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January 26, 2009


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Awww - bless Little Man and his bun making! So lovely. Glad I didn't have the mess to sort out though!
Love the bunting - the buttons are just perfect for it!
love Ange


Your crochet is gorgeous. Have bought my learn to crochet book but just cannot get to grips with it at all! I must keep trying! I want bunting!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a lovely story - well done for recognising the good in it and helping him finish his buns - I'm sure most people would have just cracked at the mess and chaos!

The bunting is gorgeous - I'm not surprised you want to make more! I'm practically having to sit on my hands to stop myself reaching over to the sewing table to grab an hook and some wool to make my own IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Thanks for being so inspiring!

Lucy x

P.S. I've just finished my friend's finally-due-to-be-born-today baby's hexagon blanket and love making the hexes so much that I am carrying on with a technicolour scarf for myself!


ahh how lovely, your bunting looks great, and how sweet does your little bun maker sound and at least he tried to tidy up. My son loves to help bake but the idea of tidying up afterwards is something he's not so keen to try.

hope the bathroom is going ok.


Love the bunting - your little one sounds gorgeous - my ten yr old went very quiet yesterday afternoon - when she surface she had cut up her old clothes (some not so old) and turned them into new outfits - the design of them was really good but unfortunately the sewing was a bit sparse so they fell to pieces -

But shes not disheartened shes going to try again tonight.



What a happy little chef you have there and well done for regaining your composure, the buns look good! thank your lucky stars he stopped at just mixing it and didn't try to turn the oven on!!!

I love the bunting and the buttons are a lovely touch, I have mastered the afghan square, I was so chuffed I almost whipped out the camera last night so that I could blog it to the world, but Mr P gave me that look, and I went to bed to dream of Granny squares!

keep up the good work!
X Alex


Hi Luce

Everything is lovely as usual. Very colourful. I love the bunting - might even have a go myself - yikes! Just in the process of converting a cardigan with a bit of hooking at the moment. That lovely creative to do list is soooooooooo long! By the way what a good little boy - he waited for you to put the oven on so he does recognise important boundaries. I love the fact he made the cakes. I love little stories like that. I can imagine just how proud he was. Fantastic!

Love Emma xxxxx

PS Got an idea I would like to chat to you about on email. Look out for it. Haven't written it yet but it could be quite exciting or not as the case may be!

PPS Are you going to CL spring fair. I will be there on Sun if you were going then.


Oh Lucy,
What would I do without your wonderful crochet inspiration...xx


Hi Luce,
What a fun post, you really made your weekend come alive! Thanks for sharing.
Hen x


Oh that post has made me chuckle soo funny, bless him where was J when all this was going on?


oh I had a lump in my throat at him saying sorry and begging to make the buns - its a good reminder for me to remember to listen and look at them when I am about to launch into one of my rants !!! lovely bathroom bunting how gorgeous!

Bertie Meadows

Oh what a lovely story Lucy. I'ts amazing what they can get up to when you're not looking! Your bunting is very cheery, I bet you can't wait to get in your bathroom and start tweaking.
Bertie x


Hi Lucy, what a sweet boy! (Except for the mess of course!) Love the crochet bunting - perhaps a tutorial please, please, oh pretty please?! I have made one of your hexagons yes, and it came out right too, with the edges where they should be. Love, love, love crochet. The knitting is lovely but crochet is the winner. Kathyx PS. I see Lavenderhouse's comment are you going to CL Spring? And if so, which day? I am hoping to go on the Thursday but depends on a businss trip to Hong Kong (yipee) which had to be postponed from NOW due to the Chinese New Year. Sometimes I love my job!! Kathyx

A Thrifty Mrs

Love the look of those buns.
You have tempted me back into the world of crochet. I got myself some more hooks and some more yarn this weekend. Looking forward to learning from your blog.


Hi Lucy, sounds like a lovely Saturday to me. Your bunting is wonderful, have you decided where it will go? Well done to your Little Man on his bun making :) Have a lovely day xxxxx Gem


Your are such a good mum Lucy, i am afraid i would of been angry for longer, then felt so gulilty, they do try their best don't they and at times we just don't appreiciate it. And i love the crocheting everytime i see your work (and Janes at Posy) i just need to learn, pull finger me things and learn!


Hi this is the first time I've read your blog, and I cant stop smiling!! Your little man sounds like mine (although mines only 3)
I made an egg out of felt last night for no reason at all and jumped round the living room in excitement begging my husband to stop everything and look right now!! I think crafts give us childhood excitement again!!


I had the biggest smile on my face when reading about your little man and his baking episode. Boy, can I relate. I remember times when my "little" man would try to help and there would be big messes to clean up. Too funny!! I still get a little nervous when the girls want to help in the kitchen. I stand back but remind them they must clean up spills. Deep breaths!!

Love the bunting and the colors you used! Your bathroom will look so awesome with all those bright cheery colors all over. You must show how you used them when everything is all done.

toodles! :)


The excitement sounds contagious! Encourage the baking - my darling boy was the same & now 13 bakes the most wonderful cakes and biscuits.
Chris x (who has now done 6 hexagons & bought more wool!)


Aaaaww!I'm sure they tasted delicious. My neighbour phoned me once early one Sunday morning to ask if I knew the children were playing in the sink. (She could see them through the kitchen window) Yep, there was water everywhere including dripping of the ceiling! There is a little something over on my blog for you Lucy.


You have such a great eye for colour - all your crochet is gorgeous and has inspired me to do more crochet in the future. Pj


Okay Lucy, how about a bunting pattern for this Kansas Granny.........perhaps a link?


What a sweet, sweet post, Lucy. I adore how you can take a simple weekend and weave it into a glorious little story....a Lucy 'yarn' so to speak. The buns, bunting, and blankies are yummy, colorful, and total eye candy. Thanks for your sunshine today.


I have just discovered your blog and absolutely love it! I love your use of colour and the bunting is fab!


HOW I adore your bunting!!! what a great idea!!! and it looks so easy when you do it!!!
I might steal your idea for when I redo my work-studio area (I keep meaning to..... but it's all such a mess!!!!!!!!)

Your Little Guy story sends me reminders of my own kids when they were so young, excited over what they create and so proud too!!!

What moments to treasure, and I see you do!!!!

All my best!!!


PS yes, those two blankets will sit very nicely together!!!!!!

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