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October 16, 2008


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Mrs Be

Have to say that your blog always induces envy in me - today it is those Tesco bags. I've got one and do you think I can get any more? Rare as hens' teeth because they "always go as soon as they come in". Pah!

I knit but want to crochet. Have tried but just couldn't get it. Got the book Simply Crochet (I think it's called, can't locate it on bookshelves just now).

Also envious of your knit and natter group. Sigh.


Hi Lucy, lovely post again today. Really, really, really want to learn to crochet so will definately take a peep at the links today. Love the hallway - still can't get the rose tesco bag here! Please take a peep at my blog - its about a lost dog - its really touched me. Kathy


Thanks for the tips on tying in the loose ends Lucy. I really must take up crochet again but need to find a good wool supplier!


Thanks for the tip, Lucy, and the links.
By the way, your textile work is amazing. I'm looking at the pictures again and again, and each time I discover new things, tiny details, so lovely!


ooo lovely squares :-) i get square envy a lot - mainly because I havent taught myself to crochet yet! i know it may be reasonably easy to pick up but it looks so complicated ..........
sigh... will just look at others work instead !
Lesley x


Wow! Great tip, thanks.
Also, as I am a pro at chaining and double crocheting, I will attempt to do granny squares--I didn't know it was a DC stitch, I have been so scared, silly me--thanks for the link.
One more thing. I love the curly cue scarf at the top, did you crochet that?


I am so pleased that I am not the only one who can knit but not crochet. I am in my sixties now and I have tried on and off all my life. I have had books, a dvd, some expert teachers but no, I still can't get the hang of it. And it's granny squares I especially want to make! Yours are absolutely lovely - perhaps I'll have another go.


Lovely to catch a piece of everyday and see it in a new light.It's good for the soul.Your hallway is so cheerful. I often find I have moments of noticing things after a break away.
The granny squares are fab, you've got those Great colours again :)

Pink feather paradise

I can't wait to see the floral fabric paintings, and I sat up to 1am this morning reading a pattern over and over trying to make a slightly complicated granny square, it involved picot stitches and trebles and doubles, I will have to blog how I got on... love the knit and natter idea in a coffee shop, Joanne books a hall but it lacks the cosy atmosphere...and cost money to hire!
Cheers Alex


You have a beautiful blog, and I really enjoy it.
I love making the granny square blanket. They are easy and beautiful. I made mine out of leftover sock yarn. There's a photo of it here:


Happy fall!


Beatiful Lucy!!


I am getting ready to crochet right now. I'm so inspired by you yet not crocheting because I'm still sitting here being inspired! Ok. Off I go. Thank you. Oh and thank you for the bit about weaving the ends in. I'm definitely going to try that.


You are soooo helpful to the rest of us out here trying to get help from every angle to assist us with our attempt in crocheting!! Thank you, Thank you!! x


Hi Lucy

Sorry to have led you up the garden path. Thought I would do a giveaway and was really happy to find CK bag in Tesco - then read your blog where you have the whole lot - probably will be a crap giveaway - everyone has one now! Nevermind! Brilliant tutorial on the crocheting in the ends - thanks you very much. Back to the good feeling. Just feel optimistic - really necessary at the moment I think - would like to banish the doom and gloom from everyone's heavy hearts and make everyone confident again!

Love Emma x


WOW what a talented lady I love your pictures - they should be on the pages of Country Living can you not do some more - I know you have a young family but I think you could make a fortune with these. They are gorgeous justthink how much wool one of these beauties would buy you!!

Lace hearts

Hi - Emma directed me here, because I did a rubbish post about this today, prompted by how many peeps want to learn to crochet and I felt sad that people find it hard. Your pics are so much better. I'll direct everybody to you instead! I know what you mean about catching a glimpse of something and feeling really warm about it - I love your crocheted scarf.


That is going to be a beautiful granny square afghan when it's done. I just love to crochet and now I'm teaching myself to knit. I think the yarn budget might have to be increased :)


Another post full of total eye candy. Thanks for brightening up my evening after a long, long, dreary, rainy day here at my house.


lovely granny squares, I've been busy making some too,
go grannies! LOL


fantastic pictures - just love all the bright colours! just off to check out those tutorials!


My god woman are there no end to your talents?!! Not only do you look amazing, have wonderful hair, are a great photographer, an amazing housewife and mother...Not to mention No.1 blogger, But you now reveal to us all your beautiful textile pictures. Can you slow down please? you're putting some of out here to shame!!
Honestly though Lucy ,there stunning! really brightened up my day.
Jane. x


You just changed my life with this, "weaving them in as you go" business! I never really got that before and have spent HOURS losing ends. You're amazing!


i love all your crochet work, the hex, the square, the flowers, the bags etc.., and its very kind for you to show us the tutorial. definetely it helps alot. thank you so muchhhhhhhhh.

wish you merry christmas and happy new year 2009.


luce, do u have any tutorial on granny square? i doesnt seem able to get to the first round after the foundation chain slip stich together. how many dc i suppose to make for the first round? the link u provided doesnt show detailed tutorial as u do.

ooh how i wish u can have tutorial on your granny square, i simply adore ur granny square, not to mention the others. by the way, i have tried out your flowers and leaves crochet. it turns out very beautifully, and i thought hey, we can use this at the wedding next time. many many thanks to u :)

have a nice day.

Naomi Vela

Hi, I don't want to poke my nose in and seem rude, but can I pass a tip onto you about granny square making? I hope so....when you complete each round, do the 3 ch to start the next round, then turn the square to face the opposite way. I do half of that corner now (I complete the corner when I get back there and join the row to it), then go back over the way you went on the last row, completing the round as you would normally. Now you do exactly the same thing...ch 3 and turn your work over and go back the way you just came...basically you go clock wise one row and anti clockwise the next row....the reason I say to do this, is my dear old mum taught me to do this many years ago and it stops your crochet pulling one way....it shows up big time when you're doing multi coloured/stripey squares. If you need further clarification, please contact me and I'll try and help all I can. Hopefully I've explained it ok here. Hugs Naomi. Adelaide, Sth Australia

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