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January 16, 2009


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Words! Fail! soooo beautiful...I am making a vastly inferior blanket at the mo and yours is making me want to start a new one. Now!! gorgeous blog, you brighten my day :-) xxx


You are SO inspiring. You manage to put into words EXACTLY how I feel about colour too. I have plans to make a blanket this year too, I'm just finishing off a couple of smaller projects first (very disciplined! It's killing me!!) I love the colours of the DK, but am torn between it and the cotton... decisions, decisions.


wow, You should give lessons you know , charge a small amount and it would pay for the yarn to create this gorgeousness....
lisa x


Wow! You're a triple threat. I don't know what I enjoy more: your photographs, your words, or your expert crochet abilities. They way you explain your colors, supplies, and projects keeps me smiling! Thanks!


Great!!! can't wait to see the end result!!!!

I agree totally with you randomness works so well when the palette works.....

I crochet in the evenings and the light is not quite what it is in the daytime, so I don't really know what I'm taking.... I find out the end result next morning ---- so far, so good!!!

I blogged about my most recent project, but it's in French...... I'll be happy to translate if you wish.

tell me, do you crochet all day long, or for a fixed period during the day, or only in the evenings??? How long do you think it will take you to make this blanket, like how long did it take you to do the others?????

In love with what you do!!!

take care and keep us posted!!!!

Bertie Meadows

Lucy your blanket is going to be beautiful. I bet you'll have it finished in no time!
You should be proud of your photographs, they really are a feast for the eyes.
Bertie x.

elizabeth of course

You should be proud of your photos. Your lighting is always just right.
And the new project looks really great! I can so understand about shelling out all that money at once. I'm a sale and coupon girl when it comes to yarn.
And can I tell you how much I'm loving the word snaffle?


Lucy, the colours, the pattern are so gorgeous. It is going to look fantastically gorgeous when it's done!
You must have a very creative brain to think up the things you do. Thanks for the lovely blog and the inspiration to keep crocheting!! I am 'hooked' now ;-)


Y'know I think that might be my favourite out of all the ones you've made. I always thought if I were to crochet a blanket (hahaha, it would take me years....) it would be colour contained in a white border.

What will you do with all your (future) blankets? You could probably sell them on etsy for a small fortune (have you seen how much the CK ones are?).


WHEN are you going to SELL these??




The square with the orange centre really does look like a daffodil! The white border will really make the colours stand out even more! My fingers are itching to crochet something but I have so many projects started......


Well, you did not disappoint dear Luce! Took my breath away! I must be completely honest when I say that my true passion with crochet is blankets and you have recharged that passion in me. My dream is to have a pile of handmade blankets just waiting for my little peeps to pick the right one for the day to use. Just as if it were a big pile of quilts. I once thought of designing patterns for blankets and selling them on ETSY but wasn't sure. But now with your inspiration....ANYTHING is possible. I am also going to try to incorporate white into my blanket. My daughter said I should and I thought no. Now seeing yours...WOW! I am completely over taken with your work, colors, etc!

And let's forget your pictures! Please, you always seem to have the best light. What I would do for light like that to pour into my house! And the colors you surround yourself with. Completely changed me, you have. Your blog is my NUMBER 1 FAV!

I'm going to be in dream land all day with ideas just swimming in my head. Thank you, truly Luce!

I'll stop for now. :) xxxxxxxxx


Beautiful ideas for this blanket, gosh I really NEED to learn how to crochet! And wonderful photographs as always, of course you should be proud - I would be!!! You bring a bit of cheer to these miserable grey days! Thankyou Lucy for brightening up my day with your colour! X Gem


How exciting. And how beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent and your joy and enthusiasm with us.

I think it is wonderful that you create such beautiful things, and they are so admired and enjoyed by your family - all too often something beautiful has to be displayed or put out of harms way to be kept safe - to have such things of beauty also bring such love and happiness is wonderful.

Am so going to enjoy watching your new blanket evolve. It promises to be the most beautiful yet.

And finally, because I almost forgot in all the blanket love, the flowers mosaic is fabulous - I think you could frame that - a colourful fresh flower-filled feast for the eyes.

Have a great weekend. x


Your blankets are so beautiful! I had to comment because I just posted about my mom, who got back into crochet after many years, and she has made 13 ripple blankets in 14 months!
I recently showed her how to make a granny square, and your blog. There's no stopping her!


C'est beauuuuuu (nice, so nice)......


Lovely stuff as usual Lucy. You are very clever. The colour combinations are gorgeous. Vanessa at Do you mind if I knit did a lovely blog recently on a necklace she has made. The buttons and colour combinations are gorgeous. Perhaps your local wool shop would like a mention on your blog and then people could do mail order from them to clear your excess wool that they now have!!!!!

I just wanted to say that a long time ago I left you a very long comment about what I had done in the past. It was in response to an email where you asked me what I had done. It wasn't just a random ramble!

Back to colour I have noticed that often the best colours to accent our favourite colours are black, white and yellow. They are not colours I naturally go for but with a bit of them in they really bring out the other colours.

By the way, I think there is a serious bird making session going on in blogland at the moment. I look forward to seeing your birds. There is a blog that is actually doing - make 5 birds and then swap - but I cannot remember at the precise moment what it is called!!!!

Have a good weekend.

Love Emma xxxxx


Forgot to say - I love the mosaic feature of Picasa now as they have updated it so you can change the frame colour too. I think it is a great way to create a mop up of images to inspire everyone.

Love Emma xxxxx


Looks lovely, Lucy, and I enjoyed the flower mosaic, too. Happy blanket-crocheting to you.
Hen x


WOW!Such amazing colours. All your blankets are beautiful but this one is going to be stunning!


I just LOVE your blog(i visit daily), and your blankets which are also my passion. The colours you chose are very very beautiful, i wish i could go on the same shop to buy that yarn, unfortunately i'm very far and i can only buy it by net. Yr new blanket is going to be gorgeous.
Love Isabel xxxxx

Debra Spincic

Such a wonderful riot of color! Everything about your work is joyful!

susan hall

Hello again Lucy. It's lovely to see what your'e doing with that gorgeous haul of wool- and so fast! I so wish I could crochet. I can knit socks fast and piece a quilt(not so fast) but crochet has so far got me beat. Did you teach yourself? I reckon I need a teacher but haven't found one yet. Still I've got my hook and the book you recommend and I'll have to persevere.
Not this afternoon though I just finished a big bake of bread, muffins and parkin finished off with your choc chip cookies, now a firm favourite with all my sons(and me if I get the chance) so thanks for the recipe. Love S


It is lovely! I love the colors and the design. You did a great job. I can't wait to see it all finished. You have inspired me to start another afghan.

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