own way. I am sure J does too. Karenx

Kate - The Garden Bell

Oh, my goodness. What fun you had yesterday. Once again I love all your colors. They so much remind me of my favs, Sticks (furniture) and Claire Murray rugs. You should check out the Sticks.com to get some ideas for painting your bath cabinet. Their goodies are right up your alley.
Still working out how to blog so as to share my palette stuff rugs,paintings,ripples and furniture. IT's like our color wheels are connected. Your blog now brightens and inspires my day to begin.


Oh dear, broken computer. This is just not on. Pleased you had a back up though. My dear hubby has just wrecked his laptop by spilling a glass of wine over it. Now I am sharing mine with him. I don't mind too much as I am doing some zigzag crocheting. Gives me an excuse to sit and hook away to my hearts content. Think your easter decorations are fab. As Jude (cariad in crete) has already told you Easter Sunday is the 19th April here.This is their main celebration and Christmas is second.


I love your Easter decorations. So bright and cheery, giving lots of ideas to swell my new collection. Thank you.



Pretty decorations! Oh how I miss my bowl of candies and little Easter trinkets, but none this year as we are moving soon (and we have a 15 month old who is getting into EVERYTHING). Have a great Easter!


So colourfull....love it!

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