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February 24, 2009


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I love your wonderful tiny flower brooches, just fab.


Wow I love these - thanks for sharing.


just in case you are interested http://www.kempswoolshop.com/search.aspx -- cheap Rowan cotton...

elizabeth of course

It's adorable! And i know that bug that gets you and won't let you do anythign pracitcal unti you have made what it is that is begging to be made! Let the kids eat dry cereal from the box, they'll be fine, haha!


adorable, that would make me smile if I walked past you!
oh Love that red and white button tin
too cute, where did you find that?


Sell 'em, Lucy!


I'm with you! Dinner can wait. LOVE the flowers, leaves & buttons. You have inspired me. Thanks Lucy!

Bertie Meadows

Hi Lucy, they are cute! I'm looking forward to being able to make my own soon!
Bertie x


Wow, they are just great. You are so generous to share. They sound just the thing for me to crochet on my long haul flights planned to OZ/NZ and back in three week's time. I have even bought myself a couple of bamboo hooks to pass through security!! I have made similar but bigger two row, six petal flowers/snowflakes as Christmas tree decs that take eight minutes each!! So can't wait to try these. Thanks.


Those are too cute...

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Absolutely gorgeous Lucy! Thank you so much for the pattern! I can see some happy time being spent playing at making brooches instead of doing the housework! Hooray!!!

Lucy x


so gorgeous!! very good idea!!! thanks!!


Oooh, ooh, ooh! I just finished the Bag, and haven't made the flowers for the handles yet! Now the dilemma- one big one, or several teeny, tiny ones. BTW, the teenager has decided the bag is a 'Whatever, Mom,' project. As in Whatever were you thinking using all those colors TOGETHER???


These are simply gorgeous! Your colors and design are just yummy.

Thank you for sharing.


Beautiful Lucy. Can't wait to try them! Now do I unpack my case or sit down with a hook? No competition really!! Thank you once again!


Thanks, they look great.
I know how one can get tied up by crochet just one more...a few rows...one stitch ... almost there ...oh but this would look good too....yes yes...
hours fly when you're having fun and creating eye candy

Totally understand

; ) Nathalie
(btw already 13 hexagons stick together and about 27 in the making)

PS Don't forget to feed the little people ; )


Wonderful. Lucy. You clever old stick! Thanks for sharing with us all.
Hen x


This is too adorable! I love everything about it from the colors to the buttons. :)


Oh you never fail to brighten my day, such sweet flowers, I need some for my lovely boden coat too!


gotta av a go at these! And while I'm here, I just wanted to tell you; I'm making a crochet hexagon blanket from your pattern. One day, my Chinese friend C popped round and she had with her her auntie A. C speaks good English and I speak some Chinese, but auntie A speaks only Chinese; we can communicate a bit but with difficulty. I was crocheting when they came and A pounced on the hexagons and said she used to do that and how do I join them together; sew them or crochet them? (This conversation was had without either of us knowing the other's language terms for "crochet", "single", "treble" etc). I showed her how I did the final 2 rounds and join them in; halfway round, she gestured that she wanted to have a go, and with the phrases "there", "three here" and "another three", we communicated perfectly well and she finished off the hexagon. It was strange, beautiful and uncanny; so little vocabulary but so much understanding! C and my husband were gobsmacked! I asked C if crochet was a thing people do in China and, no, it's not an ancient Chinese art but lots of women do it. So different, but so much the same, eh?


Your teeny flower brooches are delightful. I can't wait to make some for myself. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

And dinner can always wait when something as pretty as these are being made.


Thank you so much for giving of your talents again Lucy! And thanks so much for the heads up while visiting my blog! You are a peach. :)

I'm making flowers to add to all the colors and my girls' bathroom. They simply adore all the lovely petally things that are finding a home in their little room. It is becoming very cheery.

Thanks again for sharing and being so inspiring. :D

toodles! xxxx


A posy brooch!!! Another project that I just might have to do! The little button centres finish them off a treat.



A Thrifty Mrs

They are very sweet. You have got me hooked (see what I did there?) on crochet woman. My husband is not a happy man. ;)

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