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September 30, 2008


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the crochet is adorable, love it, just wish I knew how!
love the housework tales! I'm so with you on the shoes, why would that help anyway!


Such a happy little jam jar cover. I hope you entered it into the Country Living competion on what you do with your empty Bonne Maman jar! I think you would have won first prize! I entered and haven't heard anything!


this flylady person sounds very scary ! a control journal oh my goodness !! I do however wipe my sink and drainer of the avalanche of water that hubby conjours up so i think i do the shine thing!!! the crochet is so pretty and lovely colours - in my many hours without children now I am determined to teach myself!
Lesley x


Lucy - thank you! I think you've just solved my teachers' Christmas present dilemma! Those covers are so cheerful and pretty.
Next dilemma is teach myself to crochet, I'll watch that vid you posted when I get a chance. Hoping my eldest daughter will learn with me (she's 11), I'll need some help!


Lovely idea! Going to have a go; good for using up odd bits :-)

Pink feather paradise

What a fab idea for a jam jar and I love to crochet, my mum tried to teach me to knit but as I used to be ambidextrous she found it impossible, remarking I was cack handed.
I can handle crochet as there is only one stick! I agree with the teacher present idea and I will embark on teaching Jamie Lou to crochet so that she can make them for her teachers. Additions of chain stitch daises and bead flowers would be pretty too..... oh dear I am on a roll now, I won't get anything done today until I have had a go!
Thanks muchly Alex


Hi Lucy, I saw this in your post yesterday in one of the photos and immediately was going to write and ask you how you did that. As I am currently making the ripple blanket I have lots of lovely stash left over so I am going to do this too. Thank you so much. Barbara


I love the Fly Lady, I love your rant about the cleaning, tidying, lack-of cleaning and tidying, issues with cleaning and tidying, etc. etc. I love that you indulged yourself on your very own blog. I will continue to visit you daily.
I also LOVE your crochet jar covers. I know the double crochet stitch well--it's the only one I really know--so I can make those too!
Thanks for the idea.


I think it's illegal to recycle Bonne Maman jars, actually. And for that very reason we have a cupboard full as well.
Such a fabulous idea!! You will be pleased to hear that your post ages ago about your knit and natter mornings has inspired me to find a crochet and knitting teacher for the cafe- and today I have!! Two in fact! We start in November. Maybe I will have time to actually learn as well? (although suspect not)xxx


So glad you've dumped the flylady, I was seriously worried for your sanity.


Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!!!!!


These are so sweet! I'll be linking to this project.

I used Fly Lady guidelines to make my own schedule, then ported it to mychores.co.uk. I love being able to check things off my lit throughout the day!


Thanks so much for sharing that Lucy - I will definitely give it a go when the granny blanket is finished! - I daren't start anything new yet! I also have about half a dozen empty bon bon jars in my pantry - Natalie x


With regards to your last post, from one toddler to another, I'm beginning to admit defeat on the whole housework issue, I've just discovered crochet! I went to a class with lots of kind little old ladies and I've managed two, yes two, granny squares. Sod cleaning, give me that hook, I'm off!
Julia xx
ps. Just about to make your fishcakes for the second time, they are truly delicious!


Hi Lucy

Thanks for a lovely post. Sorry I got confused about your diary - I imagined it to be something very regal rather than my Charlie and Lola jobby! Hope I didnt insult you. I didnt mean to. Thanks for the pattern for the jam jar cover. I am going to have a go. I cant find in any book how to change colour though. Dont suppose you want to offer some advice? Love Emma x


Lovely as always.


I was checking in this morning for a new post and saw this one again instead. It made me laugh this time because like "tarts" mean something else in Britain, "idle hooking" suggests something else ENTIRELY here in the states! teehee


The jam pot covers are wonderfully, colourfully, gorgeous Lucy!

kitschen pink

I prefer your version! Real flowers every time - less to dust! And so handy for so many other things - it's so practical, so useful, so adaptable! I'd go so far as to say that I have arrived at the conclusion that the acquisition of a crochet vase cover is now essential to the well-being of my household! t.x

kali @ poppy lane

your idle hooking has filled my heart with glee!
what utter crochet scrumptiousness you have created...*sigh*
xo, k


Gosh, I might even be able to have a go at this, ultra novice crocheter that I am! They look fab, thanks so much for the idea and instructions.

Hen x


Hi Lucy,
I am very much a beginner crocheter, started classes a few weeks ago and thought I would give this a try (over excitedly bought loads of wool in John Lewis today)! But I can't get it right! What size hook did you use, my stitches look v small and the tension v tight compared with yours? Also, I usually work 2 turning chain for double crochet but you say 3? Oh I'm hopeless!

Hen x


Wonderful idea, covering jars like that! Just what I was needing - I'll have to give it a go when I get home!


These are fabulous. I'm new to crochet and have just had a go at making these, they look gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing. I am now moving on to the stars.

Angie Yallop

Oh my God!! I LOVE THIS IDEA!!Unfortunetly i cant crochet, do you sell these? i want them xx

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