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March 16, 2009


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As always, a wonderfully inspiring post...I am beginning to think that my life is so dull....or perhaps I need (like you) to look on the bright side of everything!

I see that there are lots of visitors to the Attic each day now, you must be having to clean up lots of muddly footprints on your carpet...it must be your new found fame...or perhaps the delicious baking?

Anyway, Lucy, take care and as always, I look forward to your next post.


y'know I think I will have a delicious Monday morning feeling when all of mine are at school. Although it probably won't last as will no doubt have to find Job.....

Mine love going away too but doesn't happen very often, poor loves. However, even getting air beds out can cause the same reaction.

susan hall

Love the weekend delights Lucy! You even manage to make dear old Blackpool look inviting and that is quite an achievement these days.
Love the crochet the colours just mmmmm- especially the pansy, I do love pansies..(why doesn't that sound quite right?)
My own weekend included a trawl round Bury market, you should go there some time it is HUGE. And on sunday to Manchester where we saw the St Patrick's day parade and I had half an hour in Paperchase cooing over the pretty easter goodies.
I do like the cosy picture of your feet in their beautifully fitting socks....well I would say that wouldn't I... love xx


I am so happy you had a great weekend! I also love Monday's- they are full of possibilities and new chances. Monday's are the day I always begin new projects, diets, etc... Oh, and i really like your crochet flowers, i am tempted to try one myself.


The last time I went to Blackpool I got food poisoning! I am glad that you enjoyed your little break. Sometimes it is just nice to get away isn't it? I bet the little people love going on all these mini adventures with you. Well done on tackling the 'advanced'! crochet flowers. That huge pansy is great. Do they have any sunflowers in the book? I bet you could make a lovely huge sunflower with a little bee sitting in the middle!

Nina - Tabiboo

Hi Lucy,

Sounds like you had an enjoyable, adventurous weekend!! I have never been to Blackpool, but the way you describe it, it sounds a lot like our neighboring town of Margate.

I love going away, but I think I love coming home even more!

Nina x


Hi Lucy
I too had "100 flowers to knit and crochet" arrive on my doormat just recently. It's such a lovely book. I also made a couple of daisies this weekend to decorate a bag with. So many more flowers I want to make from the book though.


I have that book too and am slowly working my way through it. I'm determined to do each and every one of the flowers, though like you, I'm not sure what they will be used for! YouTube has some fabulous video crochet tutorials on it to help with those tricky stitches. I can sit for ages trying to follow a written instruction for a stitch and then I go there and see it done and think 'Ohhhh!, that's what they mean!'


ooh, mondays have always been blue for me...
perhaps i should look to the opposite side on what mondays lay ahead for the week.

ladybird would like nice on ur flowers.


we had a weekend in blackpool before christmas and it was wet and very, very grey..but we loved it. it took almost 7 hours to get there so we couldn't say no to our little people when they insisted we went up the tower and saw the sights!

we also enjoyed the prom at pace with a husband and daddy who was...slower and not so keen on standing under the huge glitter ball sculpture ... looking up to make our heads spin!!


How funny is that! I bought that book on Thursday and was going to blog about it this week! We are all so alike aren't we, it never fails to make me smile!
Love to you, Luce


We go to Blackpool every year for hubbys work Christmas do :) love the place loads of good fun and seaside tackiness LOL!!! not such a good weekend here, lots of family poorlyness, but did manage to lose my voice watching the rugby yesterday!!!! (while getting hooky I might add)


I really like your new flowers. particularly the delightful little pansy. I love pansies they remind me so much of my Nan. I loved how she grew them in a little cranny at the end of her tiny brick yard.
Shame about Blackpool's unprettyness, you wrote a lovely description of your day out though. I enjoy your days out lots and lots. Have been out in the sunshine myself today, it really perks you up, the sunshine, when it comes. Especially when you are not expecting it. Better move on now, or I'll be here chatting all day.


Your seascape photos are quite beautiful, showing that nature always brings pleasure to the eye, even if some other Blackpool aspects are ... well, not so pretty. Still, I can imagine what fun it was for your children to go exploring.

I agree with prior comments that the crocheted pansy is very effective. I will have to investigate that book.

Happy Monday to you, Lucy!


Ah Lucy, looks like I will be paying Mr Amazon a visit later on. I've hummed and hahhed over that book but it looks rather pretty and I've been hankering after a crochet butterfly. Funnily enough, I made a pansy flower from the Nicky Epstein Crocheted Flowers book on Friday night. It is quite pretty but like you, I'm now wondering what to do with it! No doubt I shall find a use. Glad you had a good weekend. I agree, I love Mondays actually. I love the weekend and being with the gang but by Monday, I'm happy to be back to my den, Radio 2 and pottering about, and unadulterated non-stop crafting, of course!
Hen x


Ahhh there's nothing like the seaside air to blow your cobwebs away - if you know what I mean! So glad you had a lovely time at the seaside. And how lovely to finish your weekend off with some peaceful pottering and crochet. Love the socks! Lucy xxxxx


Wonderful post! I'm so thrilled to have been shown to your blog yesterday. I am looking so forward to many more posts!


I love mondays too because as a part-time worker (frid, sat, mon - 5hrs each day) because 2.00pm on a Mon sees my working week! finished. On a Saturday I work 8 - 1 and get home in time to have lunch (usually made for me by lovley hubby). Son has been to football training and daughter is preparing for dance class. I then get to read or catch up on some TV until she is collected and we decide what the evening will bring. Sunday is usually our going out day or staying in with a family movie depending on whats going on. Am loving the pansy, Lucy, however as I still haven't mastered the basics (I'm evening boring myself say this)yet, I wont be buying the book any time soon. Enjoy your Monday evening - jacqui x


Have you tried the daffodils yet Lucy ?
The pattern is a bit wordy but ok if you persist...just right for spring or St David's Day !
Off to the see soon too for a w/end of craft and beachcombing..I can't wait !
Steph x


Love love loving the flowers x o x


Pleased you and the little people had a good time in Blackpool, it's not my cup of tea.

That book, I tried to order it last week but it was out of stock. I want to crochet the poppies. Is it really good?


Sounds like a most wonderful weekend dear! How fun frolicking around the beach out of breath, just being yourself. Beeeeauuuutiful!!!

Even at home you seemed to have had a grand time. What could be better with fresh sheets, home made socks, yarny business, mags, etc. Simply awesome. It makes me want to throw on my socks I've made. Cozy aren't they?

The flowers are lovely and that is one book I will have to put on my list to check out. How fun!

Have a grand day in the Attic! Frolic as you please!!! :)



What a lovely time you all had! I adore the new flowers you've crocheted-beautiful, especially the pansy!

Did I tell you Ive started my very own summer blanket, Im following the pattern you very kindly shared here and Im up to 14 squares!Hurrah for inspiration and beautiful blankets!!!

Love to you
Julia x


What a nice weekend you had! The flowers are so bright and cheery. Love the photo of the laundry hanging on the line.


What a delightful weekend! But I have to confess I like Mondays too.

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