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February 19, 2009


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Sounds like a perfect afternoon. I've been to Salts Mill a couple of times, when we've driven up through England and I love it!


Never been to salts mills before but it looks like a good day out, I agree with you the colours in that painting are fantastic.


susan hall

Yes, I also love Saltaire And Salts Mill. Did you go and look at the almshouses up the hill and across the main road? they are lovely too.
There are quite afew of these workers "villages" in the north west all good to visit.
Lovely lovely photographs as ever Lucy.


ahha, not only the children are having holiday, u are holiday-ing with them too. keep us posted with ur activities ya... enjoy ur holiday...


it's a favourite destination of ours too, all those art materials for sale (at great expense) and the books, oh the books! last time we went my two curled up on a big red sofa and read and read and read. and then there was cake!


The Salt Mill looks great. I like the Art Nouveau looking Aspidistra stand with yellow flowers. Nothing so good to look at around here so I am off to B & Q with my son to look at plant pots!!! I don't think he will find that very inspiring (me neither). Thanks for another look into your daily life. The little people are very fortunate to have an interesting Mummy who takes them out on a journey by train.


Lucy, your afternoon sounded fab! Our kids were off last week and I had to laugh because although mine are now 12 and 10 they had the SAME sofa fight. Even funnier is the fact that we have two sofas in the room, so technically there is no reason for the argument. I wonder have yours had the "he/shes looking at me" fight or is that still to come. Have a lovely day - jacquix


Hey, what a wonderful afternoon out, a little bit for you and a little bit for them, that's what life is all about.....


Dear Lucy:
I find it so cool that you can take the train to the many towns in your area. Over here in Canada people have to rely so much on a car to get to many places.My kids would think that part of the journey would be the best. Is it expensive to take the train there? I would love to visit Saltaire.What history!It sounds like a perfect day.


looks like a good place to visit i shall add it to my list :-) i know the feeling re a row coming on - mine were close over some little miss books being out of order ........


What a lovely day out. The Salt mill looks a great place to visit.


what lovely little houses, don,t you just want to go and peek in the windows!!! looks like you had a great day out. x


You had a great solution to that stormy sofa situation!

Before reading this post, I had never seen pictures of Saltaire, and know I would also have been clicking away with the camera.

Salt's Mill also seems pretty amazing, very different from anything we have around here.

Thanks for taking us along on your day out.


I wish that I could pop through your photos and spend a day in Salts Mill. Thank you for sharing it! And I am very impressed with your little ones. I don't think any of my three would have been able to resist feeling the pretty things until they were at least 10. You must be a very good Mom. :)


Well, first tell the Little People that we are so very proud that Mum can take them out anywhere and they behave properly and have a lovely day for it. Bravo little ones. Your Mum has brought you up right. :)

We have a few of those sofa conflicts from time to time. My peeps know that if I have to say "knock it off" more than once, Mom gets very upset. Not nice. And I give them the "EYE".

I would love to be able to pop on a train and go for a short trip for the day. Wow! That would be so awesome! And to go to a super duper neato place such a Salts Mill to boot. That would be grand. I would be like you Luce and walking up and down the streets looking at all the lovely old homes and soaking up all the history of the place. So jealous right now dear.

Thanks for the lovely pics and sharing your most wonderful outing with us all. Wish we could have been there with you. Oh the fun! :D

Toodles dear! xxxx


Looks like a great afternoon out :)

The Coffee Lady

What a wonderful trip down memory lane for me - Mr Coffee and I spent hours and hours in Salts Mill before we moved from Yorkshire. It was one of our regular haunts. The books we bought! The carrot cake we ate! They used to do the most lovely Christmas shopping evenings in the village, with live music and all kinds of wonderment.

In fact it was a good job we did move away, because Salts Mill was in danger of bankrupting us!

Alice C

I am afraid that we used to have the 'I am holding the hand with the ring finger' fight. Tricky because I have two hands but only one ring finger.

There...now I am feeling all nostalgic...so take comfort...one day the left-hand-side-of-the-sofa-fight will be the stuff of your family legend.


Hi Lucy
Great place, I would enjoy that too! I love your enthusiasm for everything oh and the chairs in the diner are fun! Love Sal x
I'm not keen on the smell of lillies!

Helen Lambert

We go to Salts once a month..sometimes more...we often cycle down the tow path...and I am going tomorrow...did you find the vintage shops? and the wonderful tea shop Vicars?? There is also a little train which you can go on near the park you went to...most of my salary goes in that mill...its one of my favourite places...I cant wait to go tomorrow now....


I have wanted to go there for ages and now I REALLY want to go after seeing your fab pictures. We spent the day today at Grizedale Forest and the sun came out and I put sunglasses on!!!


This sounds and looks like heaven! Definitely on my to do list. Thanks for enlightening me!

Shelley in SC

I was charmed by my visit with you to Salts Mill today. So fun to get to visit a new place via the web! Thanks for sharing. I'm convinced bright colors follow you around . . . begging to be photographed!


All I can say is...what lucky children to have you as a mum Lucy. What a happier bunch of kiddies we would have in this country if all could be occupied in this way from time to time. Sounds like I need to visit Salt Mills it looks wonderful. My mum was a Bradford lass and talked about it often though it didn't look like that in her day!!. I will add it to my 'must vitit in 09' list. Hope the sun starts shining before HT ends...Eli


Hi Lucy. Thanks for reminding me of another place I need to take my three year old - its getting to be a long list. I've only been to Salts Mill once (to see a play about clog dancing satyrs) and I'd love to go back. And since my daughter was given the Katie stories for her birthday, she loves art galleries and looking at pictures. We spent yesterday at the fair

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